Warframe Corrupted Mods 2022 Guide (How to Farm, Primary, Secondary & Melee Weapon Corrupted Mods..)

Warframe Corrupted Mods

Corrupted Mods are special mods that are obtained from the Deimos by looting the vaults hidden within the missions.

These mods provide Warframes or weapons with dual stats where one it a positive stat and the other is a negative stat.

This can increase one stat to benefit the Warframe or weapon in one way while providing a negative effect or cause 2 positive effects depending on the build you are working on.

Both weapons and Warframes can be customized to a great extent with the use of corrupted mods, making them very unique for majority of the Warframe and weapon builds that you can create.

Corrupted mods are available for Warframes, primary, secondary and melee weapons and are used specifically for each type.

How To Get Corrupted Mods?GDCMS-2

Corrupted mods are obtained from Deimos missions which can be found in Derelict, located in the star chart.

In the mission you must search for the Orokin Vaults hidden throughout some of the missions and unlock them using specific Dragon Keys which may be crafted after purchasing them from the Dojo.

Players refer to hunting corrupted mods as “Vault Runs” which they search for other members to join them to ease the process of locating the Orokin vaults and making the mission easier to accomplish.

To be able to enter Deimos missions you must have keys to the missions which you may purchase from the market console in your orbiter.

How To Farm Corrupted Mods?

1) Preparing and Equipping Dragon Keys


Dragon Keys are special keys required to open Orokin vaults inside the Deimos missions.

Each vault will require a specific key which is selected by random and without the specific key, you will not be able to open the vault.

To craft Dragon Keys, you will need to have had purchased them from the Orokin Lab which is supposed to be crafted in your dojo in order for you to purchase from it.


Once you have crafted Dragon Keys, simply choose which ones you want to equip for the mission that you are about to start.

You may do this by heading to your equipment screen and selecting gear from the bottom in order to see the gear menu and equip a key.

Select a slot wear you will keep the key in order to equip it for the mission.

Once you have selected the Dragon Key, it will appear in your gear menu and will instantly take effect even if you are in your orbiter.

Be sure to remove the key if it is not used or if you are going to do another mission as it will keep you under its effect as long as you have it equipped.


If you plan to go solo or you do not have enough members for a full squad, you may equip multiple keys to allow you to carry all the keys you will need to open the vaults.

For a team of two you may carry two keys each or for players that don’t have keys yet you may willingly shoulder them by carrying more keys than one normally would.

Take note however that multiple keys mean you will suffer from multiple disadvantages so be wise with doing this.

Here is a list of the Dragon Keys and their effects:

Bleeding Dragon Key

Reduces health by 75%

Decaying Dragon Key

Reduces shield by 75%

Extinguished Dragon Key

Reduces damage by 75%

Hobbled Dragon Key

Reduces speed by 50%

2) Doing a Vault Run

To begin the vault run select the mission you will do and begin it, make sure you have the Dragon Keys that you need.

It is important to bring all four if you are doing solo or have them split up amongst the team where everyone is assigned a key in order for the quad to have all 4 keys.

Only one of each key is needed per mission so there is no need for everyone to bring all four as long as the overall keys contain one of each.

Corrupted mods Heart of Deimos sessions are best done with a team so each of you can carry one type of key.


Once your mission begins proceed to finish the mission as fast as you can and once you complete your objective you can search for the Orokin vault.

If you run into the Orokin vault before finishing the mission, then you can go straight and open it regardless if the mission is complete then finish the mission afterwards.

Search around the whole map until you find a door similar to the image above which is the Orokin vault.

This can be found at any door area and spawns randomly in the map so you must be able to search everywhere in able to find it.


Once you approach the vault, you will see which key is need and from there one of you will use their key which should be the specific key for the door to open the vault.

Once you have opened the Orokin Vault, head towards the artifact located inside the room and interact with it to collect the artifact.

This artifact is the corrupted mod but it will not be shown in your inventory until the mission is over.

Not everyone has to grab the artifact and as long as one person collects it, the whole squad will have the corrupted mod upon extracting from the mission.


Once you have collected the artifact head to the extraction point in order to complete the mission and reveal which corrupted mod you have acquired.

