MapleStory 2 Pets Guide (Leveling, Taming, Location, Evolution…)

MapleStory 2 Pets Guide

Sometimes traveling alone in MapleStory 2 gets a little dull and that’s why it’s good to bring a companion with you.

These adorable pets come in two different types which are combat pets which obtained through taming as well as drops and normal pets which obtained by purchasing or rewards.

Pets can be summoned once obtained and the level requirements are met which provide different advantages for their owners.

You may notice that there are some creatures out in the wild that cannot be killed and have hungry before their name.

These hungry creatures may be tamed and kept as pets once they have been tamed and you can tame as many as you want and collect different ones.

Once you are level 50 you will be able to tame hungry creatures and make them your pets.

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Types of Pets

Combat Pets


Combat pets are pets that give boosts to you and some even come with special abilities that can be used during the game.

These pets level up in by gaining experience through you defeating enemies as well as fusion with other pets and help you fight enemies that you encounter.

Most of these are from taming hungry creatures whiles some are acquired as a drop from dungeons and raids.

Normal Pets


Normal pets may be purchased from the Meret Market or acquired as a reward from special events and pretty much serve as a carrier.

These pets do not level or give you a bonus but rather provide you with extra storage.

How to Tame Pets?



Taming a pet is easier than it might seem and all you need is the correct, easy to obtain materials to craft the needs.

Before attempting to tame pets, you need Dryad Candy and A Dryad Snare which can be easily acquired.

Dryad Candy is used to feed a hungry wild creature while the Dryad Snare is used to capture it and make turn it into your pet.

Dryad Candy


Dryad Candy may be purchased from Supply Shops and bought for a cheap price and this won’t be much of a problem since once you reach level 50 you should have plenty of Mesos.

It is wise to have a good stock of Dryad Candy if you plan on taming several pets as sometimes there are certain troubles that delay the process and require you to use more Dryad Candy.

Using Dryad Candy will cause your character to throw it at the hungry creature which will fill up a meter which will cause it to become docile once full.

Dryad Snare


A Dryad Snare is a trap meant to be placed down and capture docile creatures which then become the pet through a capture process.

There are 3 different Dryad Snares, the G1, G2 and G3, each has a higher chance of giving you a higher rarity of the pet you have captured.

Each snare can be crafted using a Potion Solvent and Earth Fragment.

Locating Hungry Creatures


Aside from running into any wild creatures to tame, you can search for the creature using your map and click on the name to see where you can find it.

This will let you look for them much easier and save a lot of time, especially when you aim to collect several pets.

Taming Process


Locate the hungry creature you wish to tame and try to keep the area clear as much as possible and defeat any nearby enemies to avoid trouble.

Nearby enemies can prevent you from laying down snares so it’s good to make sure you can take them out when they spawn.


Begin using your Dryad Candy, this will throw the candy in front of where you are facing and it will begin to fill up a meter.

This bar will drain over time so be sure to try to fill it up as fast as you can and be careful as other hungry creatures may be hit if they are closer to you.


Once the meter is filled up the hungry creature will become docile and begin to follow you for an amount of time until its meter begins to drop.

Place down a Dryad Snare by using it and lure the creature you are taming so that it will be captured and tamed.

In the case that the meter drops, begin using Dryad Candy on it again and repeat the process of luring it to the Dryad Snare.


A quick taming procedure will happen which shows the creature being trapped in a ball-like device which will drop the already tamed creature for you.


The tamed pet will then drop similar to loot and will go to your inventory and there you have it, your very own pet.

How to Use Pets?

How to Summon Pet


Pets can be summoned by double clicking them in your inventory just as you would use any item and they may be unsummoned by doing the same.

When you summon a pet for the first time this will bind it to your character.

Leveling Up Your Pet


Pets will gain a very small amount of experience when you are fighting enemies which does not really do that much if you make it the first option for leveling them up.

The experience game does not provide an effective way to level up the pets and it is best to stick to fusion which is known as the main way to level them up.



Fusion is considered the best way to level up your pets as they give a large amount of experience when this is done.

When one has the time they can simply tame several pets and use them for fusing their preferred pet to speed up the leveling process.

Pet Evolution


Pets that have reached max level are capable of going through the evolution process which causes their rarity to go up and resets them to level 1.

This process makes them stronger, providing them with better stats than their previous rarity.

Pet Album


The pet album can be used to see the pets that you have collected as well as those that you have yet to collect.

Hovering your mouse over to view pets will give you information on what type of pet they are, the level requirement to summon them as well as the habitat that they are in.

This can be useful to search for pets that you want to tame as well as to serve as a guide if you plan on taming all of the pets.



Pets don’t just make the game more fun by providing us with company but they also provide certain benefits to us.

The better the rarity of the pet, the better the benefits we get so it’s wise to level them up when there is time to make the most out of them.

It can be fun to collect pets in game as they can be used for different reasons and depending on their talents they can be put to use in good ways depending on what the owner needs to do.

There are several pets to choose one and most of them are easy to tame while the others that drop as loot can be a challenge to get, collecting them all and using them like a good thing to do.

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