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Cephalon Simaris/Offerings

There are many syndicates in Warframe which are all opposed or allied to other syndicates but one of them stands out with its own unique way.

Instead of gaining standing for this syndicate, you are required to scan enemies to help with research on different units or objects within Warframe.

Interacting with this syndicate gives you the benefits of not only unlocking the Simulacrum but also allows you to purchase other items that may help you with your missions or please your interests.

Like most syndicates there is a daily limit to obtaining standing but most of us don’t even reach it because doing scans and tasks for Cephalon Simaris can be tiring and time consuming.

If you are having trouble with obtaining standing for Cephalon Simaris, have no worries as this guide will explain the many important details you need to know all about how to get Cephalon Simaris standing as well as the best way to get Cephalon Simaris standing.

Cephalon Simaris

Cephalon Simaris

Cephalon Simaris is a one of the many Cephalon constructs that exist within Warframe, also known as Irmis, he is a Cephalon who is extremely interested in the purpose of completing his research.

He resides within the Sanctuary where you may find him inside surrounded by all the data and can interact with him as well as his offerings where you can purchase several items from him.

This Cephalon focuses all of his time on researching on other beings and displays a huge interest all the time in gathering information on enemies and more.

Simaris is also in charge of the Onslaught missions where you kill enemies to progress earning rewards in the name of “research”.

How To Get Cephalon Simaris?


To go to Cephalon Simaris, start by heading to a planet in the Star Chart that has a relay that is not destroyed and can be entered.

Select the relay and proceed as if selecting a mission, this will take you to the selected relay.


Once the countdown from selecting the mission finishes you will find yourself in the relay that you have chosen based on which planet you were looking at in the Star Chart.


Open up your menu and select “Fast Travel” and select Cephalon Simaris to quickly navigate to the area where he can be found and interacted with.


You will then find yourself in the Sanctuary where you may now talk to Cephalon Simaris or purchase offerings for standing at the side of the room.

Cephalon Simaris Standing

Cephalon Simaris Standing

Standing for Cephalon Simaris is a unique standing that is neutral to all other syndicates.

This means gaining standing for Cephalon Simaris will not cause other syndicates to be impacted negatively when gaining any standing for this syndicate.

Unlike other syndicates though, Cephalon Simaris standing is gained by means of scanning enemies rather than doing missions or killing enemies.

To gain standing for Cephalon Simaris, you are either supposed to carry out scans on specific targets or randomly scan enemies during missions which will gain the standing for completing the targets scanning or per enemy that has been scanned randomly.

In order to carry out the said scanning of enemies, you will require a Synthesis Scanner which can be bought from Cephalon Simaris and used for scans while using up a charge or unit per scan.

Later on you have the option to upgrade the Synthesis Scanner giving significant bonuses as well as being able to make the usage of the Synthesis Scanners to be unlimited.



Cephalon Simaris offers many in his “Offerings” menu which can be purchased with standing that has been earned by completing scanning targets or random enemies during missions.

There are many items that may benefit you with such as mods, upgrades, Warframe blueprints and much more.

Back then if you were able to acquire a Warframe by quests and accidentally deleted it, there would be no other way to acquire it but now you can since Cephalon Simaris now has them in his offerings.

The current offerings that may be traded for Cephalon Simaris standing are:


Synthesis Scanner


5,000 (Credits)

Kinetic Siphon Trap


5,000 (Credits)

