Baro Ki’Teer Void Trader Items This Week (Selling Items, Finding His Location, Ducats)

Void Trader Baro Ki’ Teer

There are a lot of different weapons, mods, gear and more in Warframe and we intend of finding or making them in able to increase our arsenal as well as collect what we can to our hearts desire.

However, not all of the items in Warframe are easy to get and sometimes acquiring specific gear seems almost impossible, especially if we have no idea where to acquire them.

Every 2 weeks, the Void Trader Baro Ki’Teer,  a collector of rare items with a hobby of collecting whatever items he can find, especially when related to Orokin origin, visits a relay and stays for 2 days to sell his finding to the Tenno.

Majority of the items sold by Baro Ki’Teer are exclusive and unavailable from any other sources in the game making him a very important source of rare items.

What is Baro Ki’Teer Selling Today? (July 1′ 2022)

This week you can find Baro Ki’Teer in the below mentioned Tenno Relays.

  • Kronia Relay, Saturn (PC)
  • Kronia Relay, Saturn (PSN)
  • Leonov Relay, Europa (XBX)
  • Kuiper Relay, Eris (NSW)

Below are the list of items you can purchase from him this week. The items are collection of Mods, Skins, Weapons, Glyph and much more.

Baro Ki’Teer Items Selling on PC

ItemsDucats RequiredCredits Required
Transmuter Operator Hood450450,000
Nexus Fur Pattern150300,000
Prisma Shade500300,000
Primed Heated Charge350175,000
Shell Shock300150,000
Primed Continuity350100,000
Prisma Arrows35075,000
Prova Vandal410250,000
Quanta Vandal450300,000
Tempo Royale385175,000
Corrupted Bombard Specter Blueprint10050,000
Left Prisma Edo Shoulder Plates10055,000
Right Prisma Edo Shoulder Plates10055,000
Prisma Edo Chest Plate225250,000
Left Prisma Edo Knee Plates10055,000
Right Prisma Edo Knee Plates10055,000
Ki'teer Sekhara400200,000
Ki'teer Earpiece500400,000
Quanta Aufeis Skin300300,000
Cutter Fighter Decoration100100,000
Pedestal Umbra01,000,000
Flak Fighter Decoration100100,000
Deimos Jugulus Prex75100,000
Vome-Fass Glyph8050,000
Empyrean Vignette155200,000
Reshantur Cult Syandana400350,000
Sands of Inaros Blueprint10025,000

Baro Ki’Teer Items Selling on Console Platforms (PlayStation, Xbox, & Nintendo Switch)

ItemsDucats RequiredCredits Required
Prisma Gorgon60050,000
Weaver Fighter Decoration100100,000
Primed Quickdraw375120,000
Primed Tactical Pump300140,000
Prisma Grakata610100,000
Ki'teer Presence01,000,000
Combo Killer300115,000
Xiphos Prisma Skin220400,000
Ki'teer Solo Earpiece250200,000
Ki'teer Syandana500500,000
Ki'teer Sentinel Wings400250,000
3 Day Affinity Booster450200,000
Ki'teer Razza Syandana400350,000
Neo O1 Relic12555,000
Tigris Elixis Skin300275,000
Asra Luxxum Ornament100100,000
Zag Luxxum Ornament100100,000
Ki'teer Ephemera100150,000
Tiberon Elixis Skin315275,000
Primed Fulmination350175,000
Tannukai Shoulder Plates315125,000
Tannukai Chest Plate300150,000
Tannukai Leg Plates275115,000
Sands of Inaros Blueprint10025,000
Fae Path Ephemera151,000
Rhapsody In Blue80100,000

How to Find Baro Ki’Teer Location?Finding Baro Ki’Teer

If you don’t keep track of Baro Ki’Teer and are unaware of when he will arrive you will be able to see his icon whenever he approaches a planet and its relay.

When Baro Ki’Teer has arrived at a relay, you will get a message in your inbox from him saying that he has arrived.


You will see the icon that represents the Void Trader on whichever planet he is on and this will help you track his location so you can go to him at the planet’s relay.

Once you see where his icon is you may head to the planet and find the relay where he is staying.


Once you enter the planet’s menu, select the relay and enter it so you can begin heading your way towards the Void Trader.


