How to Get Rid of Helminth Cyst (2023)


The infested are greatly known for taking over Corpus and Grineer enemies alike, causing mutations and severe changes to their hosts and transforming them into abominations that you fight against.

It has come to show that not only are the Grineer and Corpus capable of being susceptible to the infestation but also other organic or non-organic life forms as well.

The Warframe itself is susceptible to such a sickness and is vulnerable to being a host for such parasitic technocytes known as the infested.

You might not notice it at first but there is a chance your Warframe may become infected and later on you will notice some changes resulting from the infection.

This guide will show you what can be done if ever you encounter the Helminth Virus and what you can do afterwards.

Origin of the Virus


Upon acquisition of the Nidus Warframe, an area in the back of your orbiter becomes accessible due to his connection with the infestation.

Nidus is a Warframe based on the infestation and has been built to use it to his advantage, however upon more severe interaction with the Helminth and its infestation, something can change within him that can cause a chain reaction.

You will have noticed there is a part of your orbiter that has infestation growing near it, with Nidus as your current selected Warframe you may approach this and expect a result that does not happen with other clean Warframes.


As you approach the infested section of your ship, Nidus will begin to react and his mutations will show as this indicates a strong connection with the infection which becomes enticing to check.

Nidus may then enter the room and see that there is a severe infection along with a chair in the center of the area that may be interacted with.


Upon interacting with the chair, Nidus will be infected and after 24 hours a cyst will have formed on his neck and will continuously grow for 7 days until fully matured.

It is during this time that anyone that Nidus comes in contact with, regardless of them being your friend, clan mate or some random person in a mission, they can become infected and will grow a cyst as well.


Anyone that has been infected by Nidus and has the Helminth cyst, will also be able to spread the virus to others just as Nidus did with them and this will continuously happen, resulting in the growth of a cyst on your Warframe and anyone else who has been infected.

Do not panic as there is a solution to this infection and it can be dealt with in two different ways to remove the pink cyst.

Method 1

Extracting The Helminth Cyst In the Infested Room


Just how the infection originally began in the first place, the origin of where it came is also the way to remove this viral infection.

Heading towards the area where Nidus originally contracted the cyst, will reveal that you are allowed to enter once the cyst on your neck has fully matured.

You may then enter the room full of infestation and approach the chair where the Helminth virus originally began.


Once you approach the chair there will be an option to “cure cyst” which will remove the cyst on your Warframes neck.

You have an option to choose this or can walk away and return anytime that you want if you change your mind.


Choosing to sit on the chair will prompt a short scene where the infested part of the orbiter will commence a procedure to remove the pink cyst on your neck.

Ordis will be surprised by this and blurt out “Operator? No! Have you lost your mind?” which merely is just him being in shock for not knowing what the Helminth is doing but the result actually makes it remove the cyst.

Once you have removed the cyst from a Warframe, this makes them immune from future infections and ensures you don’t grow the cyst or get infected again.

This only applies to one Warframe, any other Warframes you have will be susceptible to getting infected and growing the Helminth cyst and will require removal by one of the two methods.

Take note that the cyst does not pose any real threats or disable your Warframe in any way but rather just entices other players to tease you by saying you have “space aids” and other humorous comments about the pink cyst on your neck (haha).

Method 2

Extracting The Cyst And Using It To Breed A Helminth Charger


It may still be a secret to many players but there is indeed an infested variant of the Kubrow known as the Helminth Charger.

This is a combination that can be done by breeding and using a Kubrow Egg along witht the Helminth Cyst.

You will need to have a fully matured cyst on your neck before you may begin the procedure of extracting it and breeding the Helminth charger.

This is also considered the process on how to get Helminth Charger.


Begin by interacting with the incubator on your ship so you may be start with the procedure and Helminth Breeding.

Select Kubrow breeding from the options to begin breeding the special Kubrow.


Be sure you have a Kubrow Egg, Incubator Core and a Stasis Slot available or you will not be allowed to breed.

Any current pets that you have will need to be put into status to make up space for the new one as you may only have one active and breeding one will make this become a conflict of space.

Once you meet all the requirements to breed the Kubrow, click on begin incubation.


Instead of selecting to do a random incubation or use imprints, you will notice that there is an option at the bottom that says drain.

Click this to initialize the process of draining the pink cyst on your neck which will be used to breed the new Kubrow or Helminth Charger that you are about to create.

Proceeding this step will put you through the steps on how to get the infested Kubrow.


Once ready click on yes when you are prompted with the final text which will then proceed like a simple breeding process.

Wait for the time like you would any other pet that you would breed.


There you have it! Your cyst has been drained and now you have a new infested companion, the Helminth Charger.

The Helminth Charger is similar to a Kubrow but has different attacks and abilities which are similar to Nidus and the infested.

Just like Kubrows this may gain affinity and rank up as well as be modded to become stronger.


Not only do you remove the annoying cyst that is on your neck but you have now successfully bred a powerful companion that is just like any other with the exception of being infested.



There you have it, the two ways to remove the pink cyst that grows on your neck is done in your orbiter by either extracting it and removing it completely or extracting it to breed the Helminth Charger.

The infection will not affect you if you had already had yours removed previously so there is no need to worry about further infections.

New Warframes are susceptible to the virus majority of the time so you might be seeing yourself bringing it to the back area to remove the cyst if its new and you have had it for a while.

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