How to Remove Helminth Cyst in Warframe (2024)

The infested are greatly known for taking over Corpus and Grineer enemies alike, causing mutations and severe changes to their hosts.

It has come to show that not only are the Grineer and Corpus capable of being susceptible to the infestation but also other organic or non-organic life forms as well.

Some players may wonder what the pink cyst on their Warframe’s neck is and this is a result of coming in contact with a specific infested-type Warframe.

Helminth Virus Warframe

Origin of the VirusHelminth Virus origin in the game

The Helminth Cyst that grows on a Warframe’s neck is caused by being infected by Nidus or Nidus Prime in a mission.

This is either if you go into a mission where someone has Nidus or if you equip Nidus after you have obtained it.

Once you have a Warframe infected for the first time, the Helminth Infirmary will be accessible at the back of your Orbiter.

Having the Helminth Cyst will also cause your Warframe to spread to others, but this can later be removed at the Helminth Infirmary.

How To Remove Helminth Cyst?

Extracting The Helminth Cyst in the Helminth Infirmary

Extracting The Helminth Cyst in the Helminth Infirmary

Once you get the Helminth Cyst or what other players refer to as “Space Aids”, you may have it removed by heading to the Helminth Infirmary.

Interacting with the chair will give you multiple options, with one being to have the Helminth Cyst removed.

Selecting the option to remove the cyst will result in your Warframe sitting on the chair while a tendril penetrates the cyst, removing it afterward.

Extracting The Cyst And Using It To Breed A Helminth Charger

Extracting The Cyst And Using It To Breed A Helminth Charger

It may still be a secret to many players but there is indeed an infested variant of the Kubrow known as the Helminth Charger.

This is a variant that can be bred with the use of a Kubrow Egg while your Warframe has a mature Helminth Cyst on it. (It takes about a week for the cyst to mature)

You will need to have a fully matured cyst on your neck before you may begin the procedure of extracting it and breeding the Helminth charger.

Nutrio Incubator

This can be done by interacting with the incubator in your ship and selecting the option to begin incubating.

Be sure you have a Kubrow Egg, Incubator Core, and a Stasis Slot available or you will not be allowed to breed.

Any current pets that you have will need to be put into stasis before you can begin the incubation process.

VerdictHelminth Charger

The Helminth Virus is one of the more unique features of the game, but this can sometimes be annoying for some players.

If you remove a Helminth Cyst, you won’t have to worry about getting a Helminth Charger as you can always use another one that you let grow.

The Helminth Charger can make a great addition to your companions, especially since it has unique abilities.

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