Make your way towards the center of the relay to reach Baro Ki’Teer. You will be able to see the map or enlarge it if necessary and head to the center.


Once you find him simply approach him then interact with him to be able to open up his menu which will show you the different items that he is currently selling.


In the Void Trader menu, you will be able to see all the items that Baro Ki’Teer is selling nd may purchase whatever item you want as long as you have the correct amount of credits and Ducats.

Below the items you will see a timer showing how long the Void Trader will be staying and when this timer is gone he leave and won’t be back for another 2 weeks.

Every time Baro Ki’Teer arrives at a relay, the inventory in his menu will change since he sells different things every time he comes to a relay so buying the things you need are important as you might not get to do so.

Sometimes it takes months before Baro Ki’Teer will sell an item that was in his inventory and it is advised to purchase everything you want to avoid the long wait.

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How to Purchase Items From Baro Ki’Teer?GDVTR-8

To purchase an item from the Void Trader, simply click the item you want to proceed to purchase it. Items from the Void Trader are bought with credits and Ducats so you will need to make sure you have the required amount.


Be sure to check that you really want the item as there obviously will be no way to refund it and this way you can check if it is what you really need or want such as checking weapons for stats or the features of the item you wish to purchase.

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There will be a confirmation before the purchase is complete, once you have made up your mind simply click purchase.


Once you have confirmed your purchase, the item will go straight to your inventory and there you have it, a successful purchase from Baro Ki’Teer.

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How to Get Ducats?GDVTR-12

Aside from credits, you will need Ducats to purchase items from Baro Ki’Teer.

If you do not know how to get Ducats, you may simply do this by heading to the same room that the Void Trader is in.


At the sides you will see a Ducat Kiosk, which is used for selling prime parts and blueprints to earn Ducats.

Since prime parts and blueprint are of Orokin design and technology, this interests Baro Ki’Teer and is considered to be the reason why he trades such items for Ducats.

The Ducats are used along with credits to purchase items from the Void Trader and you must have a sufficient amount of both to successfully purchase from him.


To get Ducats you simply open the kiosk and select Prime items to trade.

Each item is sold based on its rarity which is in the price order of 15, 45 and 100 based on the 3 item rarities.


Begin by selecting the Prime items you have to spare, avoid selling any items that are vaulted and hard to obtain.

If you have many Prime items then it is easier for you to earn Ducats, you may begin by selecting the least needed items from your inventory to get rid of them as well as earn Ducats.

Select the items you wish to sell as well as how many of them you want to sell and press the “sell items” button on the bottom right.


A confirmation will appear where you may see how many items you are selling and for how much Ducats it will give you altogether.

Click confirm to finish selling and you will then receive the Ducats.

Be sure to check what you are selling as they will be listed on the right side before you confirm to make sure you don’t sell the wrong item.

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Best Way To Get DucatsGDVTR-17

The fastest way to get Ducats is by selling as many Prime items as you can but sometimes we can’t sell everything as we might need a part later on for crafting or for selling to other people.

The best way to get Ducats is by preparing early on before sell which means you should do Void Fissures to stock up on Prime parts and blueprints to be sold later on.

To efficiently farm Prime items for Ducats be sure to go with a team in order to have a wide selection to choose from since the four of you will be able to choose from each other’s rewards.

If you do not have anyone that you can do Fissure Runs with, you may resort to doing public games to be paired with other players as this is necessary to maximize the profit from doing said missions.

Be sure to choose the rarest item in order to trade it for a larger amount of Ducats later when you go to the relay.

It takes only 30 minutes to 1 hour to farm enough Prime items to give you as many Ducats as you need.

Simply repeat capture, exterminate or rescue missions as these may be completed very quickly and you may repeat this process easily.

Once you have farm enough Prime parts or blueprint you may begin to sell and filter out the items you need from the items you want to sell easily since you will have a wide selection to choose from.


The Void Trader is an excellent source for getting those unique and rare items as you will always be able to find something that is worth the Price.

Be sure to always have a stock of Prime items to sell or have ducats ready for when he returns as you will never know when you might need them.

Most of the Primed mods, Prisma weapons and more can be bought from Baro Ki’Teer as well as boosters, marks to summon bosses that appear in random missions, cosmetics and much more.

Always check the Void Trader when you can because he will have many items you can use to benefit you In-game.

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