MapleStory 2 Golden Chest (Rewards, Locations, Farming…)

MapleStory 2 Golden Chets

Golden Chests are hidden objects found within many of the maps which contain goodies for you to have once you find and open them.

These chests are usually easy to spot while others can be quite hidden in certain locations where they usually spawn.

A map mainly has a few spawn locations where it may spawn Golden Chests and there can only be one present at a time.

In the even that one Golden Chest has been looted, another one will spawn after around 10 minutes.

Golden Chest Rewards


Golden Chests usually contain an amount of Mesos as well as a chance to have either 1, 10 or 100 crystal fragments so keep an eye out for them as you might get lucky.

Opening a golden chest also grant you experience based on your current level which can help out when you need experience so don’t pass them up.

It’s not recommended that you go hunting for Chests, which can be done by hopping to other servers and maps but won’t be as useful as just farming and buying crystal fragments instead.

Golden Chests use to contain rusted keys but this has been removed for a while now and all you get now is a few Mesos and the crystal fragment or fragments.

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Golden Chest Locations


Golden Chest spawn in one of their fixed locations which are limited each map every 10 minutes one will respawn in one of those respective spawning locations as long as one is not currently around.

It’s common to look at most of the popular locations where they spawn as they usually appear there when moving to the map or changing channels.

With more than 200 available maps, each map has either 3 to 8 or more spawn locations for Golden Chests which may either have a Golden Chest or a normal chest located in one of the spots.

Farming Golden Chests


Golden Chests used to be farmed due to their ability to rewards you with rusted keys that were used for farming Treva.

This has been removed and Golden Chests now only contain experience, Mesos and crystal fragments mostly to avoid time being wasted hunting them.

It is no longer a priority to farm Golden Chests as they have a small chance to give high amounts of crystal fragments but it’s great to open any that are spotted for a good bonus.

A common technique is to remember where its most common locations are and picking it from certain spots and then changing channels to find another one within the area.

Wooden Chests


Aside from finding Golden Chests which are mostly rare, you may find Wooden Chests laying around as will which basically give the same thing yet Golden Chests remain the ability to have a chance to give a large amount of crystal fragments.

Wooden Chests can usually be found in spots where Golden Chests can spawn and may be present multiple times in a map unlike Golden Chests which only have one at a time.

These can be found anywhere on most maps and should be interacted with for the small bonus they give in Mesos, crystal fragments and experience.

Wooden Chests may be present even if there are other Wooden Chests or if there is a Golden Chest.



  • Golden Chest or Wooden Chest farming isn’t recommended as this can take up a lot of time and there are other ways to get the rewards they provide.
  • Even if you are not currently searching for them, it’s good to open them up if you spot any for the good bonus contents it has.
  • It is possible to find several wooden chests in one map so keep an eye out if you are staying for a while on the map.
  • Be careful when opening Golden or Wooden Chests as you may be attacked by monsters which will cancel the opening of the chest.



Golden Chests may be found when least expected and should be opened regardless of if you were actually searching for them or not since freebies are still considered freebies and in MapleStory 2, every drop counts.

No one hunts for Golden Chests anymore due to the fact they no longer drop rusted keys but there are some trophies that may be acquired if you find enough of them.

Given the long respawn time of 10 minutes, people usually swap channels if they need to find one or move on to different maps.

Majority of maps contain locations for Golden Chest locations and taking note of where they are found can save a bunch of time.

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