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When it comes to Ingame companions, we have many available ones to choose from and each of these are all unique in their own special way.

Kavats are no exception as these feline buddies of ours can be quite a help to use during missions and quite a nuisance to the foes that try to get in our way.

These cute and dangerous companions can be quite exceptional when it comes to certain missions and along with the new update that has given them the ability to gather loot that has dropped, they are ever so more useful.

Although many players may already have Kavats, some people, both old and new still do not know how to get them or even know they exist in the game.

With this guide, you will learn everything you need to know regarding Kavats and why they could be the perfect companion for you during missions.



Kavats are feline creatures that can be found in the missions where they are wild and roam, living off of the infested.

During missions in the Derelict, one may notice Kavats roaming while cloaked, hard to see without a scanner or unless they are uncloaked for a certain reason.

They may be found wandering or fighting infested and other enemies that may be in the Derelict missions.

These Kavats are wild and will attack when provoked by the player or other enemies and usually come in groups of 3 or more in certain areas in the missions.

Kavats encountered in the Derelict missions are known as Feral Kavats and are unique compared to the other ones you may find in different missions as these are the pure and unmodified breeds which hold the key to their breeding.

How To Get Kavats?

Kavat Genetic Code

Kavat Genetic Code

Kavat Genetic Code is a resource Ingame which supposedly contains the genetic code or DNA used to create Kavats.

In order to breed Kavats, you will need to have Kavat Genetic Code which will be used in the breeding process of Kavats.

You will need 10 Kavat Genetic Code in order to breed Kavats so obtaining these will be the first step in getting your little feline companion.

How To Get Kavat Genetic Code?


Unlike most resources that drop from enemies or that can be found in loot containers, Kavat Genetic Code is obtained in a more unique way than most resources.

To obtain Kavat Genetic Code, you must use a scanner which can either be the Codex Scanner or the Synthesis Scanner to scan them.

Scanning a Feral Kavat will give a chance for it to provide you with its Kavat Genetic Code but there is only a chance you will receive the code per scan.

Since the chance to get a Kavat Genetic Code is not guaranteed all the time, grinding mission in the Derelict becomes necessary in order to farm for the codes.

Where To Get Kavat Genetic Code?

Feral Kavats only reside in Deimos missions and any other Kavats do not count for giving Kavat Genetic Code.

Once exception would be the Kavats in the “Sands of Inaros” quest but due to most players being unaware of the need to scan them most of the time, this becomes less important if they finished the quest.

Farming for Kavat Genetic Code can be done in the Derelict missions and they can be done repeatedly until you get the amount of Kavat Genetic Code that you need for breeding.

The easiest way to get Kavats would be to find a mission that did not have so many distractions as you will need to find the Kavats since they will not only be wandering but most of the time they will be cloaked.

To avoid accidentally killing them by engaging so many enemies or being under constant enemy pressure during missions, choosing exterminate or capture missions will be the best way to get the Kavat Genetic Codes.

Deimos is currently the best choice when it comes to a popular Kavat Location.

Finding And Scanning Kavats



Begin by making sure that you have a scanner ready in your gear which you will need to find and scan the Kavats for their Kavat Genetic Code.

Using a synthesis scanner with widgets may prove useful since these may make the scanning process easier and more efficient in ways of scanning faster, having unlimited scans and double scanning.

For more information about the synthesis scanner and its widgets check here

Be sure you have a scanner or you will not be able to obtain the Kavat Genetic Code from scanning the Kavats in the mission you are about to partake.

Selecting a Mission


Begin by selecting a mission you would like to do in order to encounter the Kavats that are hiding within them.

Selecting a mission that you are comfortable with is clearly your choice but picking missions that allow you to safely roam before, after or during the objectives can make the task of obtaining Kavat Genetic code much easier.

Choosing a capture or exterminate mission is advised due to the opportunity of roaming the mission freely with little interference, allowing you to safely search for the Kavats with little to no conflict.

Deimos is currently the best Kavat Genetic Code location you can find Kavats in.

Scanning Kavats


Begin by selecting a mission in so you may encounter the Feral Kavats in the mission.

Suggested missions for quick runs would be exterminate or capture due to the easiness of their completion as well as the freedom to roam without a lot of nuisances during the mission.

Proceed with completing the mission but be cautious as you might run into the Feral Kavats without noticing them.


Every now and then equip your Codex Scanner or Synthesis Scanner to check if there are Feral Kavats as they may appear invisible at certain times and will not be easy to spot.

If there is a Feral Kavat it will be highlighted when viewing with the scanner that you are using.

Kavats will normally ignore you and continue wandering or fighting enemies unless you attack them or attempt to scan them.

Once you locate the Feral Kavats you may scan them, but beware of the fact that once you scan a Feral Kavat, the scanned Feral Kavat and other nearby ones will become aggressive towards you and attack.


Once you have scanned a Kavat, all the Kavats in the area will attack you and this can make things hard as scanning needs time and you need to keep your reticle on the Kavat in order for the scan to be successful.

Using Warframes that can disable or stun the Kavats without doing too much damage can greatly quicken and make the process of scanning Kavats easy.

