MapleStory 2 Crystal Fragments Guide (Tips, How to Get, Usage…)

MapleStory 2 Crystal Fragments

Improving your gear can make your character very strong but there are also certain resources that you will need to be able to do so and one of these are Crystal Fragments.

These are not easily obtained though as you need to either farm Crystal Fragments which may need time and effort at first or purchase them with Mesos which will require you to have an abundant amount.

Crystal Fragments are materials in MapleStory 2 which are mainly used to modify your gear in attempts to make them stronger and more fit for your character.

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What Are Crystal Fragments Used For?

This resource may be hard for some players to come buy when they first start off with the game but later only become quite easy to obtain once a lot of progress has been made.

Crystal Fragments are mainly used for the following purposes:

1) Enchanting Gear


Crystal Fragments are very important when it comes to enchanting gear as you will need a large supply of them if you plan on enchanting your whole set which includes your weapons and armor.

The higher the level of enchantment, the more Crystal Fragments that you will need and this may require you to get a good supply before you can reach the max level for enchanting which can be quite costly at time.


At higher levels the amount of Crystal Fragments you spend will increase regardless of your enchanting method as Ophelia has a chance to fail at enchanting while Peachy will cost multiple instances of enchanting for even more Crystal Fragments.

2) Changing Attributes


Gear that are over level 50 with a rarity of epic or higher may have their attributes changed to the liking of the player to add the right stats to their playstyle and build.

This requires a great amount of Crystal Fragments and multiple retries may be required to get the right attribute that you want which may finish up your supply faster than expected.

3) Unlocking Sockets


Accessories may have Gemstone inserted into them which grant additional stats to the accessory that they have been inserted into.

As an end game option, maximizing the amount of gemstone you place in your gear can result in a much better performance by your character due to the bonus stats.

In able to unlock sockets you will need an amount of Crystal Fragments for each socket you which to unlock and this becomes costly once you decide on unlocking all the sockets for all of your accessories.

4) Changing Pet Talents


Crystal Fragments are also required for rerolling or changing the talents of your pets in order to get the bonuses that you want.

When you have a pet that is exceptional or higher you can change its talents which requires an amount of Crystal Fragments along with other resources.

This provides a good bonus once you get the stats that suit your character and the build you have for them.

How To Get Crystal Fragments?

There are different ways to obtain Crystal Fragments in MapleStory 2 although there is no real way to farm them efficiently, these are the ways to get Crystal Fragments.

Purchasing From Supply Shop


The best way to get Crystal Fragments is to purchase them from a Supply Shop as the old methods of farming Crystal Fragments have been removed making this the most efficient way.

Crystal Fragments used to be obtainable from the Abandoned Mines but this has long been removed making this the best option when it comes to how to get Crystal Fragments.

You use to be able to purchase these from players in the Black Market as well but this was disabled as well.


Each Crystal Fragment costs 1,000 Mesos so you should plan on buying them and using them later on when your maxing out your endgame gear or when you need to max out gear to progress faster.

You should be able to buy a ton of Crystal Fragments later on as you have progressed through the game and it is advised you save your Mesos for this later on.

As long as you progress in the game and make a good amount of Mesos, this becomes the easiest way to get Crystal Fragments and it is basically the most convenient way.

Wooden Chests


Wooden chests can be found around different areas and give you a Crystal Fragment along with other goodies such as Mesos and experience.

This isn’t an efficient way of getting Crystal Fragments and is not advisable for farming Crystal Fragments as it takes up a lot of time although it’s good to keep an eye out for them and open them whenever you can.

Golden Chests


Golden Chests can also be found around maps but there are rarer and respawn every 10 minutes in one of their spawn locations.

These drop a Crystal Fragment but also have a chance of dropping 10 or even 100 at a very low probability to do so.

It’s always good to open them when you notice one as they give experience as well so you get Crystal Fragments, Mesos and experience to top it off.

These shouldn’t be sought out as a way to farm Crystal Fragments as this can take up time and doesn’t guarantee a large gain.

Crystal Fragment Tips


  • A lot of guides talk about being able to efficiently farm Crystal Fragments which are mostly outdated so be sure to check before you read.
  • Keep in mind that the old methods of farming Crystal Fragments no longer exist and you should resort to just buying them from Supply Shops.
  • Try not to use up your Crystal Fragments on random gear just to have a whole set of enchanted gear, save them for later on when you have endgame gear to make the most out of it.
  • If the need arises for you to upgrade your weapon to progress faster in the game, be sure to check the Navigator rewards for chests that give free enchantment which you can you as you progress to higher levels.
  • Saving up on Crystal Fragments or saving Mesos to purchase them later on is a great investment for when you get your Endgame gear.



Mesos come in handy later on for purchasing a lot of things, especially Crystal Fragments so be sure to save as much as you can for your gear later on.

By the time you reach level 50, 60 or 70 you should already have a good amount of Mesos which you can use to buy Crystal Fragments.

There is basically no real way to farm Crystal Fragments as drops from enemies so stick to saving up to buy them for later.

Saving up for Crystal Fragments will make things a piece of cake later on when you really need them which is mostly during the progress where you begin to grab those endgame gear.

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