You will find the corrupted mod displayed in the obtained mods area in the Mission Success: Summary screen.

You may redo this as many times as you want as long as you craft the Derelict Mission keys and the Dragon keys that are needed.

Do take not that every time you open a vault and successfully complete the mission, the Derelict key and Dragon key you used for the mission will be consumed.

Corrupted Mods

Corrupted mods are mods that give dual stats where one stat is increased and another is decreased.

These can be combined with other mods as well to counter the negative stats or the negative stats may be kept to add manipulation to skills or the outcome of weapons.

The use of corrupted mods plays a big role in many advanced builds and can greatly improve your playstyle if you mod towards the ways that comfort you.

There is a 100% corrupted mod drop chance when you open a vault.

Check Build of : Valkyr

Below we have a list of the corrupted mods:

Warframe Corrupted Mods

1) Blind Rage

Blind Rage

Blind Rage increases ability strength by 99% while reducing ability efficiency by 55%

This increases the potency of your abilities resulting in stronger effects or increased damage but requiring more energy to be consumed upon casting.

With this boost to ability strength you can deal a large amount of damage or make use of an effect to a higher extent.

This goes well with abilities that you do not need to repeatedly cast.

Check Build of : Wukong

2) Fleeting Expertise

Fleeting Expertise

Fleeting Expertise increases ability efficiency by 60% while reducing ability duration by 60%

Increased efficiency will allow you to cast more abilities due to the low energy costs although the duration of certain abilities will be reduced.

This allows you to cast more abilities due to the low energy cost and will be very beneficial to skills that do not depend on or have duration.

3) Narrow Minded

Narrow Minded

Narrow Minded increases ability duration by 99% while reducing ability range by 66%

An increase in the duration makes certain abilities last longer at the cost of the range of the ability.

This is great for abilities that do not require a large amount of range or buffs which can be used for yourself or for those at a very close distance.

4) Overextended


Overextended increases ability range by 90% and reduces ability strength by 60%

With a huge increase in ability range, your skills will cover a large radius or reach far enemies.

This goes very well with crowd control or abilities that do not rely on dealing damage or that just require a bit of damage along with effects as they cover a large area.

5) Transient Fortitude

Transient Fortitude

Transient Fortitude increases ability strength by 55% while reducing ability duration by 27.5%

Sacrificing a small bit of ability duration for an increased amount of ability strength, this can boost the damage or effects of abilities at a small cost of duration.

This goes well with abilities that last long and can handle the reduced duration and would be excellent for those abilities that were not dependent on duration at all.

Primary Weapon Mods

1) Critical Delay (Rifle)

Critical Delay Mods

Critical Delay increases critical chance by 48 while reducing fire rate by 36% (2x reduction for bows)

With a higher critical chance to do more damage, you lose a bit of firing speed as a price for the boost in damage.

This goes well for weapons initially have a high rate of fire or weapons that can reach 100% critical chance.

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2) Heavy Caliber (Rifle)

Warframe Heavy Caliber Weapon Mod

Heavy Caliber increases damage by 165% while reducing accuracy by 55%

Causes accuracy to be reduced and hitting enemies can be a bit hard at long range, however the damage gain makes up for it making the weapon deal a lot of damage at close to medium range.

This goes well for almost all weapons as long as you can handle the low accuracy.

A lot of weapons benefit from this, especially close range to medium range weapons with burst-fire or automatic fire modes.

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3) Tainted Mag (Rifle)

Warframe Tainted Mag Weapon Mod

Tainted Mag increases magazine capacity by 66% while reducing reload speed by 33%

Increasing the magazine capacity for more ammunition to use per clip at the cost of a reduce reload speed becomes beneficial for weapons that have moderate to high magazine capacities.

This allows most weapons to give off more rounds or shots before reloading allow you more time to fire at the cost of just waiting a little bit longer for reloads which can be safely done from cover or simple evasive maneuvers during fights.

4) Vile Acceleration (Rifle)

Warframe Vile Acceleration Weapon Mod

Vile Acceleration increases fire rate by 90% (double for bows) at the cost of 15% damage

With the increased fire rate, you can dish out more damage in a small amount of time which makes up for the reduced damage as your basically dealing a lot of damage in a small amount of time.

