MapleStory 2 House Design Guide (Building, Farming…)

MapleStory 2 House Design

MapleStory 2 has many features and things for you to do in the game and one of these include building your very own home.

Your house can be built up block by block and include multiple things such as furniture, decorations and even items that you can interact with.

You can even make your own farm so you can work on your life skills when you’re not doing anything or while you are waiting for something.

Aside from the benefits of having your own home you also get rewarded experience for building and can earn rewards for your interior design life skill.

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House Basics

How To Get a House?


Once you reach level 10 you will get a notification and will be opted to visit your home for the first time to do a basic tutorial.

Completing the tutorial will allow you to access your home whenever you want to, the same goes with your alternate characters as the house is shared.

You may visit your home anytime by clicking the “My House” icon at the bottom right of your screen or by pressing the hotkey (default N) which will open up a confirmation window, select yes visit your home.

Interior Design


You can build your house any way that you want to and are limited only by your imagination as well as the blocks for building of course.

One of your life skills is Interior Design, this gains level when you collect the daily reward which can be acquired if you reach the decoration score.

To build up points for your decoration score you need to check what is on the decoration score checklist which will include things like having a bed, table, sofa and more inside your house.

Simply place things that are on that list on your home to gain points for them and once you can acquire the reward, your experience for Interior Design goes up.

Building Your House


You can build up your home by choosing blocks from the Furnishings menu and build it in any way that you like.

If the space seems small you can always increase the area and height of your land to suit your building needs.

Most of the blocks are for free while some may require you to buy them for Merets but there are several to choose from for you to make up your own structure and design.

Placing Furniture


Just like with the basic blocks you may search for furniture and other decorations to beautify your home.

Some of these will add to your decoration score and you can search for items as well as filter the ones shown by selecting them from the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

Not all items cost Merets which is convenient and allows you to spice up your home without the need of spending money on it.

There are several different kinds of furnishings and decorations for you to choose from so take your time to browse through what you would like to put in your home.

You may remove the blocks and furniture that you build at any time you want as well as place them back.



As you progress through the game you may come across quests or acquire trophies that may grant you Souvenirs.

These may be placed as decorations in your home as well as they provide a bonus that you can make use of.

Each Souvenir has an effect that may be activated, giving you a buff for a duration of time, mostly 1 hour which can be pretty helpful when you are playing.

Simply pick a Souvenir and place it wherever you like so that you may later on activate it when you want its buff.

Only one Souvenir buff can be active at a time and using another will replace the current one that is active.



Your home might feel boring without anyone else in it aside from friends that come to visit you so you have the option of hiring assistants.

Assistants may be hired by going to the assistants’ section from the toolbar below when building where you can choose from a wide variety of characters.

A price will be required to pay in Mesos or Merets before they can be hired to stay at your home which is renewable every 30 days.


You can ask your assistants to craft items for you and each assistant has their own specialty when it comes to what they craft.

Based on your closeness, more items will be available to be crafted by your assistants.

The rarity of the item that you have your assistants craft may sometimes be higher than the base item.


You can increase your closeness by chatting with your assistants from time to time as they have things to share and a lot to say.

Building a Farm


MapleStory 2 lets you start your very own farm at in the land you own and don’t need to worry about space because you can increase it anyways for free.

You start off with basic resources that can be farmed such as a Chicken Pen for ranching and a Rice Paddy for farming.

A meteorite tree is also available for placement which supplies you with a good supply of earth fragments for later on.

Farming Home Resources


You can farm the items by walking up to the resource blocks and interacting with them which will give you a specific resource as well as give experience for whichever life skill they are related to.

This gives you a small amount of experience as well as resources which you can use for life skills crafting.

The more you farm your ranching and farming type blocks, the higher your life style for those increase which will allow you to gain more blocks that give different resources.

There is a certain amount you can farm everyday of each type of resource making this an optional daily task for you to do.


Having more than one block will allow you to farm several resources at the same time making the progress much quicker.

The amount you can harvest in a day is the same regardless of how many blocks you have but having multiple blocks will make things much quicker than doing one block over and over again.


Your life skill experience will increase with each resource gathered and with higher ranks, you will have access to more resources to place and farm.



It’s very fun to build your own home and a good way to kill time to design it and this has been a feature loved by many players.

Being able to farm the resources at your home is a good boost for experience as well as a good way to get certain resources as these may be used to craft items you might need later on.

A lot can be built at your home so experimenting and trying new things is a good way to make a home that is not only good looking but beneficial to you as well.

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