Warframe Banshee Build 2024 Guide


Banshee is Warframe and got her name based on her skills and their resemblance to that name, using sound as her power to defeat her enemies.

She is both great for supporting allies and for dealing damage herself as her skills enable the user to have different playstyles using her abilities.

How to Get Banshee?



Banshee must be researched in the Tenno Research Lab at the Dojo before being able to have her blueprints replicated for crafting.

She may also be purchased from the Ingame market on the orbiter for 225 Platinum.

Banshee Prime


Banshee Prime is the prime variant of Banshee and has an increase in base armor and energy.

Relics that contain Banshee Prime:

  • Blueprint: Vaulted: Meso T2, Neo H1, Neo N7, Neo T1, Neo V7, Axi C4, Axi K3 Available: None
  • Neuroptics: Vaulted: Lith B5, Lith V5, Meso S4, Neo K2, Neo S7  Available: None
  • Chassis: Vaulted: Meso B2, Neo B1, Neo B2  Available: None
  • Systems: Vaulted: Neo B4, Neo B5, Axi B1, Axi B2  Available: None



Banshee has the ability to blast enemies away with a gust of sound, track enemies using sound waves, manipulate the surrounding sound in an area to mask her presence and emit earth shaking pulses.

Her passive ability suppressor, causes her weapons to unheard by enemies allowing her to have a stealthy approach.

Sonic Boom


Banshee creates a wave with such force that it blows enemies away disable them for a short time while they get back up.

This works well when Banshee is cornered, outnumbered or needs to get rid of a few enemies.

Sonic Boom can be utilized to displace enemies and even force them off the map or into pits that will lead them to their death.

(In the below image you can see Banshee using Sonic Boom)



Augment Mod: Sonic Fracture causes enemies to have reduced armor for a certain duration.



Sonar causes enemies to be visible on the map and also places weak spots on them that will cause critical hits to be multiplied for an even higher amount of damage.

This can be used to figure out where enemies are located, where they are coming from and where they are going.

Banshee can use this to determine spawn areas of enemies and utilize this to her advantage when farming on missions with a team.

Sonar can cause extremely high amounts of critical damage which all players may benefit from when attacking enemies with weak spots.

(In the below image you can see Banshee casting the Sonar ability)



Augment Mod: Resonance causes enemies that are killed via weak spots to cause other enemies to have weak spots revealed allowing Sonar to spread to several.



Silence causes enemies to be stunned and will reduce their vision allowing with disabling them from detecting where you are based on the sounds that would alert them.

This ability is great for crowd control and can also be utilized for a stealthy approach in missions.

(In the below image you can see Banshee casting Silence)



Augment Mod: Causes finishers such as stealth attacks and attacking stunned enemies to deal 300% additional damage.

Sound Quake


Banshee sends sound waves into the ground damaging enemies in the area around her.

Sound Quake will cause enemies to stagger every few seconds which damages them and give others the opportunity to attack.

Using Resonating Quake, Banshee can deal large amount of area damage without the need to channel the ability.

This ability can be extremely useful for clearing out several enemies scattered in a large area.

(In the below image you can see Banshee using Sound Quake)



Augment Mod: Resonating Quake allows Banshee to send out a pulse that expands outward dealing 20x more damage instead of channeling the ability.

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Suggested Builds

Resonating Quake Strength Build


The Resonating Quake Strength build focuses on using Sound Quake to deal massive damage to enemies within a decent radius.

This build goes well and deals a lot of damage to nearby enemies suitable for those who like to cast the ability from a short to medium distance and suits maps with several passageways or maps that are small in size.

Using this build can easily clear small rooms or areas easily due to the large damage output of the ability.

Sonic Boom will push enemies further back and deal more than its intended damage while Sonar and Silence cover a decent area but with less duration provided.


(Banshee using Sound Quake at close range)

Resonating Quake Balanced Build


This is a more balance build when focusing on using Sound Quake, allowing it to reach further but deal less damage.

In exchange for dealing less damage, casting Sound Quake with this build will cost significantly less and go further than in the previous build.

Due to the high efficiency, abilities will cost less energy allow more casting of abilities, especially Sound Quake.

This allows the ability to cover larger areas as well as eliminate targets from medium to high distances from Banshee.

Sonic Boom, Sonar and Silence will have the same duration but with Sonar having a little less critical multiplier bonus.


(Banshee using Sound Quake at a fairly far distance)

Resonating Quake Range Build


Having less damage than the previous builds, this build allows Sound Quake to cover a very large distance and even hit targets that the player is unaware of.

This can be used to easily clear lower level missions and even to do solo interception missions due to the damage and distance of the attack.

As a result, Sonic Boom, Sonar and Silence will have a large increase in range and although the duration on Sonar and Silence are low, the distance they affect enemies makes up for it.


(Banshee hitting enemies extremely far away with Sound Quake)

Resonance Strength Build


The resonance build makes use of using Sonar along with the Resonance mod allowing the ability to spread towards other enemies when they are killed by getting hit in their weak spot.

This build offers a very high critical multiplier along with a decent duration for the ability to last long enough to spread to other enemies.

A downside of the build is that it costs more energy to cast in exchange for insanely high amounts of critical damage.

The range of the ability is moderate and suits melee to close range weapon combat.

This goes great for increasing damage done by both Banshee and her allies.


Resonance Balanced Build


The Resonance Balanced build is similar to the previous build with the exception of having less ability strength in exchange for more range and less energy cost.

This build allows you to freely cast most of your abilities with good range and decent ability strength to go with it with the bonus of having Resonance for Sonar.

The main focus of this build is to allow you to use Sonar repeatedly with good range to affect multiple enemies when it is cast or spread by other enemies.

As a bonus, all of Banshee’s other skills we be balanced in terms of ability strength, range, duration and efficiency.

This build works well for using Sonar to deal with melee to distant enemies allowing it to reach and spread much easier.


Resonance Range Build


Similar to the previous builds that focus on the use of Sonar with the Resonance mod to add a bonus to it, this build focuses more on range while still giving decent ability strength.

This allows Banshee to affect several enemies at very long ranges with the ability as well as cause the spread of the ability to reach further as well.

Using this build can reveal almost all the enemies on the map and will be beneficial for all weapons of different ranges, even sniper rifles.

This allows Banshee or other players to even snipe enemies from afar giving them the tactical advantage as well as deal huge amounts of damage from very far away, not even giving the enemy chance to approach.

As a result, all of Banshees abilities will greatly be improved by range and will have a good amount of ability strength while retaining normal energy costs.


(Banshee sniping an enemy affected by Sonar)



Banshee is a frame good for supporting allies and dealing high amounts of damage.

Whether supporting herself or the team, Banshee can hold her own especially with her crowd control based skills and the capability of dealing high damage with them.

Banshee is one of the best Warframes used for clearing enemies on maps efficiently.

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