MapleStory 2 World Bosses (Locations, How to Check, Drops…)

MapleStory 2 Bosses Guide

One of the fun and sometime dangerous challenges in MapleStory 2 are world bosses, hunting them can be quite confusing at first but later on you will get the hang of it and be able to effectively find and defeat them.

World bosses, also known as Field boss is a stronger enemy that can be found in different locations which have a large amount of health and usually require more players to take down.

These bosses are known to be a good source of experience, Mesos as well as a few other bonus items such as Onyx Crystals, Chaos Onyx Crystals, Obsidian Essence, Colorful Crystal Selection Box and more.

Fighting these large enemies may take time to defeat but are very rewarding, especially if you and your buddies team up and hunt them.

Hunting world bosses is a good way to earn experience and get Mesos and players often jump from different channels searching for these bosses to take down.

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World Boss Locations

There are many world bosses which all have a different level as well as their own spawn location which can be checked here.





DoondunKerning Junkyard
18Giant Turtle

Beachway 111


Devilin WarriorSouth Royal Road



Devilin ChiefUnknown
27MK 52 Alpha

Neuron DNA Research Center


GriffinaTrinian Crossing
32Lo and Moomoo

Baum Trea


Vayar GatekeeperPrecipice Fortress
40Furious Baphomet

Furious Castle


LernosMoon Castle
43Toh and Googoo

Whistler Cliffs


Alpha TurtleEllua Riverside

Fractured Canyon


Heartless BaphometFrostpeak Mountain



AcreonLavender Island

Ludari Arena


UreusNazkar Pyramid

Fortress Deck




How To Check World Bosses?


World bosses that are active can be seen in your map if you have been to the location where they spawn and hovering your mouse over the field boss icon will show what channels they are active in.

You can also type the name of the world boss in the search section of your map to easily find their location as well as check if they are active.

It’s common for most player to jump from channel to channel in search of bosses to hunt down for experience.

If you want to be able to see all the world bosses when they are active you should visit their locations so when the time comes that they are active, you will be able to see it on your map.

Fighting World Bosses


World bosses are stronger than lesser enemies and have different attacks which can prove to make things hard at first for new players.

They have different attacks which need to be understood in order to be able to time your attacks as well as evade theirs to avoid taking damage.

Once you start to understand the movement and attacks of the different World Bosses, you get an edge when fighting them and understanding their attacks will make it easier to time yours as well as avoid getting killed.

Most of the time other players will join in on the fight against world bosses as a lot of players will be hunting for them too.

Joining in on the fight will make things faster and rewards will be given to all players who help fight the world boss.

World Boss Drops


Aside from the experience, world bosses also give drops to the players that defeat them which may include the following:

  • 25k – 50k Mesos
  • Obsidian Essence
  • Onyx Crystal
  • Chaos Onyx Crystal
  • Colorful Crystal Selection Box
  • Elixir

Hunting World Bosses For Experience


When you’re around level 50 and aim to getting to level 60 to proceed with your quests, leveling can be a bit hard and tiring.

This is where world bosses come in as they are great targets to hunt since they give a big amount of experience as well as the additional loot which you can use later on.

A lot of players use this method to reach level 60 as it has proven to be if not the fastest way to level up in MapleStory 2, one amongst the best ways.

World Boss Tips


There are certain things you should keep in mind when it comes to world bosses to make sure you hunt them efficiently as well as make the most out of it.

  • When multiple world bosses are active, try to go for one that hunter more by players as this means a lot of people will be joining in and the world boss will go down faster
  • If you plan on hunting world bosses check for a party so you can join in on them or invite people join you when you go world boss hunting as you will gain more experience in a party and defeating it becomes easier.
  • When a world boss dies, attack its body to make Mesos drop as a lot of Mesos can be gained aside from the initial drops from the world boss.
  • Soloing a world boss can take up a lot of time, try to find a world boss that is already being fought or invite people to join with you to save time for other world bosses.
  • Make sure you are well equipped for the fight with a world boss since they become more aggressive as their health decreases which can make them quite deadly.



Although they seem harder to defeat when you start out, it becomes quite easy to the point where you may normally hunt world bosses and defeat them within mere minutes.

Sorting to hunting bosses is a good way to get to level 60 when you are trying to progress in the game and the rewards for hunting them prove to be quite useful later on.

Most of the time world bosses will be hunted quickly after spawning so if you plan on hunting them it’s best to head to them right away once they become active.

Not only are world bosses rewarding but a lot of players have fun fighting them and hunting them becomes common, especially when players need help with them as well.

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