Warframe Dante Builds (Our Tested Builds)

Dante’s skills involve the usage of his Tome called the Noctua, which is where he seems to draw his power as he composes arcane tales.

Each of his abilities can be altered to have various effects but the thing about Dante is that the majority of the builds made for him will always have amazing outcomes.

Dante is capable of being built to both protect his allies and clear out massive groups of enemies by dealing damage to multiple targets.

Warframe Dante

Dante Builds

1) Balanced Build (All-Around Use)

Dante Balanced Build

To start our list, we have a beginner build for Dante that allows you to utilize all of his abilities but these will of course be amplified.

With an increase in Ability Duration, Efficiency, Range, and Strength, all of Dante’s abilities will be more effective in any mission.

Dante is not hard to master and with his wide set of Final Verses, you can utilize any variants of this ability without trouble thanks to all of the mods added.

Additionally, Vitality and Adaptation have been added to this build, making Dante more durable and giving him better survivability.

2) Burst Damage Build (High Damage)

Dante Burst Damage Build

Dante has a good set of abilities that allows him to deal damage in many ways but if you have already used this Warframe, you will know how good his darker side can be.

The use of Dark Verse and Tragedy Final Verse is one of the best combos that Dante has, which requires you to cast two Dark Verses before a Final Verse.

Using the Dark Verses will deal a good amount of damage to your enemies but once you cast Final Verse, you will likely see your enemies disappear from your map.

The sheer damage provided by 323% Ability Strength is enough to take out most enemies while the reduction to duration does not have that much of a penalty on Dante.

 3) Nuker Build (AOE Damage)

Dante Nuker Build

When it comes to grinding certain missions that you are certain of completing easily, having Dante as a Nuker can speed things up.

A balance has been made between Dante’s Efficiency and Range, allowing him to cast his abilities more often and have a higher radius for his abilities.

This is perfect for most missions, especially if you need to clear lots of enemies as the usage of Dark Verse and the Tragedy Final Verse can be spammed.

Not only does this build help with clearing out enemies, but it also helps with other abilities that are used to support your allies.

4) Duration Build (Support)

Dante Duration Build

Most players may have noticed that having Dante’s Ability Duration reduced won’t do much for offensive skills but when it comes to support, it can do wonders.

This is not a maxed-out Ability Duration build as there are certain mods added to not only increase your stats but also improve survivability.

Utilizing this build is best when you stick with your team and attempt to use Light Verse and Final Verse to get certain abilities going.

Some of these mods may be swapped out if you plan on altering the build, which makes it fun to sometimes mix and match.


Dante is a powerful Warframe that can make use of its different variants of Final Verse but when it comes to offense, Dark Verse and Tragedy Final Verse can destroy enemies in seconds.

When it comes to using Dante, it is important to understand how the Light and Dark Verses affect the Final Verse but regardless of your build, these abilities seem to always be buffed.

Dante makes a good choice for both boss fights and fighting groups of enemies as he is more than capable of dealing large amounts of damage and protecting his allies from death.

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