Cephalon Simaris Sigil



Madurai Transmute Core



Vazarin Transmute Core



Naramon Transmute Core



Data-Parse Widget

Cross-Matrix WidgetUpgrade


Sol-Battery Widget


Vector-Thread Widget



Detect VulnerabilityMod









Energy Generator

Energy ConversionMod


Health Conversion

Astral AutopsyMod


Simulacrum Access Key

Simaris Helios SkinSkin


Simulor Blueprint

Heliocor BlueprintWeapon


Exilus Adapter Blueprint

Color Key SceneCaptura Scene


Orokin Derelict Plaza Scene

Captura Scene100,000
Sanctuary Conduit SceneCaptura Scene


Orvius Blueprint



Happy Zephyr

Ludoplex Game25,000
Simaris Offerings ConsoleDecoration


Simaris Research Console

Gara BlueprintWarframe Blueprint


Limbo Chassis Blueprint

Warframe Part Blueprint50,000
Limbo NeuropticsBlueprintWarframe Part Blueprint


Limbo SystemsBlueprint

Warframe Part Blueprint50,000
Chroma BlueprintWarframe Blueprint


Chroma Chassis Blueprint

Warframe Part Blueprint50,000
Chroma Neuroptics BlueprintWarframe Part Blueprint


Chroma Systems Blueprint

Warframe Part Blueprint50,000
Mirage Chassis BlueprintWarframe Part Blueprint


Mirage Neuroptics Blueprint

Warframe Part Blueprint50,000
Mirage Systems BlueprintWarframe Part Blueprint


Harrow Blueprint

Warframe Blueprint100,000
Inaros BlueprintWarframe Blueprint


Inaros Chassis Blueprint

Warframe Part Blueprint50,000
InarosNeuroptics BlueprintWarframe Part Blueprint


Inaros Systems Blueprint

Warframe Part Blueprint50,000
Titania BlueprintWarframe Blueprint


Titania ChassisBlueprint

Warframe Part Blueprint50,000
TitaniaNeuroptics BlueprintWarframe Part Blueprint


Titania SystemsBlueprint

Warframe Part Blueprint50,000
Nidus BlueprintWarframe Blueprint


Octavia Blueprint

Warframe Blueprint100,000
Atlas BlueprintWarframe Blueprint


Odonata Blueprint

Archwing Blueprint100,000
Odonata Harness BlueprintArchwing Part Blueprint


Odonata Systems Blueprint

Archwing Part Blueprint50,000
Odonata Wings BlueprintArchwing Part Blueprint


Imperator Blueprint

Archgun Blueprint100,000
Veritux BlueprintArchmelee Blueprint


Revenant Blueprint

Warframe Blueprint100,000
Garuda BlueprintWarframe Blueprint


Mandachord Blueprint

Special Warframe Item


How To Purchase Cephalon Simaris Offerings?


To purchase offerings simply head to side of the room and interact with the blue orb which will allow you to interact by pressing your action button.


Hovering your cursor over items will allow you to view additional information about them along with the price and from here on you may select which item you wish to redeem with standing.


Once you select the item you wish to purchase, you will be brought to a confirmation part of the menu where you will then select purchase to confirm your exchange of standing for the selected item.

After selecting purchase a smaller menu will open where you will once again confirm your purchase.


Once you have confirmed to purchase the item you selected you will be brought back to the offerings menu and see a confirmation message on the screen.

Synthesis Scanner


The Synthesis Scanner is a device similar to the Codex Scanner but is mainly used to scan enemies and objects for the purpose of research for Cephalon Simaris and his sanctuary.

These may be bought in bulk for 5,000 Credits which gives you 25 charges per purchase.

Each time you scan an enemy or object, one charge will be consumed regardless if you have scanned the enemy in a previous mission or not.

Scanning enemies will reward you with Cephalon Simaris standing which can later be used to purchase offerings from Cephalon Simaris which consist of several items such as mods, weapons, scanner upgrades and more.

The Synthesis Scanner may not only be used for scanning, looking through it will allow you to see certain trails, tracks or enemies that are hard to see without the scanner.



To furthermore improve your Synthesis Scanner and make it easier for you in several ways, you have the option of purchasing upgrades for your Synthesis Scanner.

These are available in the offerings menu for standing as well and it is advisable to purchase these in able to effectively farm Cephalon Simaris Standing.

Here are the four Synthesis Scanner upgrades:

1) Data-Parse Widget


The Data-Parse widget allows you to view the weaknesses and resistances of the enemies allowing you to view which damage types are effective and ineffective against enemies.

2) Cross-Matrix Widget


The Cross-Matrix Widget gives a chance for each scan to be able to count as too scans which will give you more amounts of standing as well as double the chance to acquire special items from scans such as those from scanning Kavats or plants during missions.

3) Sol-Battery Widget


The Sol-Battery charger is the most important upgrade you can get and must be purchased first before anything else since it allows you to use the Syntheses Scanner without consuming charges.

