Warframe Onos (How to Get, Crafting & Stats)

Onos is a secondary weapon that was released with the Dante Unbound update on March 27, 2024, along with Dante and other items.

This Entrati cannon was made to be fitted on the wrist and is also an Incarnon Weapon that can be evolved to have additional stats.

On its own, Onos can deal a great amount of damage for a secondary weapon but when in its Incarnon Form, enemies can be melted like butter.

Onos (Secondary Weapon) in Warframe

Onos StatsWarframe Onos weapon stats

Onos fires projectiles that have a combination of good Critical Chance and Status Chance, making it good for certain builds and even a possible primer.

Scoring headshots will charge Onos, allowing you to transform this weapon into its Incarnon Form by using its alternate fire.

When in its Incarnon Form, this weapon becomes even deadlier and has access to certain upgrades depending on what you choose from its evolution stages.

Primary Attack (Auto)


Fire Rate




Very High



Critical Chance

Critical Multiplier






How to Get Onos?

You may acquire the Onos Blueprint by completing Rotation C in the Armatus (Disruption) mission, which may later be used to craft the weapon once its other parts are available.

Additionally, the Onos Blueprint may also be purchased from Loid within the Sanctum Anatomica for 360 Vessel Capillaries.

If you prefer to purchase Onos and use it right away, you can settle for purchasing this secondary weapon from the in-game market.

Purchasing Onos will cost 180 Platinum, which will also include a Weapon Slot and a pre-installed Orokin Catalyst in the weapon.

Onos Incarnon Evolution

The first evolution for Onos allows you to transmute the weapon into its Incarnon Form while the rest of the evolutions allow you to pick one additional perk.

Evolution 1

  • Incarnon Form (Headshots charge Incarnon Transmutation)

Evolution 2

  • Marksman’s Hand (-30% Weapon Recoil)
  • Rapid Wrath (+25% Fire Rate)
  • Swift Deliverance (+30% Projectile Speed)

Evolution 3

  • Extended Volley (+10 Magazine Capacity)
  • Rapid Reinforcement (+30% Reload Speed)
  • Hunter’s Rearmament (On Kill: 10% chance to replenish 10 ammo)

Evolution 4

  • Lethal Lance (On Kill: +2.5 Punch Through for 20 seconds)
  • Incarnon Efficiency (Headshots build +50% more Incarnon Transmutation charge)
  • Elemental Excess (+20% Status Chance but -10% Critical Chance)

Evolution 5

  • Sequential Skullbuster (On Consecutive Headshots: +30% Headshot Damage, can stack 4x)
  • Impaler’s Ferocity (+10% Damage for 10 seconds, can stack 10x)
  • Devastation Cascade (Hitting enemies in Incarnon Form increases the Critical Chance and Damage of the fully charged blast by 5%, stacks up to 50)

Onos Crafting Requirements

Crafting Onos does not require any components or their blueprints and may be crafted once you have its main blueprint and the required resources.

The following are needed to craft Onos:

  • 3,000 Salvage
  • 400 Necracoil
  • 2 Argon Crystal
  • 6 Entrati Lanthorn
  • 20,000 Credits


Onos has decent stats on its own, featuring a good amount of Critical Chance and Status Chance for various builds.

Most players may see the Onos to be similar to the Epitaph but the advantage with this weapon is its Incarnon Form.

Just like any other Incarnon Weapon, effort will need to be made before you can unlock its perks and this makes it stronger than most secondary weapons.

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