MapleStory 2 Enchanting Guide (How to Enchant, Resources…)

MapleStory 2 Enchanting Guide

As you progress through MapleStory 2, you will come across better gear which will help you out with doing your questions, dungeons and more.

You may get good gear but if you really want to make the most out of it, especially for the endgame, you will want to enchant your gear.

Enchanting allows you to upgrade your gear to a certain extent where each enchantment level you upgrade your weapon will increase its stats, making it more effective and have a higher gear score.

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Enchantment Methods


There are 2 different methods when it comes to enchanting gear which are the “Feeling Lucky?” and the “Slow and Steady” methods.

These are options which determine the success or the price of enchanting the gear that you want to improve.

1) Feeling Lucky? (Ophelia)


The “Feeling Lucky?” method, handled by Ophelia, is a more of a riskier way to enchant your gear compared to the other method which is guaranteed.

Using this enchanting method may be risky but you only need to press enchant one time unlike with the other one, making this a much cheaper method at the cost of failure.

The risk only applies to gear once the level of enchantment is higher, making higher levels more prone to fail but in the event that you are indeed lucky, you save a bunch of resources.


For those who are short on resources but want to upgrade their gear, this becomes a more viable choice since taking the chance can reward you with higher gear but there will always be a chance to fail.

It is pretty easier to get your gear up to +7 early on if needed with this method and cheap as the chances are still good and if you’re lucky you can enchant it further to higher levels.

This is a great way to upgrade gear early on whereas you may later enchant them with the other method when the reach higher levels.

2) Slow and Steady! (Peachy)


If you have more resources to spare and want a sure way to enchant your equipment then the “Slow and Steady!” method, handled by Peachy will be great for you.

Unlike the “Feeling Lucky?” method, this method does not have a chance to fail when enchanting gear and will guarantee an increase in the enchantment level.

The drawback however, is that the higher the gear you plan on enchanting, the more resources you are bound to consume.


As the enchantment level of your gear increases, so does the amount of times you need to press enchant to upgrade your gear.

Each time you press enchant will consume the resources shown which means you are paying double or more for the price of upgrading the weapon for the possibility of a sure upgrade.

This may seem expensive but it does prove useful later on when your gear is already enchanted and you need a sure way to upgrade them.

Using this method may require you to save up a bit more and if you do save a lot, then you can safely upgrade your gear without fear of failure.

How To Enchant Gear?


To begin enchanting your gear, open up your inventory and select “Enchant Items” at the bottom left area.


Once you have selected “Enchant Items” you will be given a choice to choose between the 2 different methods and must choose one to proceed with the enchanting.


After picking out your method, choose which gear you would like to enchant by left clicking on it and check if you have the right amount of materials.

Proceed with the enchantment after picking your gear by simply clicking on the enchant button and wait for the results.

Take note that the higher the level you are enchanting to get; the more resources it will consume so be prepared when aiming for endgame upgrades.


After a few seconds the enchantment process will be done where you may continue upgrading it or end the enchanting.

The results vary depending on which method you use but we suggest using “Feeling Lucky?” first as it is and later on “Slow and Steady?” for sure success as you will be able to farm a lot and the risk is too great when not using a safer method.

Resources For Enchanting


Resources for enchanting your gear fall under catalysts which you also see in your inventory by opening it up and clicking the catalysts tab.

The more you have enchanted your gear, the costlier it will be to continue further on with upgrading to higher enchantment levels.

Basic resources for enchanting would be Onyx Crystals and Crystal Fragments while later on at higher levels you will be needing Chaos Onyx Crystals or Crystal ores.

You can easily see what resources you will need by placing the gear that you wish to upgrade so you can save up and farm for it first.

When To Enchant?


It’s mostly advised to save your resources for your endgame gear or unless you need gear to carry you until 60 where you receive a set of +10 epic equipment.

These may also be enchanted and provide good stats for you later on but before you can get these, you need gear that can take you from 50 to 60 and that’s where enchanting may come up.

Sometimes enemies may be tough or you might want to clear things faster so you can always feel free to upgrade your gear, especially your main weapon.

If your saving on resources but really need an upgrade, try to at least enchant your weapon so you deal more damage and can clear things faster.



It’s best not to be too excited on enchanting everything that you get hands on as you will need a lot to perfect your gear later on when you get legendary and ascendant gear.

Gear that is upgraded will provide much better performance while possibly even saving your life or make your quests easier to complete.

Save your catalysts for later on since you will receive lots of gear during quests as well as a set of level 60 gear that are enchanted to +10.

This means all you have to worry about later on is finding those legendary or ascendant gear to perfect your character and make them stronger than ever.

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