Basically you get unlimited synthesis scans which will save you the time from purchasing charges frequently as well as saving Credits.

4) Vector-Thread Widget


The Vector-Thread Widget is the second most important upgrade for your Synthesis Scanner as it greatly reduces the time for scans to finish.

This is very useful as you will not be burdened with following enemies for a long time with your reticle and you will make faster progress by completing scans quickly.

How To Use The Synthesis Scanner?


First of all, you need to make sure that you have a Synthesis Scanner and some charges to be used during missions.

This can be purchased at the Sanctuary for 5,000 Credits for every 25 charges that you want to buy.


Once you have your Synthesis Scanner, be sure to head to the equipment menu select gear to open the gear wheel where you may select which gear you will be using for missions, including the Synthesis Scanner.

Select a blank spot or a slot that has an item that you want to replace with a Synthesis Scanner.


Select the Synthesis Scanner from the items that you have to equip it in your gear wheel which will then allow you to use it during your missions.


Once you have selected the Synthesis Scanner and set it to a certain slot in the gear wheel, you will be able to use it during missions.

This can be done by opening the gear menu during a mission or by pressing the given keyboard shortcut to use that item depending on the slot.


To use a Synthesis Scanner during a mission, select it by opening up the gear wheel and picking it from the menu or press the shortcut that it is set to which will equip it similar to how a weapon will be equipped.

This will cause you to be unarmed and you will seem to walk freely but you may switch back to your weapon anytime by pressing the change weapon button or using a melee attack.


Head to where your enemies are and begin to scan them by first holding down the aim button or key that you have configured, similar to aiming your weapon.

Once you have aimed, follow the target you wish to scan with your reticle and hold down your primary firing button similar to firing your primary or secondary weapon.

Enemies or objects that may be scanned will be highlighted to show you what you may scan during the mission.


Once you successfully do a scan you will see the amount of standing that you gain and the specific enemy will no longer be highlighted.

You may the same type of enemy once per unit that is found on the mission but each can only be scanned once and will no longer be highlighted.

Basically if you scanned a certain Elite Lancer as seen in the image, you will no longer be able to scan him but any other Elite Lancers will still be available to be scanned.

How To Earn Cephalon Simaris Standing?

There are different ways to earn Cephalon Simaris such as canning enemies or synthesis targets which you are free to do whenever you want.

The following will give you more information on such activities that grant you Cephalon Simaris standing.

Scanning Enemies and Objects


During any mission you are undergoing, you may simple equip your Synthesis Scanner and scan any enemies or objects that are highlighted.

Scanning these will give you standing depending on the enemy level and if enemies are scanned in an undetected manner such as being invisible while they are not alerted will yield more standing.

Scanning Synthesis Targets


Cephalon Simaris will be able to give you daily synthesis targets which you will need to scan during missions.

In order to complete this, you must scan one enemy that is targeted across 3 different missions which will give you points every scan along with a final reward of standing and endo when you turn in the task.

You may begin by heading to Cephalon Simaris and talking to him to open up the dialogue where you may find the task and more options when interacting with the Cephalon.


To accept a target simply select “Do You Have Any Targets?” to begin and you will go through the briefing where you will be assigned a target that Cephalon Simaris wants you to scan.


Once you have selected to ask for targets, Cephalon Simaris will give you the details on the target you will be scanning as well as showing the rewards that you will receive upon completion.

Select “I Will Perform This Synthesis” to initiate the task and it will be set as your daily synthesis target.


It is important that you know where to find the target you are going to be scanning and if you do not currently know where to find them you may check the Codex located in your orbiter.

Simply interact with it by pressing your action button to enter its menu.


To search for the enemy, select universe and click on the faction’s selection to view the enemies and their information.


Search for the target that you are tasked to scan by either scrolling or typing its name in the search box so you can view their information.


Once you have selected the type of enemy that you have been tasked to scan, you may check their info to see where they can be located.

If there are many locations, it is best to start with higher levels as they may have a higher chance to spawn in the mission.


Begin by heading to the location where your target may be but take note just because an enemy can spawn on a planet, it doesn’t mean it will so if you can’t find them on a certain planet or mission, you can try the other ones.

