Alloy Plate Farming 2023 Guide


“Carbon steel plates used to reinforce Grineer armor”

Alloy Plate

This is a combination of metals into one mostly used by the Grineer for their types of armor and can be reused for items that the Tenno craft as well.


Alloy plate can be used for many parts that are needed to be crafted such as Neuroptics, Systems and even Cosmetics.

This can be found on a several planets but only a few offer the best amount that can be farmed per session.

A good supply of Alloy Plate can be useful in the future when needing to craft a multitude of equipment that you will need.

Where to farm Alloy Plate?

It’s easy when it comes to how to farm Alloy Plate, since it can be found on many planets. Choosing the right planet and determining the best place to get Alloy Plate can be very useful, when you find out you are lacking large amount of it.


Alloy Plate are farmable on several planets but since Ceres offers a tighter map along with a Dark Sector mission we prefer this planet above others.

The maps on series are set mainly on Grineer maps and can be used to certain advantages.

Ceres has two missions that give a great supply of Alloy Plate.

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1) Gabii


With a 35% increased resource drop rate, Gabii considered by most the best place to farm Alloy Plate.

Given the fact that we face the Infested on Gabii, we know they are easy to take down and move fast which will provide and easy yet steady flow of enemies.

The Infested do not gain that much armor the longer you stay in missions and one may simply stay for quite a decent amount of time.


Taking on the Infested should be no problem for most players and the quicker you can take them out, the quicker more will come.

Killing them successively and being in a spot where they can quickly reach you will benefit your farming session greatly.

It is wise to farm with a group to increase the amount of enemies which will grant you more Alloy Plate.


A 5-minute session on Gabii should allow you to obtain an average amount of 1000 to 3000 when farming solo.

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2) Draco


For those who prefer to fight against the Grineer themselves, Draco is a good choice since the level is not that high and the enemies will be plentiful.

The map provides a you with lots of areas to camp as well as many loot to obtain through roaming so you can do whichever you please.

When deciding to camp it is better to use Hydroid here and Nekros when roaming.


Camping with Hydroid or roaming around with Nekros should get you a good amount of Alloy Plate when farming on Draco.

Since the enemies are relatively low, you or your squad should not have that much trouble killing the Grineer.

Staying for too long may increase the level and armor of the Grineer so it’s better to stay for 20 minutes then repeat.

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A session lasting 5 minutes can allow you to obtain an average of 500 to 2500 Alloy Plate.


Since Alloy Plate is used for many different blueprints and required to construct a lot of items you will need, it is wise to have a good stock on them to avoid trying to rush farming them later on.

You might not necessarily need to farm so much Alloy Plate as you may accumulate a large amount over the duration of playing most missions you come across.

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  1. Just ran gabii with another player for nearly 20mins and only got a little over 600 alloy plates. This guide is bullshit.


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