MapleStory 2 Instruments Guide (Where & How to Buy, Music Sheets…)

MapleStory 2 Instruments

MapleStory 2 has a feature which allows player to play music on a different assortment of instruments that they may choose from.

This instruments may be purchased within the game via Music Shops (Music Academy Head) for Mesos or through the Meret Market for Blue Merets or Red Merets.

Playing music provides leisure for players that are waiting as well as a good amount of experience from time to time.

This is one of the methods of leveling up for some players where they can gain experience by playing music and even use Auto-Perform vouchers to do AFK (away from keyboard) performances to level up.

Instruments may be played almost anywhere and you even have the option of performing alone or with a group.

Each instrument has its own different sound and performance play style which make them unique and fun to collect.

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List Of Instruments In MapleStory 2


Below are the following instruments that can be purchased in MapleStory 2 as well as their prices.

Music Academy Head (Mesos)


Instruments at the Music Academy Heads may be purchased with Mesos.

Music Shop

Price (Mesos)

Practice Digital Piano

Practice Acoustic Guitar


Practice Bass Drum

Practice Snare Drum


Practice Cymbals

Practice Clarinet


Practice Grand Harp

Practice Timpani


Meret Market


For purchasing instruments at the Meret Market you will need blue or red Merets.

Meret Market (Premium and Red Market)

Price (Merets)

Gold Star Cymbals

Gold Star Snare Drum


Gold Star Bass Drum

Arlano Classic Celesta


Arlano Classic Recorder

Arlano Classic Xylophone


Arlano Classic Harmonica

Arlano Classic Harpsichord


Arlano Classic Pizzicato

Arlano Classic Oboe


Purio Steel Drum

Purio Pick Bass


Purio Electric Piano

Arlano Classic Vibraphone


Arlano Acoustic Bass

Arlano Classic Ocarina


Arlano Classic Trumpet

Arlano Classic Trombone


Arlano Classic Saxophone

Arlano Classic Pan Flute


Arlano Classic Cello

Arlano Classic Violin


Purio Tom-toms

Purio Bass Guitar


Purio Electric Guitar

Arlano Classic Timpani


Arlano Classic Harpsichord

Arlano Classic Clarinet


Arlano Classic Guitar

Arlano Classic Piano


Where To Buy Instruments?

Music Shop (Music Academy Head)


There are practically 2 ways of purchasing instruments which can be done with either Mesos, Blue Merets or Red Merets.

You can easily search for the Music Shops which are known in game as the Music Academy Heads.

There are currently 2 Music Academy Heads which are Stefan who can be found in Tria and Kluperizak who can be found in Ludari City.

Meret Market


The Meret Market has a ton of instruments that you can choose from where you can purchase from the Premium tab to bay with Blue Merets or from the Red Meret tab to pay with Red Merets.

These instruments can’t be bought with Mesos and will have to be purchased with either blue or red Merets.

You can access the Meret Market at the bottom right of your screen that has the shopping cart icon with a Meret on the front.

How To Buy Instruments?

Buying Instruments From Music Academy Head


Music Academy Heads also known as Music Shops will basic instruments for sale which can be purchased for Mesos.


To buy an instrument from a Music Academy Head, go to either Stefan (Located in Tria) or Kluperizak (Located in Ludari City) and talk to them, select “Trade” to open up the shop menu.


Hover your mouse to the instrument you wish to purchase and click it which will open up a confirmation window for purchasing the instrument you have chosen.

Click “Yes” to purchase the instrument or click no if you change your mind and would like to purchase another time or choose another instrument.


Take note that you can see how the instrument will look when you are playing by clicking on it.

Buying Instruments From Meret Market


To purchase instruments from the Meret Market, open up the Meret Market window by clicking its icon at the bottom right of the screen, click on price of the instrument you wish to purchase.

A confirmation window will pop up similar to when buying from the Musical Academy Head which will confirm your purchase.

Just like buying from the Musical Academy Head, you can preview your character playing the instrument by clicking on it.

How You Use Instruments?


After purchasing an instrument, you can begin to play it by opening up the inventory and heading to the “Fishing/Music” tab.


Double-click the instrument to use it or assign it to a hotkey by dragging into the hotkey you wish to press when you will use it.


Once you are using the instrument a “Play Instrument” window will pop up and you will need to equip a Music Score (music sheet that is purchasable from the Music Academy Head) or a custom music score.


Click on “Start Playing” and your character will begin to play the Music Score that you have equipped until the end or until you decide to stop playing.

Playing music will increase your performance expertise which will improve your performance visual style.

Where To Get Music Scores (Music Sheets)?


You may purchase Music Scores from Music Academy Heads which are found if you scroll down their shop under the instruments which are sold for Mesos.

These may be played a certain amount of times but you can come back to purchase more whenever you want.

There are two different types of Music Scores you can buy which are the Music Scores provided in MapleStory 2 or Blank Sheets which allow you to play a custom Music Score that has been composed.

Playing Music For Experience


After playing music, you will gain an amount of experience based on the duration of the Music Score you have played.

Playing instruments is a good way to gain experience when you don’t have much to do or when you want to relax a little.

Most players will use playing instruments as one of the ways to level up from level 50 to level 60 and sometimes do this with Auto Performance vouchers.


Auto Performance Voucher will let you play music continuously, allowing you to go AFK or level up while you’re doing something else.

One of the most traditional ways to level up is by using an Auto Performance voucher and letting your character play music.



Playing music in MapleStory 2 is both convenient as well as fun, especially when you begin to compose your own sheets.

It’s a great way to level up as well and can even be done while AFK when you have Auto Performance Vouchers.

Playing with buddies makes it even more fun as you can make your own little band while waiting to pass the time.

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