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Wisp is a ghost-like Warframe, capable of harnessing the power from another dimension to aid herself and allies or to bring death to her enemies.

She is a very unique Warframe having very beneficial buffs that can limitlessly empower the squad she is with as well as powerful abilities to disable her enemies and even kill them within seconds.

How to Get Wisp?



Collecting the blueprint and parts for Wisp can be accomplished by defeating The Ropalolyst on its assassination mission found on Jupiter.

Another way to acquire a fully build Wisp Warframe is to buy her through the Ingame market for 325 Platinum.



Wisp as the ability to create different buffs in an area, shift to another places quickly, disable and cause enemies to cause damage to each other as well as fire a devastating beam with her powers.

Her passive ability is called Phased, which causes her to become invisible when she is not touching the ground by means of jumping, gliding and more.

The effects of her passive ability can be broken by firing ranged primary and secondary weapons however melee damage will not break the invisibility.

Phased does not wear off when she touches the ground but instead she phases back to normal after a quick duration which allows her to remain invisible as long as she repeatedly goes airborne.

1) Reservoirs


Wisp causes an area to buff the squad and herself by summoning a Reservoir filled with Motes.

When entering the area, the players will gain a buff depending on which Reservoir is selected.

The buff will last infinitively and will never end unless the player leaves the buff range of the Reservoir.

Upon leaving the range of the Reservoir, the player will obtain a Mote which will carry out the effects of the buff for a certain duration.

It is possible to use all buffs simultaneously and you are given a limit of 6 Reservoirs active on a mission and summoning an additional Reservoir when the max amount is summoned will replace the earliest one to be summoned.

It is possible to receive one of each Motes upon leaving a Reservoir and its range.

(In the below image you can see Wisp carrying all 3 types of Motes)


This ability is extremely useful for a multitude of missions and definitely increases the chance of success for any squad due to the multiple benefits that the Reservoirs give.

Aside from the buffs, being able to infinitively keep the buff while near the Reservoir makes it essential for any squad you are supporting as well as yourself.

There are 3 different Reservoirs which are the following:

(In the below image you can see Vitality Reservoir summoned)


Vitality: Increases the max health of the Warframe as well as provides it with health regeneration per second.

Upon leaving the Reservoir, you will acquire a Mote that will retain its buff for your Warframe for a short duration.

(In the below image you can see Haste Reservoir summoned)


Haste: Increases both movement and attack speed by a certain percent along with increase the rate of fire of the weapons being used.

Upon leaving the area of effect of the Reservoir the buff will remain when a Haste Mote is acquired for a certain period of time.

(In the below image you can see Shock Reservoir summoned)


Shock: Deals a small amount of electricity damage along with a 100% chance to proc which causes them to be stunned for a short duration.

When leaving the Reservoir, a Mote will be obtained causes a radius around the Warframe to do the said effects of the Shock Reservoir.

2) Will-O-Wisp


Will-O-Wisp causes an illusion to be sent forward that continuously travels to the direction where it was aimed, distracting enemies and drawing them for away from Wisp and her allies.

Wisp can choose to teleport to where the illusion is and take its place immediately, granting her temporary invulnerability.

This ability can be cast in 2 different ways:

Holding the ability down will release the illusion and releasing the ability will cause Wisp to teleport and take its place.

Casting the ability will send the illusion forward and recasting the ability will make Wisp take its place by teleporting.

This ability is useful for drawing enemies fire away from you and your squad, setting up a trap for enemies and going to a spot to gain an advantage and being immune to damage for a certain amount of time.

(In the below image you can see Wisp casting the Will-O-Wisp ability)


3) Breach Surge


Wisp creates a surge from another dimension to cause enemies to be blinded and move around mindlessly for a duration.

Attacking these enemies can cause nearby enemies to receive an amount of damage as well when affected enemies are attacked.

Using this ability will not only provide you and your team with crowd control but it will also be another source of damage to enemies.

