Warframe Corrupted Mods Guide 2024 (Farm, List & How to Get)

Corrupted Mods are special mods that are obtained from the Orokin Derelict Tilesets found on Deimos by looting the vaults hidden within the missions.

These mods provide Warframes or weapons with dual stats where one is a positive stat, and the other is a negative stat. (One stat gets boosted while another is reduced)

Both weapons and Warframes can be customized to a great extent with the use of corrupted mods, making them essential for certain Warframe and weapon builds.

Corrupted Mods Warframe

How To Get Corrupted Mods?In Deimos you can obtain corrupted mods

Back then, Corrupted Mods were obtained from the Orokin Derelict missions, but this was later changed to Deimos, which now contains Orokin Derelict Tilesets.

Missions on Deimos with Orokin Derelict Tilesets will have Orokin Vaults hidden within them, which you can access with a Dragon Key to get a Corrupted Mod by obtaining an artifact.

The following are missions on Deimos where you may find Orokin Vaults:

  • Dirus (Mobile Defense)
  • Exequias (Assassination)
  • Formido (Sabotatge)
  • Horend (Capture)
  • Hyf (Defense)
  • Magnacidium (Assassination)
  • Phlegyas (Exterminate)
  • Terrorem (Survival)

How To Farm Corrupted Mods?

1) Preparing and Equipping Dragon Keys

Hobbled Dragon Key research

Dragon Keys are special keys required to open Orokin vaults inside the Orokin Derelict missions, which are consumed once Orokin Vaults are opened.

Each vault will require a specific key which is selected by random, and these will be used once you reach the vault and interact with it.

The blueprint for Dragon Keys is obtainable from a Clan Dojo in the Orokin Lab, which must be built before you purchase their blueprints and craft them.

Dragon Key types in Warframe

After purchasing a Dragon Key blueprint, you will be able to reuse it as many times as you want to craft them whenever you plan on farming Corrupted Mods.

Once you have crafted a Dragon Key, it can be equipped into one of your gear slots but using them is done simply by interacting with the vault door.

There are 4 types of Dragon Keys and each of them provide a penalty to those who carry them, which stack if you have multiple keys.

The following are the types of Dragon Keys available:

Bleeding Dragon Key

Reduces health by 75%
Decaying Dragon Key

Reduces shield by 75%

Extinguished Dragon Key

Reduces damage by 75%
Hobbled Dragon Key

Reduces speed by 50%

2) Doing A Vault Run

Doing a Vault Run

After you have prepared for a Vault Run, pick a mission that you would prefer to do based on what objectives they have, and you can start.

You can complete the objective before or after you find the Orokin Vault but it is best to explore as much as you can so you can find it as soon as possible.

Once you find the door to an Orokin Vault, approach it and you will see what Dragon Key is needed to open it. (You may interact with the door to open it if you have the right key)

A glowing artifact in the mission

With the vault door opened, you will now be able to head inside and will see a glowing artifact inside of the room.

Approach the artifact and you will be able to collect it, which will cause enemies to appear in the area shortly.

After obtaining the artifact, continue with the mission and once you extract from it, the Corrupted Mod will be shown in the mission summary.

List of All Corrupted Mods

There are a total of 24 different Corrupted Mods that can be obtained from the Orokin Vaults and each of them provide certain stat bonuses and reductions.

The following are all the Corrupted Mods (Max Ranked) that can be obtained from Orokin Vaults:

Warframe Corrupted Mods

1) Blind Rage

Increases Ability Strength by 99% but decreases Ability Efficiency by 55%, increasing potency of your abilities resulting.

This provides stronger effects or increased damage but will increase the amount of energy that will be consumed upon casting.

With this boost to ability strength, you can deal a large amount of damage or make use of an effect to a higher extent.

2) Catalyzing Shields

Reduces your Warframe’s Max Shield Capacity down (x0.20) but increases its Full Shield Gate immunity duration by 1.33 seconds.

This increases your Max Shield Capacity, providing you with more protection against damage and gives you a longer duration of Shield Gating.

Shield Gating is an effect that prevents extra damage from leaking into your health pool after your shields have been depleted.

3) Fleeting Expertise

Fleeting Expertise increases your Ability Efficiency by 60% but also reduces your Ability Duration by 60%, sacrificing duration for less energy consumption.

This allows you to cast a Warframe’s abilities more since it won’t cost as much but may have an impact on abilities that are meant to last in a fight.

Abilities that have instant effects that don’t need to stay on the battlefield longer benefit a lot from Fleeting Expertise.

4) Narrow Minded

Narrow Minded increases your Warframe’s Ability Duration by 99% but reduces its Ability Range by 66%, taking a toll on the distance or radius of certain abilities.

