Top Warframe Arcane List in 2023

Before the Teralysts and others came to us in Plains of Eidolon, Arcanes were hard to get for most players which became a task not all could do.

Upon knowing that they would become available by defeat these large enemies in the Plains of Eidolon, a lot of players sought out to get the best Arcanes that they could.

There are different Arcanes to be collected and each of them have their own unique bonuses that can greatly affect our builds and playstyle.

These are simply installed into our Warframes to give us certain boosts or buffs when playing and making use of them can greatly affect the outcome of almost any mission.

Here are some of the best Arcanes that you can get:

1) Grace


Arcane Grace has a chance to buff its user with additional health regeneration after taking damage.

The damage only has a chance to trigger the Arcane’s buff but when it does trigger, you are guaranteed a better chance of survival due to the health you regain.

This works well with all Warframes due to the fact that one way or another you are most likely to get damaged.

More durable Warframes will get a benefit from this though, this is because of the durability they have which means they take less damage and with the addition of this Arcane, they can continuously regenerate while receiving less damage.


2) Guardian


Arcane Guardian has a good chance to increase the users armor by a high percentage upon taking damage.

This is very good when being used by durable or bruiser-like Warframes since this allows them to take more damage than they should with the increased armor.

Warframes that have high armor or high health will greatly benefit allowing them to withstand more damage in addition to whatever their stats where before the buff applies.

Other Warframes that do not have that much armor but have a decent amount to health or shield may benefit by getting the buff allowing them to withstand more damage when they engage their enemies.


3) Energize


Arcane Energize give a high chance to receive extra energy upon picking up an energy orb, this does not only apply to you but also your allies will receive energy when you pick up the energy orb and the effect triggers.

This is works well for Warframes that are dependent on energy such as those that cast abilities often or need to channel their abilities for long durations.

Not only does this help you replenish your own energy but your allies will benefit from the energy, making this Arcane good for the whole team.


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4) Barrier


Arcane Barrier has a chance to fully restore your shields when you receive damage.

This is very useful for any Warframe that has a decent amount of shields and extremely necessary for those that focus on having more shields than health with their Warframes.

The survivability you have increases greatly with the chance of restoring your shields however you may still be vulnerable to damage that goes through your shield.

This is useful for Warframes that usually use abilities and rely on energy as they usually don’t take that much damage and if they do then the shields should be enough to keep them alive.


5) Strike


Arcane Strike gives your Warframe a chance to gain a buff that increases your attack speed when critical hit occurs.

I for one, being a melee enthusiast love this ability as my builds guarantee always having critical hits and that means this is guaranteed to always occur, giving me a huge amount of attack speed for my builds.

This greatly benefits those that use melee weapons, especially those who focus on critical builds since focusing on getting more critical hits will increase the chance the buff will occur.

This along with Arcane Fury make you a complete melee fighter In-game and boost you very significantly allowing not just more damage per second but also better movement do to the fast animations of your attacks.

This best works well when Arcane Fury is also used to make the most out of the melee prowess that you can get from the Arcanes.


6) Fury


Arcane Fury gives a chance to gain a melee damage buff that increases your overall melee damage for a duration of time.

This buff has a chance to occur when you do critical strikes on enemies and can easily be activated if you have builds that focus on dealing critical hits and damage.

It goes really well with Arcane Strike, making you a very powerful melee fighter capable of dishing out some of the highest melee damage you have ever seen.

This is a necessary Arcane if you use melee weapons more than anything else and will greatly benefit you with a lot more damage.

Take note that Arcane Fury and Arcane Strike are better for critical builds at they require critical hits and only have a chance to activate on said attacks.

Ensuring a build that guarantees critical hits will be best for the two Arcanes.


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7) Acceleration


Arcane Acceleration gives a chance to gain an increase in fire rate primary weapons when a critical hit occurs.

This is good for speeding up your primary weapons and would greatly benefit sniper rifles such as the Rubico Prime and Lanka.

This allows a quicker rate of fire and lets you dish out more damage which can become quite useful, especially in boss fights.

This Arcane works with many primary weapons but is suggested for rifles or sniper rifles due to the high advantage you gain.

Automatic weapons will become insanely fast when receiving this buff and those built with critical mods will definitely experience the buff more often.


8) Tempo


Arcane Tempo enable the user to acquire a buff that increase the fire rate of shotguns when a critical hit occurs.

This is similar to Arcane Acceleration but has a lower chance to activate along with a higher fire rate bonus from the buff.

This can be stacked with Arcane Acceleration and both buffs can be gained for when one prefers to go full out crazy with shotguns.

Similar to the other chance on critical hit Arcanes, this requires somewhat of a good critical chance or build to successfully benefit its user often.


9) Avenger


Arcane Avenger gives a chance for the player to receive a buff that grants an increase in critical damage when they receive damage.

This is useful for Warframes that can tank a lot of damage and deal such damage as well due to the guarantee of the activation of the ability and their capabilities of dealing damage to enemies.

Using this with Warframes that can withstand enemy attacks is very strategic which allows them to build up more damage due to the buff.

Chroma is one of the best example to use with this Arcane since his Vex armor ability increases his damage when he loses health.


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10) Momentum


Arcane Momentum has the chance to give a buff that increases reload speed when a critical hit occurs.

This may come as a shocker to most why this makes the list but the truth is, majority of players that fight bosses use a sniper rifle as a weapon due to the high damage it does and the accuracy.

One of the drawbacks of the sniper rifles in the game is the lower magazine capacity and the reload speed and this is solved by increasing the reload speed.

This also works well with Arcane Acceleration, now imagine yourself firing shot after shot with a very quick reload speed and fast fire rate.

Of course there is the question about ammunition and all you need for that is to get a Carrier or Carrier prime to convert ammo and increase your maximum ammo or bring a bunch of ammo restores, simple!



Arcanes may be hard to acquire for some player but eventually you will get them and when you do, it is important to know which ones you need to use and when to use them.

No build or selection is the perfect or only build, this is completely based on your playstyle but take in mind that there are situational builds that can greatly benefit you.

Understanding which Arcane to use and how to effectively apply them to your playstyle and build will definitely guarantee a better rate of success when in missions and fighting even the hardest of enemies.

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