This can be cast on enemies for its normal effect, however when aiming at a Reservoir the reticle will change meaning you can cast Breach Surge on the Reservoir, instantly teleporting you to it and casting Breach Surge with double the radius.

Casting Breach Surge during Will-O-Wisp will cause the illusion to cast Breach Surge as well based on its location.

(In the below image you can see Enemies affected by Breach Surge)


4) Sol Gate


Channeling her dimensional powers, Wisp conjures a deadly beam through portal connected to the sun dealing high amounts of heat and radiation damage.

Sol Gate may be aimed and will continue firing in the direction where the user is aiming.

While channeling this ability Wisp will move slightly slower and will be unable to jump.

This ability is great for dealing heavy damage to enemies as well as applying heat and radiation status effects on enemies.

Will-O-Wisp may be cast during Sol Gate to project an illusion forward and pressing the ability again will cause Wisp to teleport to that location allowing easy movement during the ability.

Having Reservoirs nearby or Motes with you will increase the damage of the beam while haste appears to add corrosive damage and status effects to the ability.

(In the below image you can see Wisp channeling Sol Gate)


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Suggested Builds

Balanced Build


This build allows Wisp to cast all of her abilities with little worry about insufficient energy and retaining a strong amount of damage, range and duration to her abilities.

She will be able to cast her abilities without problems and they will all benefit her if the user’s playstyle involves using all of her abilities.

(In the below image you can see Wisp using multiple abilities)


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Power Build


The power build mainly focuses on increasing the damage of dealt by Wisp’s abilities, especially her Sol Gate ability and increase the intensity of the buffs she receives from Reservoirs.

This build is great for dealing large amounts of damage and giving you and your team very high buffs.

(In the below image you can see Wisp with active Motes from Reservoir using Sol Gate on enemies)


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Power Range Build


Retaining the ability strength from the previous build, the Power Range build costs more to cast abilities and a slightly less duration in exchange for having larger range.

This build is mostly used to make the infinite amount of time for buffs have a larger range and is good for when players are defending a spot or move back to the spot often.

With this build Breach Surge may become more effective for crowd control because of its radius.

The distance of Sol Gate greatly increases making it easy to hit enemies extremely far away from your position.

(In the below image you can see Wisp channeling Sol Gate from a far distance)


Power Efficiency Build


Our Power Efficiency build grants users the ability to use their skills with a lower cost of energy and have a high amount of ability strength with their build.

This will allow them to easily cast all of their abilities and to add more to the fun, the cost for both initial casting of Sol Gate and its energy drained while channeling is cheaper.

Buffs still have decent range and a great effect on players making it good for support as well.

Basically this is the Power build with less power but with less energy needed to be consumed.

(In the below image you can see Wisp using multiple instances of her abilities)


Buff Bruiser Build


The buff bruiser build allows you to make use of the buffs as well as deal with enemies in close range.

Making use of the buffs, you will get a large amount of additional health and regeneration and you will also be able to make use of the speed boost.

The Quick Thinking mod will prevent you from dying if your health gets too low, giving you a chance to regenerate which is greatly increased by the Vitality Reservoir.

Primary and secondary weapons also benefit due to the survivability and the fire rate from the Haste Reservoir buff.

This build is great for people that like to take enemies head on, especially players that prefer melee combat.

(In the below image you can see Wisp fighting enemies displaying large health and melee prowess)




Wisp is a very unique Warframe and she can adapt to many situations given her buffs that have many benefits for not only her but her team as well.

Aside from her buffs, she can deal huge amounts of damage while also avoiding taking lethal damage and greatly generating health whenever she suffers a hit.

Having abilities that make her hard to kill such as Will-O-Wisp can ensure safe gameplay as well as an unstoppable vibe when in combat.

People that maneuver a lot in the game along with a lot of bullet jumps will remain hard to kill due to her passive making them less of a target and combined with her other abilities, almost impossible to kill.

With great skill and tactics, Wisp can be one of the most game changing Warframes that can be used for either solo or team missions.

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