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Wukong Warframe

Wukong is primal trickster resembling the legendary Monkey King and uses his wits and brutish yet elegant attacks to cause massive damage to enemies with melee attacks and his trickster abilities.

He is a very adept warrior capable of surviving mass waves of enemies while dealing devastating amounts of damage against enemies with his powerful melee attacks.

How to Get Wukong?



Wukong must be researched in the Tenno Research Lab at the dojo before being able to have his blueprints replicated for crafting.

HE may also be purchased inside the orbiter via the Ingame market for 275 Platinum.

Wukong Prime

Wukong Prime

Wukong Prime is the prime variant of Wukong who has increased shields, armor, energy and sprint speed.

Relics that contain Wukong Prime:

  • Blueprint: Vaulted: None  Available: Lith W1
  • Neuroptics: Vaulted: None  Available: Axi G2
  • Chassis:  Vaulted: None  Available: Neo S12
  • Systems: Vaulted: None  Available: Meso K2


Wukongs Abilities

(Wukongs Abilities)

Wukong has the ability to summon a clone to deal damage to his enemies, Shapeshift into a misty cloud to escape or stun his enemies, defy death itself by unleashing damage done to him against his enemies and summoning his mighty staff to devastate all the enemies that dare fight him.

Wukong has a unique passive ability that causes him to use one of his survival techniques when he takes fatal damage. Each may be used only 3 times per mission and has a chance to use the following:

  • Primal Forces – Gives triple elemental damage for 60 seconds
  • Heavenly Cloak – Causes Wukong to gain invisibility for 30 seconds
  • Cosmic Armor – Wukong becomes invulnerable for 30 seconds
  • Monkey Luck – Increases loot drops for 60 seconds
  • Sly Alchemy – Orbs picked up become 4x more effective for 60 seconds

1) Celestial Twin

Wukong Celestial Twin

Wukong creates a clone that has boosted damage and health which fights alongside him, engaging enemies and becoming in sync with some of Wukong’s abilities.

Some of Wukong’s abilities will be affect the celestial twin, giving you several opportunities to make use of them with additional benefits that can change the tides of battle.

Wukong’s splitting into two, creating his celestial twin

(Wukong’s splitting into two, creating his celestial twin)

Wukong has a quick cast animation when summoning his twin, splitting himself into two beings.

This allows you to deal additional damage via attacks from you and the celestial twin along with more survivability as the celestial twin will also be targeted by enemies allowing you to be less focused on by enemies.


(Wukong’s Celestial twin rushing towards an enemy)

While targeting an enemy, holding down the ability while targeting an enemy will cause the celestial twin to attack the targeted enemy and deal additional damage to it.

Using this will allow you to take down specific targets or cause a distraction allowing you to take advantage after the clone rushes in or take an enemy that can damage you from afar allowing you to focus on other groups.

Holding down the ability without a target will unsummon the celestial twin.


Augment Mod: Celestial Stomp causes the celestial twin to perform a slam attack that suspends enemies in the air at the cost of energy.

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2) Cloud Walker

Wukong Cloud Walker

Cloud Walker allows Wukong to change into a misty cloud form and move freely around in either direction and reaching different heights.

During the time he spends in this form, the distance traveled will add up to an amount that will heal him meaning the further he travels, the more health he regenerates.

This becomes very useful for escaping dangerous situations or initiating a fights, allowing Wukong to get out of trouble or start it.


Enemies that are caught in Wukong’s path while he is in this form will be dazed and unable to do any actions for a period of time.

This creates a good opening when attacking enemies, giving Wukong the advantage of having the first strike and surprising his foes.


(Wukong in Cloud Walker form undetected by laser)

While using Cloud Walker, Wukong can freely move past lasers and will not trigger any alarms in his cloud form.

This is useful when you need to avoid setting off alarms in missions or need to get past defenses that usually have effects when lasers or scans could be triggered.


Wukong’s celestial twin becomes invulnerable while he is in cloud form, allowing the celestial twin to deal damage while giving you the chance to plan your next move.

Upon exiting cloud form, both Wukong and his celestial twin will regenerate health making this great for recovering and setting up combat situations.


Augment Mod: Enveloping Cloud causes allies (including his celestial twin) that come in contact with Wukong during his cloud form to become invisible to enemies for a period of time.

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3) Defy

Wukong Defy

Wukong defies death, channeling his energy causing attacks to deal no harm to him for a period of time as he absorbs the damage and prepares to use it back against his enemies.

This becomes useful for tanking a large amount of damage and using it to clear out a group of enemies.

After the ability has ended, Defy will grant Wukong an amount of extra armor based on the damage he has absorbed.


