Top Warframe Kubrow List in 2023

Kubrows are one of the first companions you may come by in Warframe and you initially get a quest that allows you to obtain an egg and get instructions on how to hatch it.

These creatures come in different colors and sizes which even becomes somewhat of a trademark for them when it comes to breeding.

The important part however is knowing which Kubrow benefits you the most and what you will need.

A lot of us may have different choices when it comes to Kubrows since most of them have different abilities and main traits.

Based on how helpful a Kubrow is when it comes to doing many of the missions you will encounter in the game, these Kubrows have been arranged based on how helpful they are and how useful they can become when put to good use:

1) Huras


The Huras Kubrow is a one of the best among its kind for being able to utilize stealth not only for itself but for its master as well.

This Kubrow can maintain a link with its master and utilize its ability to allow both its master and itself to remain undetected by enemies, granting them invisibility which becomes a very useful tactic.

Upon getting near an enemy, the Huras Kubrow will give a howl while causing itself and its owner to become cloaked.

This is invisibility is broken when firing any kind of weapon and doing melee attacks but abilities cast by the owner do not break the invisibility.

Exclusive Mods:

  • Hunt – The Kubrow charges towards an enemy and attacks it, damaging enemies caught in its path.
  • Stalk – Causes the Kubrow and its owner to be cloaked when coming within range of enemies, allowing them to remain invisible and sneak past enemies without alerting them.

The Huras Kubrow will not attack enemies if Stalk is activated, however if an attack has begun before Stalk has been cast and the owner and Kubrow have become invisible, The Huras Kubrow will continue to attack but will remain invisible.

While invisible, the owner of the Kubrow may cast abilities without breaking the invisibility regardless if an enemy dies from the ability.

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2) Helminth


By combining a sample from an infested cyst that had been infecting your Warframe and a Kubrow egg, you can breed this strange infected creature known as the Helminth Charger.

It is basically an infested version of the Kubrow and its abilities are also deriving its capabilities based on certain infested enemies that you may have encountered throughout the game.

Exclusive Mods:

  • Proboscis – The Helminth Charger sends out a proboscis that snags an enemy and drags them closer while dealing damage to them as well.
  • Trample – Allows the Helminth Charger to charge towards an enemy, knocking back and damaging other enemies that come along its path.
  • Strain Eruption – Causes maggots spawned by the Helminth Charger to explode on death dealing 4% of the enemy’s current health as corrosive damage to enemies within a radius.
  • Strain Fever – Gives the Helminth Charger 30% more damager for each cyst that it has.

Strain mods add 2 cysts for each mod that is equipped and a maximum of 8 cysts can spawn at a time by having the Strain Fever (Helminth Charger), Strain Eruption (Helminth Charger), Strain Consume (Warframe) and Strain Infection(Melee) mods.

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3) Sunika


The Sunika Kubrow focuses on taking down enemies and VIPs, allowing it to take down certain enemies and do finishers on them and even special enemies as well.

This Kubrow focuses greatly on taking down enemies one at a time and can cause a large amount of damage to its target.

It has a knack for leaping towards it targets and doing finisher attacks that can either disable them, allowing them to be killed by the Kubrow’s owner or the targets may die from the attack initially.

Exclusive Mods:

  • Savagery – The Kubrow gains the ability to do finisher attacks on enemies, holding them to be vulnerable to attacks or to kill them on its own.
  • Unleashed – Allows the Kubrow to attack and knock down VIP targets or tougher targets that could not be easily  taken down.

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4) Sahasa


The Sahasa Kubrow is a scavenger and tactical Kubrow, providing extra equipment by searching for hidden supplies as well as taking down enemies nearby its owner.

It is able to dig for supplies in certain spots during missions as it will randomly stop and detect them and attempt to dig them out, creating loot for the user to make use of.

Occasionally the Sahasa Kubrow may attack and assault enemies with finishers, killing them or making them vulnerable to attacks.

Exclusive Mods:

  • Dig – Allows the Kubrow to sniff out the area for hidden loot and dig into the ground to cause the item to pop out, allowing the owner to collect and make use of the loot.
  • Ferocity – Aside from dealing common Kubrow attacks, the Sahasa Kubrow will often attack enemies with finishers, killing them or making them vulnerable to being killed.

5) Chesa


The Chesa Kubrow acts as an attack or retriever as it has the ability to take hold of an enemy opening them up to be attacked or searching for extra resources hidden in containers or in enemy bodies.

It is capable of taking hold of an enemy, biting them and locking them in place disabling their ability to attack and making it easy for the Chesa Kubrow’s owner to engage.

Containers and fallen enemies can give additional loot when the Chesa Kubrow is near as it has the tendency to scavenge the bodies or containers in a moderate radius periodically.

Exclusive Mods:

  • Neutralize – Bites the hand of an enemy, disarming them by causing the attack to make the enemy drop their weapon.
  • Retrieve – Gives a chance for the Kubrow to get additional loot from enemy bodies or containers nearby.


Kubrows are great companions and they all have different traits and abilities that we can make use of during missions.

A Kubrow becomes very powerful if modded well and becomes very powerful fighting alongside you if you have equipped it with the right mods.

Each has their own unique abilities and these can come in handy depending if the player just wants a companion or if they have an actual strategy that they can make use of.

Recently Kubrows and other companions were not used most of the time since they did not have a skill that could pull items close, like what sentinels had but this has been solved and Kubrows are once again very useful now in missions.

Whether it’s a cute and cuddly companion that you want or a powerful buddy to help you fight your enemies, Kubrows make astounding companions and can be put to great use.

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  1. I have a Helminth Charger, and am wondering if it is possible to breed it with a Kubrow. I realize it is done with templets. I love my charger but am wanting to try some breeding.


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