The duration of abilities is greatly increased, making this perfect for abilities that need to last longer or provide buffs with a longer active duration.

The reduced Ability Range can be made up for using other mods, making this one of the easier Corrupted Mods to balance.

5) Overextended

This Corrupted Mod provides you with a 90% increase in your Ability Range but reduces your Ability Strength by 60% when equipped.

The increase in Ability Range is perfect for abilities that need to reach enemies that are distant or cover areas within a larger radius.

While 60% Ability Strength can sometimes seem to be a huge loss, certain abilities rely more on Ability Range to have better effects in a mission.

6) Transient Fortitude

Transient Fortitude increases your Warframe’s Ability Strength by 55% and reduces your Ability Duration by an acceptable 27.5% when equipped.

The small amount of Ability Duration that is sacrificed for a decent portion of Ability Strength makes this one of the more efficient Corrupted Mods you can use.

Using certain mods that increase Ability Duration can easily make up for what this mod reduces, which makes it builds that require more Ability Strength.

Primary Weapon Mods

7) Critical Delay (Rifle)

Critical Delay increases the Critical Chance of your weapon by 200% but reduces its Fire Rate by 20%, sacrificing how quickly you can shoot for more critical hits.

This is best suited for weapons that already have a decent amount of Critical Chance but can also efficiently boost it for other weapons.

The small reduction in Fire Rate is acceptable for the insane increase in Critical Chance since there are mods that can counter the reduction.

8) Heavy Caliber (Rifle)

Boosting weapon damage by 165% at the cost of 55% accuracy, Heavy Caliber is an essential mod for Primary Weapons.

While having your accuracy reduced may cause issues at shooting enemies from afar, this is something players can get used to.

The additional damage makes weapons capable of dealing a lot of damage to tougher enemies and helps a lot in boss fights.

9) Tainted Mag (Rifle)

For weapons that could use even more ammo in their magazine, Tainted Mag is a Corrupted Mod that can be useful as it increases Magazine Capacity by 66%

Reload Speed, however, is reduced by 33% but this is something that can be acceptable if you have even more rounds to fire from your weapon.

While not essential, this can help you out by providing you with more ammo to shoot before having to reload again. (This cannot be used with Shotguns)

10) Vile Acceleration (Rifle)

This Corrupted Mod increases your Fire Rate by 90%, which is doubled for Bows but there is also a 15% reduction in your weapon’s damage output.

While having your damage reduced by a small portion may seem troublesome, the ability to fire quicker can improve the amount of damage you deal over time.

This becomes useful when you need to shred enemies quickly with several projectiles and have enough ammo to sustain fire on a target.

11) Vile Precision (Rifle)

If you are willing to sacrifice the Fire Rate of a weapon for better accuracy, Vile Precision is one of the Corrupted Mods that will suit you.

This reduces the recoil of your weapon by 60%, making it easier for you to continuously fire at an enemy without your aim getting ruined by its recoil.

Weapons that have a high rate of fire and a lot of ammunition will often be able to make use of this mode, especially if you are targeting weak spots.

12) Burdened Magazine (Shotgun)

Burdened Magazine is like Tainted Mag but instead of being used on Rifles, this Corrupted Mod is for Shotguns only.

By increasing the amount of shots you have per magazine you can deal a lot of damage before reloading or running out of a fight.

Some Shotguns may have more ammo than others, making Burdened Magazine perfect for them in such cases.

13) Critical Deceleration (Shotgun)

Critical Deceleration mod

Shotgun users who favor dealing critical damage with their weapons will love Critical Deceleration as it provides your weapon with 200% increased Critical Chance.

This has a downside of having your weapon’s Fire Rate reduced by 20% but you can easily make up for the reduction with other mods such as Shotgun Barrage.

With a better chance to deal critical hits, your Shotgun will most likely be able to kill enemies with fewer hits if not take them down with a single blast.

14) Frail Momentum (Shotgun)

Frail Momentum is a Corrupted Mod for Shotguns that increases their Fire Rate by 90% but reduces the amount of damage they deal by 15%, which is not that bad.

Gaining a large increase in fire rate makes up for the small amount of decreased damage since you can deal more damage over time.

The more damage you can deal in a smaller amount of time can make a huge difference in the fight and this becomes even more effective when combined with other Fire Rate mods.

15) Tainted Shell (Shotgun)

Tainted Shell is a Corrupted Mod for Shotguns that reduces the spread by 77% while also reducing their rate of fire by 55%.

Reducing the spread will make the bullets or projectiles you fire less scattered and hit where you aim more accurately, which can result in enemies getting hit by more projectiles.

This becomes quite useful when targeting certain enemies or their weak spots to make sure they take as much damage as possible.