(Wukong using Defy, absorbing damage from enemies while invulnerable)

When activated, Wukong will go into an animation where he is floating yet you may move freely around allowing you to position yourself while absorbing damage.

This allows Wukong not only to close in for releasing his attack but also gives you the opportunity to reposition yourself when major damage is being received.


(Wukong releasing absorbed damage)

After absorbing damage and the invulnerable period is over, Wukong released all the damage he has absorbed and will deal that back to enemies with a higher multiplier.

This becomes a great advantage and can be used to clear out several amounts of enemies in an area.


(Wukong and his celestial twin absorbing damage from enemies)

When Wukong’s celestial twin is summoned, it will also channel Defy ability in sync with Wukong, absorbing damage as well.


(Wukong and his celestial twin releasing absorbed damage)

After absorbing, the damage from both Wukong and his celestial twin will be released within a radius dealing even more damage than without the celestial twin.

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4) Primal Fury

Wukong Primal Fury

Summons Wukong’s signature exalted weapon, the Iron Staff which he uses to deal devastating damage to enemies with his powerful combos.

This allows Wukong to unleash his inner strength and cause extremely high amounts of damage to enemies along with the staff large range making it easy for Wukong to eliminate enemies in an area with ease.


(Primal Fury being activated in mid-air)

When activated, Wukong will immediately change his weapon to his Iron Staff without any delay, allowing him to instantly use it against his enemies.

The quick switch to his Iron Staff makes it easy to switch from any weapon to his exalted weapon making it easy for him to initiate close quarters combat with Primal Fury.


(Wukong performing a slam attack during his combo)

Wukong will have several combos which he can use which include a powerful slam attack that ends with throwing enemies in the air.

This can be used for crowd control along with dealing damage to an area and allowing Wukong to continuously deal damage to enemies that are unlucky enough to be near him.


(Wukong attacking enemies with Primal Fury activated)

During Primal Fury, Wukong will be dealing extremely high amounts of damage to enemies due to the intense power of his staff which is affected by his ability strength.

This make Wukong a very deadly melee Warframe as he can annihilate enemies quickly due to the damage he can cause.


(Wukong doing a spin attack, hitting enemies from a great distance)

Aside from being a powerful exalted weapon, Wukong’s staff also has good range with its attack and with mods that increase the range of the exalted weapon, Wukong can easily hit all enemies in a large area.


(Wukong and his celestial twin activating Primal Fury)

Wukong’s celestial twin will also be equipped with the Iron Staff allowing both of you to use it for your devastating attacks.

This greatly increase the amount of damage that you and your celestial twin may deal making it easier to dispatch enemies.


(Wukong and his twin killing enemies with Primal Fury activated)

Wukong and his twin can deal excessive damage to enemies with Primal Fury until making this one of his most needed skills, having this ability active most of the time can guarantee massive damage to multiple targets.


Augment Mod: Primal Rage causes Wukong to gain additional critical chance when killing enemies which decrease overtime if no enemies are killed.

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Suggested Builds

Balanced Build


This build ensures Wukong will have survivability and allow him to deal good amounts of damage with his abilities.

He will be able to cast majority of his abilities and keep his Primal Fury ability active for a good duration during missions.

This focuses mainly on giving Wukong ability strength and duration while maintaining efficiency.


(Wukong channeling Defy while preparing to attack with Primal Fury activated)

Strength Build


This build gives Wukong the opportunity of causing immense amounts of damage due to the focused amount of ability strength.

Cloud Walker will heal a larger amount of health after exiting cloud form along Wukong to recover more health to allow him to immediately jump back into a fight.

Defy will deal more damage as it gains a higher multiplier and the armor gained will be greatly increased based on its multiplier as well.

Primal Fury will boost the Iron Staff’s damage greatly as its damage increases based on ability strength allowing Wukong to deal terribly high amounts of damage to enemies.


(Wukong releasing damage after absorbing during Defy)

Primal Fury Build


With this build, Wukong may sustain his Primal Fury ability as well as deal great amounts of damage with it.

This also increases the time that his Defy may be channeled, allowing him to absorb more damage to release greater amounts to enemies when the ability ends.

Cloud Walker will remain active longer allowing him to travel further, healing more and covering more distance during the duration of the ability.


(Wukong killing enemies with Primal Fury activated)



Wukong is a very versatile warrior capable of withstanding long enduring battles and taking the fights up close to his enemies.

He can become very powerful from early to late games depending on his builds and make use of his skills to survive most situations as well as counter enemies when used skillfully.

There are many ways to build Wukong allowing you to make use of his abilities depending on your play style and how you wish to use him.

Wukong is one of the strongest Warframes when it comes to close quarters combat due to his abilities do deal high amounts of damage with his Iron Staff as well as his Defy ability.

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