Select the mission that has the enemy in it to begin a normal mission with a chance for them to spawn.

It is suggested to pick capture missions as they are the fastest way to do synthesis scans due to the fast completion of the mission.


Begin the mission as you normally would and you may either complete the mission first or hunt the target right away.

We suggest you finish the mission first before searching for the target in order to keep things orderly and progress faster.

At the beginning of the mission make sure that Cephalon Simaris says that there is a target in the location and if he doesn’t talk to you during the mission then that means the enemy is not going to spawn there.


You may search for the synthesis target during the mission by either roaming the map and searching for them or following a trail that shows up when you are looking through your scanner.

When holding down the aim button, the scanner will reveal what appears to be a trail that resembles data as shown in most of the sanctuary and the way it looks.

You may follow this trail to find the synthesis target or simply run around looking for them during or after completing the mission objectives.


When you are near the synthesis target, Cephalon Simaris will contact you and let you know and the enemy will also be marked by a waypoint.

Follow the enemy and close the distance between the two of you to proceed to scan it.


If you had used a Kinetic Siphon Trap before, you will know these can aid you by temporarily suspending a synthesis target in the air.

This may also be equipped in your gear menu via placing it in a gear slot which will allow you to place it during the mission.

Simply select it during the mission or press its shortcut to deploy one and any nearby synthesis target will be suspended.

This is recommended as you will be scanning certain points on them which requires accuracy and due to this it is best to use the Kinetic Siphon Trap in order to carefully target those points.


Once suspended, use your Synthesis Scanner to be able to view the points and scan these one by one in order to completely scan the synthesis target.


You will be shown the remaining number of times you need to scan the enemy after the scan is complete.


Upon completion of the scan you will be awarded an amount of standing and may from then on complete the mission by finished the objective if not finished yet or heading to the extraction.


Upon extraction, you may see the amount of standing that you have acquired from the scan during the mission.

You must repeat this as many times required and each time you successfully do the scan you will receive a decent amount of standing.


Once you have completed the scans you may head back to Cephalon Simaris to turn in the task and finish it in order to receive the bonus rewards upon completion.

Select “I Have Completed The Synthesis” in order to turn in your task.


After turning in the task you will receive the reward you were first offered when you were first accepting the task.

Fastest Way To Get Cephalon Simaris Standing

Many people have a hard time farming Cephalon Simaris standing and this is because they do not necessary know the best methods for doing such things.

Instead of repeatedly doing missions and trying to farm a lot of standing by scanning enemies over and over during missions which could take hours to finish, we have a way to complete and gain max daily standing with possibly a single run.

Stealth Scan


If you are not familiar with stealth scans, then this is something that should interest you greatly.

Doing a scan on an enemy that is not alerted while you are undetected will give you more standing for every scan you do.

The best way to farm Cephalon Simaris standing is to use a stealth Warframe, one suggested to have an ability that renders them invisible and use the scanner to do stealth scans.


Begin by selecting an exterminate mission, higher levels may provide a slightly higher amount of standing.


When the mission begins, start by making yourself invisible and move throughout the area scanning enemies to gain the stealth scan bonuses when you scan.

It is recommended to scan all enemies then eliminate them after to spawn in more before clearing the current batch.

Remaining invisible majority of the time is the key to success when focusing on doing stealth scans.

Having the Sol-Battery and Cross-Matrix Widgets will ensure a better experience as Sol-Battery will allow you unlimited scans while Cross-Matrix will give a chance to give two scans for a single enemy.


In a single mission you will be able to fully fill up your daily standing by simply doing one mission and stealth scanning all enemies.

This is the fastest way to get Cephalon Simaris standing and you may easily do this once a day to fill up your Cephalon Simaris standing.



There are several players who have trouble farming Cephalon Simaris standing but by following this guide you will easily do this and you won’t have to take so much time.

You may do whichever comes easier for you but in the end the important thing is hitting that daily standing, especially if you need to purchase a lot of things from the offerings.

Stealth scans can easily fill up your daily standing for Cephalon Simaris and will definitely save you a lot of time from repeating missions and trying to scan so many things before hitting your mark.

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