How to Get Kubrow Egg in Warframe (Best Location & Farm)

Kubrows are wonderful companions to have and there are many variations, which can be the result of them being incubated but this requires you to find an egg first.

Getting a Kubrow Egg used to be a big deal back then and for newer players, they still are but this is not something to worry about as long as you grind certain missions for them.

For those who want a mighty Kubrow to fight alongside them in battle, getting an egg or two is all you need to get started.

Kubrow Egg Warframe
How To Get Kubrow Eggs?

1) Hunting/Farming Kubrow Eggs

Kubrow Dens on Earth

Kubrow Eggs can be obtained by doing missions on Earth, which is where you can find Kubrow Dens in certain parts of the map.

Destroying a Kubrow Den has a chance for it to drop a Kubrow Egg that you will automatically collect once you come within range of it.

You can carry more than one Kubrow Egg, which will allow you to incubate one after the other once you get back to your Orbiter.

2) Purchasing In Market

For those who wish to skip the process of going on a mission on Earth and searching for Kubrow Dens, you can always purchase them for Platinum.

This can be done by opening the Market aboard your Orbiter and purchasing an egg will cost you 10 Platinum each.

Once purchased, the Kubrow Egg will be in your inventory and will appear when you attempt to incubate it.

Where To Get Kubrow Eggs?


Kubrow egg location on Earth

Since Kubrow Eggs only come from Kubrow Dens, your best bet is to head to Earth and do missions on the planet until you find an egg.

Feral Kubrows are often found near the Kubrow Dens and these are usually found in Grineer Forest maps on the planet.

A good way to grind for Kubrow Eggs would be to get a fast Warframe that can speedrun a mission, allowing you to search for eggs and retry more often.

Best Place To Get Kubrow Eggs

1) Mantle

Mantle is considered to be one of the easiest ways to get a Kubrow Egg since you only need to capture a target before extracting.

You can either complete the objective first or do it along the way as you search for Kubrow Dens that are round the map.

A fast Warframe can repeat this mission multiple times in less than 10 minutes by simply capturing the target, exploring, and extracting.

2) E Prime

Aside from Mantle, E Prime is known to be a good mission to farm Kubrow Eggs on since there are a lot of Kubrow Dens that spawn there.

Tons of Feral Kubros can be found wandering E Prime and this means you can find a lot of Kubrow Dens to destroy there.

It would be best to have a Warframe that can clear out multiple enemies easily so that you can grind this mission quickly.


Since Kubrow Dens are the only way to get Kubrow Eggs, the use of farming Warframes does not provide much of a benefit, and it is better to use ones that can clear the missions fast.

A Resource Drop Chance booster is a good way to increase your chances of getting a Kubrow Egg since it affects the drop rate of everything in a mission.

Back then, you could only have one Kubrow Egg at a time, but this has changed and has made it easier for Kubrow breeders to get the variants they prefer.

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