The drawback is mostly just the rate of which you run out of ammunition at this point but this is covered by having ways to replenish your ammo fast through having a mod that converts ammo or a Carrier/Carrier Prime with its mod that does the same.

This becomes useful for weapons that have great amounts of damage or slower fire rates in able to fire more within a certain amount of time to make use of its damage potential to increase damage per second.

5) Vile Precision (Rifle)

Warframe Vile Precision Weapon Mod

Vile Precision reduces the recoil of weapons by 60% while reducing the fire rate by 36%

By sacrifices fire rate, you gain more accuracy causing your air to remain steady while you are unloading shots at enemies.

This becomes useful for all types of weapons with high rates of fire that require the additional accuracy in order to maintain their aim.

6) Burdened Magazine (Shotgun)

Warframe Burdened Magazine Weapon Mod

Burdened Magazine increases the magazine capacity by 60% but reduces reload speed by 18%

By increasing the amount of shots you have per magazine you can deal a lot of damage before reloading or backing off during fights allowing you more damage at the tiny cost of an added small amount of reload speed.

The is great for shotguns that deal a lot of damage that need more rounds to be able to be used more before retreating or reloading.

You get to deal more damage per instance that you attack with an increased magazine capacity.

7) Critical Deceleration (Shotgun)

Warframe Critical Deceleration Weapon Mod

Critical Deceleration increases critical chance by 48% while reducing fire rate by 30%

For an increased amount of critical chance, you sacrifice a small amount of your fire rate which can be made up for with modes or kept as is since the weapon initially will deal a large amount of damage.

With this mod, most weapons may be capable of dealing one hit so the fire rate would not be that much of a problem when used strategically.

8) Frail Momentum (Shotgun)

Warframe Frail Momentum Weapon Mod

Frail Momentum increases fire rate by 90% while decreasing damage by 15%

Gaining a large increase in fire rate makes up for the small amount of decreased damage since you are allowed to deal more damage within a short amount of time, increasing your damage per second.

This becomes great when using shotguns with large ammo capacities or for shotguns that take too long between shots.

9) Tainted Shell (Shotgun)

Warframe Tainted Shell (Shotgun) Weapon Mod

Tainted Shell reduces spread by 77% while reducing the fire rate by 55%

Reducing the spread will make the bullets or projectiles you fire less scattered and hit where you aim more accurately, making the weapon fire most of its projectiles in a smaller area.

This allows you to hit enemies further away or focus all the damage from a shot with your shotgun better on enemies without the worry of certain projectiles not hitting.

10) Vicious Spread (Shotgun)

Warframe Vicious Spread (Shotgun) Weapon Mod

Vicious Spread increases damage by 90% while increasing spread by 60%

The increased amount of damage makes up for the increased spread of the weapon which causes the projectiles to spread out more.

This only limits your range as your shots will be scattered but if you use the weapon closer to the enemies then all the shots may hit which gives the shotgun its original purpose, close to medium range plus the benefit of the high bonus damage.

This becomes situational and mostly benefits you if you like to use your shotgun at closed distances since it will surely hit enemies with if fired from point blank to medium range.

11) Depleted Reload (Sniper)

Warframe Depleted Reload (Sniper) Weapon Mod

Depleted Reload reduces magazine capacity by 60% and increases reload speed by 48%

Reducing the magazine of a sniper may not be the best thing unless you are using one that does not have that much of a magazine.

Snipers with a single shot or few may rely on this since its basically the same thing with a different animation.

Secondary Weapon Corrupted Mods

1) Anemic Agility

Warframe Anemic Agility Secondary Weapon Corrupted Mod

Anemic Agility increases fire rate by 90% while decreasing damage by 15%

Increasing the fire rate at the cost of damage can come in handy for certain cases as long as the weapon can fit well with the mod.

Weapons that have slow fire rates but high damage can greatly benefit from this mod since the damage alone is good enough and with the added rate of fire, the damage per second can greatly increase.

