Warframe Void Traces Farm 2024 (Void Fissure Mission, Uses & No Relic)

Void Traces are a resource that can be obtained by doing fissures and are used when refining relics or crafting dragon keys.

They can be obtained while doing Void Fissures which are missions that have corrupted enemies and allow you to open Void Relics.

There are two ways to obtain Void Traces during a Void Fissure which are collecting 10 Reactants and if members of your squad decide to duplicate what was in your relic instead of keeping theirs or selecting from another person.

Void Traces

How To Get Void Traces?Opening Void Relic

Void Traces are obtained by going into a Void Fissure mission and collecting 10 Reactants, which are required to crack open a Void Relic.

Once 10 Reactants have been acquired, you see an alert saying, “Relic Cracked”, and a certain amount of Void Traces will be added to your inventory.

This does not require that you bring a Void Relic into a mission and once you extract, everything (including the Void Traces) will be brought with you out of the mission.

Where To Get Void Traces?Void Fissures

Void Traces are obtained during Void Fissures, which can take over any mission as these have a limited amount of time before they expire. (You can choose to do a Void Fissure or the regular mission)

Once a Void Fissures has run out of time, a new set will appear, allowing you to continuously farm these missions if you like.

These missions can take place on almost any mission and will have specific mission types that you can check by opening your Star Chart (Navigation) and selecting Void Fissures. (Upper Right)

What Are Void Traces Used For?

Void Traces are mainly used to refine relics and which will increase the chances of the rarer prime items to be rewarded upon completing a fissure.

They may also be used to craft dragon keys which are used later on in Orokin Derelict missions as a way to open up Orokin Vaults.

1) Refining Relics


Relics may be refined in the orbiter at the Void Relics console which is located near the back and can be identified by the relic image hovering above the said console.

If you do not know how to refine relics, this can simply be done by opening the Void Relics menu and selecting which relic you want to refine.

Begin by interacting with the Void Relics and you will be brought to a menu that displays all the relics that you have.


Choose the Void Relic that you wish to refine, and you will see 4 options, which are Intact, Exceptional, Flawless, and Radiant.

Intact will provide you with common rewards while a radiant Void Relic will give you a better chance to get rare rewards.

Once a Void Relic has been refined, you may select it when doing Void Fissures for a better chance to get specific rewards based on the relic’s refinement.

2) Crafting Dragon Keys


Void Traces can also be used to craft Dragon Keys which are used to open Orokin Vaults that can be found in Deimos missions.

These are mostly used for searching for Corrupted Mods that give multiple stats to Warframes or weapons that are slotted with them.

To make Dragon Keys you must first obtain the blueprints which can be acquired from the Orokin Lab in the Clan Dojo.

Once you have entered the Orokin Lab, head towards the back until you reach the area with consoles and you may obtain the reusable blueprints.

How To Get Void Traces Fast?

1) Resource Boosters

Having a resource booster active will double the number of resources that you obtain, which also includes Void Traces.

Once you have obtained 10 Reactants, you will get twice the amount of Void Traces and if you have a Smeeta Kavat’s Charm buff active, you get even more.

2) Smeeta Kavat

If you have a Smeeta Kavat, you will eventually get the Charm buff now and then in a mission, which doubles the number of resources you get.

By timing things right, you can have Charm active and kill enemies to obtain the last Reactant needed and this will allow you to double the amount of Void Traces that are rewarded.

No Relic Void Traces

If you are doing Void Fissures and notice that you are not getting any Void Traces, it is most likely that you have reached the maximum capacity.

Your Void Trace Capacity is calculated by your Mastery Rank multiplied by 50 with an extra 100 added to it, which means you can hold more as your mastery rank increases.

To get more Void Traces, you will need to consume the ones that you already have in your inventory to make space for more. (Aborting a Void Fissure may result in the loss of Void Traces)

Best Way To Get Void TracesGDVTS-21

When it comes to the fastest way to farm Void Traces, your goal will be to complete the objective as soon as possible while also picking up Reactant.

The sooner you collect 10 Reactants with the objective complete, the sooner you can extract from the mission to take home the Void Traces.

Some of the best options include Capture Void Fissures first while Exterminate and Spy are alternatives for fast Void Trace farming.

Endless missions such as Survival, Defense, and Excavation Void Fissures are best done if you want to make use of the buffs provided after each rotation.

Other Ways To Get Void Traces

Aside from cracking open a relic (collection 10 Reactant), you can also get Void Traces as a Granum Void reward. (Rank1 may reward 5, 10, or 15 Void Traces depending on the tier)

On Deimos, you may run into storage containers that may be broken and these have a chance to drop Void Traces.

Void Traces do not drop from enemies, which makes it pointless to bring Farming Warframes when you are out to get them.


Void Traces are not often obtained by players who have just started since they will most likely be going through the main story but this doesn’t mean they can’t farm them early.

It is best to use your Void Trace as much as possible if you are trying to get specific rewards from Void Relics since you can easily get more.

Farming Void Relics can be more satisfying once you have reached higher Mastery Ranks as this allows you to carry more than when your rank is lower.

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