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Rhino is a tank, support and damage dealing Warframe, getting his name from his ability to endure attacks and charge into the field of battle causing destruction.

He is greatly known and used for his durability and his capability of not only dealing damage alone but also boosting the damage of his allies along with the crowd control that he can provide.

How to Get Rhino?



You may obtain Rhino’s parts as a reward after defeating Jackal from the Fossa mission on Venus.

His blueprint may be purchased from the Ingame market in the orbiter for 35,000 Credits.

Rhino may also be purchased from the market in the orbiter for 375 Platinum.

Rhino Prime


Rhino prime, the prime variant of Rhino, has a higher armor and sprint speed.

Relics that contain Rhino Prime:

Blueprint: Vaulted: Neo R1, Axi R1  Available: None

Neuroptics: Vaulted: Lith B1, Lith B4  Available: None

Chassis: Vaulted: Meso M1, Meso N6  Available: None



Rhino has the ability to charge fiercely into battle and knock enemies with ease, boost his own armor at will, increase the damage output of his allies and stomp with such force that it defies gravity.

His passive ability Heavy Landing will cause a shockwave to be discharged once he lands from a great height or with great speed.

Rhino Charge


Rhino charges forward with great speed, dealing damage to enemies and knocking them away.

Casting Rhino Charge within a small window of time will increase its damage and decrease its cost in energy.

This ability is useful for charging into a fight or escaping a dangerous situation.

(Rhino using Rhino Charge, knocking back an enemy)



Augment Mod: Ironclad Charge causes Rhino Charge to increase Rhino’s armor by 50% for each enemy hit.

Iron Skin


Rhino generates armor that protects by absorbing damage for a certain amount of points dealt to the armor.

The armor prevents Rhino from taking damage and will be reduced when absorbing damage.

This is one of Rhino’s important abilities at it allows him to endure massive amounts of damage and makes him a great tank.

(Rhino enduring damage with Iron Skin activated)



Augment Mod: Iron Shrapnel allow Rhino to detonate his ferrite armor dealing 100% of its health as damage to enemies.



Rhino buffs himself and allies near him with additional damage that affects weapons and abilities.

This is a great ability to have since it buffs everyone and having larger amounts of damage can greatly increase the proficiency of the squad.

(Rhino killing enemies while empowered with Roar)



Augment Mod: Piercing Roar causes enemies in an area around Rhino to suffer from the Puncture status effect, reducing their damage.

Rhino Stomp


Rhino stomps with massive force that it causes enemy to take damage and become suspended in the air for a duration of time.

Casting Rhino charge on suspended enemies will deal double the amount of damage to them.

This ability is great for crowd control as it can be used to disable majority of enemies allowing you and your squad to have a time window where you can attack, retreat or complete objective.

(Enemies suspended in the air due to Rhino Stomp)



Augment Mod: Reinforcing Stomp causes replenishes Iron Skin by 80 per enemy affected by Rhino Stomp.

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Suggested Builds

Power Build


The power build focuses on increasing Rhinos abilities in strength, especially his Roar ability which will greatly increase the damage he and his squad can do to enemies.

This build will cause Rhino Charge and Rhino Stop to deal great amounts of damage as well due to the high ability strength.

Iron Skin will give a huge amount of protection to Rhino which will allow him to endure heavy amounts of damage.

This build is great for buffing the team and for tanking a lot of damage but has a downside of having a slightly higher cost in energy since its main purpose is for Roar.

(Rhino damaging enemies while he and his team are affected by Roar)


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Crowd Control Build


The crowd control build focuses on being able to suspend a large amount of enemies in a big radius using Rhino Stomp while allowing Rhino to still gain a decent benefit from his other abilities.

This build will mostly focus on Rhino Stop disabling enemies but his Roar ability and others will still be useful during missions.

With this build Rhino can disable a large quantity of enemies when situations might need him to deal crowd control or when certain enemies need to be disabled to be teamed up on.

Basically this build is to make use of Rhino Stomp so that Rhino and his allies may attack or escape from enemies.

(Rhino using Rhino Stomp, suspending multiple enemies)


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Balanced Build


The balanced build focuses on Rhino being able to use all of his abilities with a semi-balanced mod set allowing him to use his abilities efficiently.

Rhino should be able to cast all of his abilities frequently during the game or use them at the same time with little need to keep searching for energy.

This build will still provide a decent buff when using Roar and will also be great for crowd control when Rhino stomp is used.

(Shadows of the Dead killing enemies)




Rhino is one of the most iconic Warframes in the game since users have been using him for a long time as he appears to be one of the first tank-like Warframes in the game.

His name suits him due to his capabilities during combat and his appearance, being a large buff Warframe capable of pushing enemies aside with ease and stomping with such force that it breaks gravity.

This Warframe is useful for a wide variety of missions due to his capability to endure a lot of damage and deal large amounts back as well.

Not only can Rhino deal damage and withstand it, he can also buff his team and has abilities that can help them.

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