2) Creeping Bullseye

Warframe Creeping Bullseye Secondary Weapon Corrupted Mod

Creeping Bullseye increases critical chance by 48% while decreasing fire rate by 36%

By increasing your critical chance in exchange for fire rate, you are allowed to deal higher critical damage that may be convenient for weapons that always score a critical hit.

This goes well with weapons that have high amounts of critical chance or weapons with high initial fire rates as it makes up for the loss with the gained critical chance.

3) Hollow Point

Warframe Hollow Point Secondary Weapon Corrupted Mod

Hollow Point increase critical damage by 60% but reduces base damage by 15%

With a large increase in critical damage, the low reduction of damage becomes merely nothing as long as the critical hits keep coming.

This works extremely well with secondary weapons that can deal several critical hits per shot as the small damage reduction can be made up for with more damage, a higher rate of fire or and increased critical damage multiplier.

4) Magnum Force

Warframe Magnum Force Secondary Weapon Corrupted Mod

Magnum Force increases damage by 165% but reduces accuracy by 55%

Having a huge increase in damage for the cost of a moderate amount of accuracy may cause shots to not always hit from afar but when shot at close to medium range, you are sure to deal a large amount of damage.

This works well with very accurate weapons or weapons that have burst or automatic firing modes as they can unleash several shots which can always hit enemies at closer ranges.

Using such a mod can increase damage per second but require you to be a little more nearer to your enemies when doing so.

5) Tainted Clip

Warframe Tainted Clip Weapon Mod

Tainted Clip increases magazine capacity by 60% while reducing reload speed by 30%

Increasing the magazine capacity for secondary weapons is very important as some are capable of dealing large amounts of damage but with a downfall of having low amounts of ammo per magazine.

This makes up for the low ammo capacity by causing the reload to take more time which is necessary as one can simply take cover when reloading or just wait the time out since it’s not that much of an impact to take a bit more time to reload.

Melee Weapon Corrupted Mods

1) Spoiled Strike

Warframe Spoiled Strike Melee Weapon Corrupted Mod

Spoiled Strike increases damage by 100% while reducing attack speed by 20%

Dealing double the amount of damage at the cost of a small percentage of your attack speed sounds like a great deal since you have more mods that can increase your attack speed as well as arcanes and buffs.

This is great for weapons with initially high melee attack speed since they are initially fast and the negative amount of attack speed won’t make a difference when fully modded.

2) Corrupt Charge

Warframe Corrupt Charge Melee Weapon Corrupted Mod

Corrupted Charge increases channeling damage by 100% at the cost of 40% channeling efficiency

Channeling efficiency alone deals a high amount of damage and with it being increased for a small amount of additional energy cost, you can deal large amounts of damage in less time.

This comes in handy when dealing quick combos or finishing off enemies as the attack won’t require so much energy since you won’t be repeatedly doing combos yet just finishing off enemies or dealing instant large amounts of damage.

Mixing Corrupted Mods


Corrupted mods are used to increase a certain Warframe or weapons stat at the cost of another.

This does not necessarily mean you should focus on that stat alone since it is what your corrupted mod gives.

You can mix and match corrupted mods with mods and also different corrupted mods to mix the stats into a build you prefer.

Having multiple mods and corrupted mods can complement each other giving you potentially powerful and strategic builds.

Having a corrupted mod may cause you a negative stat in one area but you can either leave it as it is or combine it with another mod or corrupted mod to make up for it or balance it.



Corrupted mods are considered to be hard to get at some times since the rewards for opening Orokin vaults are chosen randomly and it may take some time before you get the mod you are searching for.

Although not everyone uses the same corrupted mods, that does not mean a build is wrong because you are supposed to use the corrupted mods for a specific build that suits you, which is what corrupted mods allow you to achieve.

Focusing on certain stats can cause other lower stats in certain areas which can be countered by normal mods or more corrupted mods.

If you plan on selling, you can resort to https://warframe.market/ for a good reference on a corrupted mods price list.

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      Most or even all of these mods can be sold for around 10-50 platinum or more depending on the agreed price. A good way to check for common prices as well as if someone is selling a specific mod or item you want, you can always check warframe.market which will give you insight on the current prices. You can also message a person ingame if you want to buy from them after viewing their price that they setup


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