MapleStory 2 Fishing Guide (Fishing Mastery, Locations…)

MapleStory 2 Fishing Guide

Fishing is one of the Life Skills in MapleStory 2 which is the act of using a fishing pole to fish for different kinds of fish.

There are several different fish that can be obtained in the game via fishing which come from different water biomes such as saltwater, freshwater, special and unique biomes.

The more you fish in MapleStory 2 the more fish you will discover as well as the more your fishing mastery will increase.

Fishing is a great way to take time off from killing enemies and getting a little bonus experience as well as certain items, including lucky boxes.

Players may earn several different trophies when fishing as they catch fish and progress through fishing mastery level.

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How To Fish In MapleStory 2?

Get a Fishing Pole


The first thing you need to do is get a fishing pole to use and even if you have received one as reward or as loot, you might not be able to use it since it requires a higher mastery level.

In order to begin fishing you must start out with a lower requirement fishing poles which you will be able to use while with a low fishing mastery.

As you continue to catch different fish and better variants of the ones you already caught, you will eventually gain a higher fishing mastery level which will allow you to use better fishing poles.

Where To Get Fishing Pole?


You can obtain your first fishing pole for free from either talking to the Fishing Supply vendor in Evansville or by doing the Maple Guide fishing quest.

There is an NPC in Evansville who named Pesca who will give you a fishing pole once you begin to interact with him.

Fishing Maple Guide


Once you are at the right level, the Maple Guide for fishing will be available and you may simply select this at the bottom right part of your screen.

Accepting this quest will allow you to learn the basics of fishing and also provide you with a free fishing rod.

Find a Fishing Spot


When you plan of fishing, make sure you find the right fishing spot, away from enemies and you might want to follow the recommended fishing spots so you are pointed in the right direction.

Catching the same fish without getting any better one will not improve mastery so it’s best to move on to different areas to increase your fishing mastery as soon as possible to get better rewards.

Equipping And Using Fishing Pole


Select the Fishing/Music tab in your inventory menu to be able to view the different fishing poles you have, if you have any.

Right click a fishing pole to automatically assign it to one of your slots, allowing you to easily use it when you want to fish.

Double clicking the fishing pole will activate it which is an alternative way to begin fishing as well although you need to go through the inventory.

Once you are in a spot begin by using the fishing pole by either using it through an assigned slot or from the Fishing/Music tab and you will go into fishing mode.

Fishing Mode


During fishing mode your character will be sitting down ready to fish and you can select which block where they will cast their line.

Pick out a block and press the assigned key you have for interacting to begin to fish which will prompt you to wait by displaying a loading bar.

Fishing Bar


A fishing bar will appear which counts as a timer during each time you are fishing and anytime between this loading time, you may either catch a fish or be prompted for a mini game.

Fishing Mini Game


When the mini game begins you will see a meter with a spot where you need to keep the fishing pole’s float by tapping or holding your interaction key.

Your goal is to make sure the float stays in the marked location and letting the float get too far from the area will allow the fish to escape.

Fishing Success


Either winning the mini game or waiting for the success will end up with you acquiring a fish which will add to your fishing mastery if it is your first time catching the fish or if a better one than previous ones you caught.

Fishing Mastery


The more you fish the more your fishing mastery increases which will allow you to fish in higher mastery fishing areas as well as use better fishing poles, allowing you to catch better fish and have a chance to get better items.

Increasing Fishing Mastery


Fishing mastery increases when you have caught a certain fish for the first time which makes trying to get every fish a good idea to complete the fish album but also level up your fishing mastery quickly.

Depending on what your fishing mastery is, you should aim to fish on areas that are the same with it.

Selecting recommended fishing spots in the map will help you keep track of places that you should fish to allow progression.

Each mastery level requires 80 points to advance to the next and follow the following table:

Fishing Mastery Rank

Fishing Mastery Points

Beginner I

Beginner II


Beginner III

Beginner IV


Intermediate I

Intermediate II


Intermediate III

Intermediate IV


Advanced I

Advanced II


Advanced III

Advanced IV




Fishes And Location


Most locations may be identified with fish that have not been caught yet while others need to be discovered first.

Here is a list of some of the known fish in MapleStory 2 as well as the locations where they may be caught.







Unique Biome


Fisherman’s Shop


You may purchase a lot of items at a fisherman’s shop which include fishing poles, bait, clothing for fishing and more.

As your fishing mastery increases, there will be more available items in the fisherman’s shop for you to purchase.

Bait can be used to give a slight advantage and help you get different kinds of fish or increase the success rate.



It’s a bit relaxing to be able to take a break from all those fights where you can work on something else for a bit.

Fishing in the game allows you not only to pass up the time with another activity but it also is rewarding, granting you others items as well and not only fish.

Trophies are also gained from fishing so this is pretty fun for those who love to complete everything.

Fishing is one way you can level up, especially when you have auto fishing vouchers which automatically fish for you when used that last a certain period of time.

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