Warframe Ruvox Build Guide (Our Tested Builds)

Ruvox was introduced when Dante came out and this weapon became a popular choice for players due to its ability to impale enemies with Void Spikes.

Its Incarnon Evolution provides players with additional perks that make the weapon even better but when it comes to its raw power, the right build can make short work of any enemy.

Fast blows accompanied by heavy Tennokai hits make the wielder of the Ruvox a seemingly versatile brawler with several advantages once you reach max Incarnon Evolution.

Warframe Ruvox

Ruvox Builds

1) Critical Damage Build

Ruvox Critical Damage Build

Our Ruvox Critical Damage build features the Master’s Edge Tennokai, giving it a boost in Tennokai damage with the hopes of it stacking with the Critical Damage of the weapon.

This build works well with a primer as Condition Overload has been added while we have created an elemental combination. (This can be swapped with other elements)

The key to this build is getting up close and personal with your enemies as you unleash blows with Ruvox and perform Tennokai attacks whenever they are available.

2) Attack Speed Build

Ruvox Attack Speed Build

This build involves the use of Tennokai often as the Discipline’s Merit mod has been added, and this will provide you with a chance to use Tennokai after every 4th melee attack.

Added to the build are Quickening and Berserker Fury, which will help you deal swift blows to your enemies so you can add in a stronger attack when Tennokai is available.

Bloodrush has been added to the build to critical chance, which is expected to stack with Tennokai attacks from time to time.

3) Status Build

Ruvox Status Build

Inflicting Status Effects on your enemies can be a great way to cause damage over time or weaken your enemies, which is why we have included 4 elemental status mods in this build.

With the weapon’s Status Chance increased to 68%, enemies are sure to succumb to different ailments from your attacks along with having to take on the damage from each hit.

Not only does this build offer damage and high Status Chance, but once Ruvox is in its Incarnon Form, this weapon becomes even deadlier.

4) Maiming Strike Build

Ruvox Maiming Strike Build

Like most builds that involve a high amount of Critical Chance, our Maiming Strike Build for the Ruvox focuses on the use of sliding attacks.

This makes it possible to quickly build up your Combo Count while also dealing high amounts of Critical Damage while you also gain the opportunity to use Tennokai often.

You can choose to use combos or focus on sliding attacks before making use of Tennokai attacks when they are available, allowing you to dish out a lot of damage.


Ruvox offers a good amount of damage along with the addition of attack speed that merges well when the weapon transmutes to its Incarnon Form.

Depending on which perks you choose from its Incarnon Evolution, Ruvox will have different effects and can be used differently in missions.

While Ruvox may lack a bit when it comes to range, its quick attack speed and combos allow you to quickly build up your Combo Count to keep its Incarnon Form active most of the time.

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