16) Vicious Spread (Shotgun)

If you like shooting enemies with a Shotgun at point blank range, Vicious Spread can be one of the best Shotgun mods for you.

This Corrupted Mod increases a Shotgun’s damage by 90% but the drawback is that it increases the spread, which scatters its projectiles more when fired.

The only thing you need to adjust to is the increased spread, which won’t matter that much if you often fire at enemies that are close to you.

17) Depleted Reload (Sniper)

Depleted Reload mod

When it comes to Sniper Rifles, reloading quickly is sometimes crucial during a fight, which is where Depleted Reload comes in handy.

A Sniper equipped with his Corrupted Mod will have its Magazine Capacity reduced by 60% but this also increases its reload speed by 48%.

This can be useful for Sniper Rifles that need to be reloaded quickly and is mostly a top choice for Vectis or Vectis Prime. (It is still good for Sniper with ammo to spare)

Secondary Weapon Corrupted Mods

18) Anemic Agility (Pistol)

Different variations of Pistols can use Anemic Agility to increase their Fire Rate by 90% but this also reduces their damage by 15% when equipped.

Increasing the fire rate at the cost of damage can come in handy in certain cases if the weapon can fit well with the mode.

Weapons that have slow fire rates, but high damage can greatly benefit from this mod since the damage since this will improve your damage per second.

19) Creeping Bullseye

Some Pistols can deal a great deal of damage if they are built with Creeping Bullseye as this increases a weapon’s Critical Chance by 200%

The weapon will have its Fire Rate reduced by 20% but this is still acceptable, considering mods and even Arcanes can make up for this.

This becomes effective with Pistols that have a decent base Critical Chance as you can get an insane increase with Creeping Bullseye.

20) Hollow Point

Equipping Hollow Point on a Pistol will increase its Critical Damage by 60% although it does reduce the weapon’s base damage by 15% in return.

With a large increase in critical damage, the low reduction of damage becomes merely nothing as long as the critical hits keep coming.

This works well with Pistols that have a high base Critical Chance and goes perfectly with builds that focus on Critical Damage.

21) Magnum Force

Being one of the more essential mods for Pistols, Magnum Force increases a Pistols damage by 165% but causes a 55% reduction to accuracy.

Having a huge increase in damage for the cost of a moderate amount of accuracy may affect your ability to target enemies from afar but isn’t an issue if you get a bit closer to your targets.

This works well with very accurate weapons or weapons that have burst or automatic firing modes as they can unleash several shots which can always hit enemies at closer ranges.

22) Tainted Clip

Tainted Clip is like the other Corrupted Mods that increase Magazine Capacity but is meant specifically for Pistols.

It increases the Magazine Capacity of a Pistol by 60% but also reduces its reload speed by 30% when equipped on a Pistol.

This is perfect for Pistols that could use more ammo and can save you in certain situations where it’s best to fire more to take enemies down before you must reload.

Melee Weapon Corrupted Mods

23) Spoiled Strike

The Spoiled Strike Corrupted Mod increases the damage of Melee weapons by 100% but reduces the attack speed by 20% when equipped.

Being able to deal more based damage can be a big bonus for weapons, especially if you get critical hits in with your attacks.

Melee builds with Spoiled Strike tend to deal more damage, making it easier for you to take out enemies with each swing.

24) Corrupt Charge

Having a high Combo Counter at the start of a fight can be extremely useful, especially when it comes to certain builds.

This Corrupted Mod increases your initial Combo Counter by 30 but also reduces the Combo Duration by 50%, which makes losing your combo more frequent.

The Combo Duration reduction can be countered with certain mods and those who have Naramon equipped will be able to avoid completely losing their Combo Counter.

Mixing Corrupted Mods

Corrupted mods are used to increase a certain Warframe or weapons stat at the cost of another and these can often be mixed and matched.

Certain builds can include Corrupted Mods to further increase a stat as they sometimes can be stacked with other mods to get better outcomes.

Having multiple mods and corrupted mods can complement each other giving you potentially powerful and strategic builds that work best with certain weapons or Warframes.

Having a corrupted mod may cause you a negative stat in one area but you can either leave it as it is or combine it with another mod or corrupted mod to make up for it or balance it.

Some negative stats can be useful for Warframes as they tend to alter the abilities in certain ways such as Overextended being used with Nova to make Molecular Prime speed enemies up.


Corrupted mods are hard to get at times since the rewards for opening Orokin vaults are chosen randomly and it may take some time before you get the mod you are searching for.

Focusing on certain stats can cause other lower stats in certain areas which can be countered by normal mods or more corrupted mods.

Playing around with mods and corrupted mods can lead you to the discovery of brand new builds depending on your playstyle.

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