Alloy Plate Farm 2024 (Best Locations & Missions): Warframe

Alloy Plate is a common resource that can be obtained in various ways on multiple planets, which is needed for crafting certain equipment.

This resource is often found on Ceres, Jupiter, Phobos, Pluto, Sedna and Venus by killing enemies and opening containers.

Farming Alloy Plate will be necessary if you plan to craft different weapons as well as some of the Warframes in the game.

APF-1“Carbon steel plates used to reinforce Grineer armor”

Alloy Plate is a combination of metals into one mostly used by the Grineer for their types of armor and can be reused for items that the Tenno craft as well.

This resource is often used for the majority of your crafting needs, which includes making Warframes and weapons.

Alloy Plate is often farmed in quantities of 50 to 150 but are dropped often by enemies when they are killed as well as containers when destroyed or opened.


Where to Farm Alloy Plate?APF-3

Alloy Plate is best farmed on Ceres due to the low level of the enemies you face as well as its Dark Sectors that provide a 35% Resource Drop Chance Bonus.

Pluto comes in second as one of the best places to farm Alloy Plate, but the enemies can be more difficult unless you want to get Affinity and other resources.

For beginners, Venus is a good planet for beginners thanks to the low levels that they have but the Resource Drop Chance Bonus of its Dark Sectors is only 10%

Best Alloy Plate Farm Missions

1) Gabii (Ceres)


Gabii is known to be one of the best farming locations for not only Alloy Plate but other resources as well, including Credits.

With a 35% increased Resource Drop Chance, Gabii provides you with a good chance of getting resources when enemies are killed, and this includes Alloy Plate.

The level of the enemies that you encounter will range from level 15 to 25, making this not much of a challenge once you have started upgrading your equipment.

2) Seimeni (Ceres) 

Seimei used to be one of the favorite Credit farming missions for Credits and this is also good for getting Alloy Plate since it is rich on Ceres.

You will be fighting against waves of the Infested in one of two locations, which will often shift in a small area, making it easy for Warframes that have abilities that have good range.

With the enemies being easy to kill, you can easily repeat the mission after 1 or 2 rotations to get a lot of Alloy Plate, Credits and even Void Relics. 

3) Malva (Venus) 

Malva is one of the easier missions where you can farm Alloy Plate as it is a Dark Sector but only has a 10% increase in Resource Drop Chance.

This is not a bad thing though because enemies won’t be much of a threat, making this the best choice for beginners that need the resource.

Surviving several Infested enemies in this mission gives you control over how much resources you can get and once you have had your fill, you can always extract afterward.

Purchasing Alloy Plate

Alloy Plate is purchasable from the in-game Market, which will be received in a bundle of 1,500 for the price of 30 Platinum.

While this is a quick way to get Alloy Plate, it is much better if you farm the resource instead as most players would consider this a waste.


Since Alloy Plates are used for many different blueprints and required to construct a lot of items you will need, it is wise to have a good stock on them.

Eventually, you will be able to obtain Alloy Plate as you go along with the main story but later, increasing your Mastery Rank requires more equipment.

This makes it important to get Alloy Plate later in large quantities for the many kinds of equipment you be crafting and leveling up.


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  1. Just ran gabii with another player for nearly 20mins and only got a little over 600 alloy plates. This guide is bullshit.


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