Some of these would include the following Warframes and the abilities they may use for making Kavats easier to scan:

After scanning a Feral Kavat you will know by seeing the acquired Kavat Genetic Code displayed on the bottom part of your screen or checking your mission summary.

You will receive the Kavat Genetic Code upon completion of the mission and it will be stored in your inventory for later use when you wish to breed Kavats.

Breeding Kavats


To begin breeding a Kavat head to the incubator located in your orbiter and interact with it to open up the menu.

In the menu, select “Kavat Breeding” and this will bring you to the menu where Kavats can be bred, as there is another breeding meant for Kubrow, make sure you select “Kavat Breeding” if you plan on breeding a Kavat.

Once you have selected “Kavat Breeding”, check if you have all the requirements in order to breed the Kavat.


Once you have all the requirements and you are ready to breed a Kavat, select the “Begin Incubation” option at the bottom of the breeding guide.

You will have to have a Kavat incubator upgrade segment before you will be able to start breeding Kavats.

The Kavat Incubator Upgrade Segment can be replicated in the dojo or obtained by Hyekka Masters as a drop.

From here you may choose if you wish to do a random incubation if it is your first time breeding a Kavat which will give you a random Kavat.

If you wish to create a specific Kavat you may choose to place Kavat imprints if you have purchased them from another player or borrowed from another player.

Select “Begin A Random Incubation” to begin to be brought to the final confirmation.

Select “Yes” when prompted during the confirmation of breeding a random incubation and the Kavat will begin breeding.

You will need to wait for the Kavat to breed but can rush this process with platinum.


After your Kavat is done breeding you may level it up just like any other companion as well as equip it with mods.

You will either get a Smeeta Kavat or an Adarza Kavat by random chance after the incubation has finished.

Players can come up with Kavat names to give these companions once the incubation is complete.

Types Of Kavats

There are 2 Kavats that can be bred in Warframe which are the Smeeta and the Adarza Kavat which each have different abilities and uses in the game.

Having one of each can provide useful depending on which missions you will be on as they have focus on different abilities and can benefit you greatly depending on which mission you partake.

Each Kavat can use most mods but depending on which type of Kavat you have, it will be able to use certain specific mods only usable by that type which grant them the usage of their main abilities.

1) Smeeta Kavat


The Smeeta Kavat is a more of an all-around Kavat which can benefit you by granting you several random buffs during missions.

These buffs have a certain period of time that they will last depending on which buff is given by the Smeeta Kavat.

The Smeeta Kavat has the following abilities:

A) Charm


Charm allows the Smeeta Kavat to buff the player every 27 seconds (at max rank) which gives them a random buff that benefits them for a certain period of time based on the buff.

The following are the buffs that the Kavat can grant the user:

  • Doubled Pickup and Affinity – causes most of the picked up resources, pickups and affinity to be doubled, giving you extra resources, greater amounts of affinity and higher gains from pickups. (Lasts 120 Seconds)
  • Rare Resources – gives you one of the planets random resources during a mission on the said planet. (Happens randomly during mission)
  • Reinforced Shields – when hit the Kavat can prevent you from taking damage and additionally give you overshields. (Occurs upon taking damage)
  • Instant Reload – when reloading the Kavat can cause you to instantly reload your equipped weapon. (Triggers when reloading)
  • Energy Refund – returns energy consumed when you cast or channel abilities. (lasts 10 seconds)
  • Critical Chance Bonus – Increases your critical chance of your weapons by tiers allowing greater critical damage as well as affecting the damage of some of your abilities. (Lasts 30 seconds)

This is one of the most well-known abilities of the Kavat as not only do these provide benefits to the user but they also increase the efficiency during missions.

One of the favorite buffs of the Smeeta Kavat by players is the Double Resources buff, due to the fact that it greatly helps with farming (stacks with resource booster) and it even doubles resources gained such as Cryotic and Kuva.

The buffs of the Smeeta Kavat only benefit its owner and not their allies.

B) Mischief


Mischief allows the Smeeta Kavat to become invisible every 7 seconds (at max rank) as a decoy of itself draws the attention of enemies.

As an addition the decoy has a chance to evade damage (not take damage from a source) which allows it to stay longer once created by the Smeeta Kavat.

This becomes useful during missions as it gives the players the opportunity of taking advantage of moments where the enemies are distracted and since the attention of the enemies is drawn, the users become safer for the time being.

Not only does it benefit the players but the Kavat as well as having the decoy constantly drawing fire away from both the player and the Kavat will increase both of their survivability.

The Decoy has 100% critical chance along with a 2x critical multiplier and has 50% of the health that the Smeeta Kavat originally has.

The Smeeta Kavat will remain cloaked and can attack enemies without breaking invisibility for the duration that the decoy remains active.

2) Adarza Kavat


The Adarza Kavat is more of an offensive Kavat, granting bonus damage to the team as well as being able to deal damage to enemies.

Unlike the Smeeta Kavat, the Adarza Kavat only has one buff from its mods but this affects the whole team instead of only its user.

The Adarza Kavat has the following abilities:

A) Cat’s Eye


Cat’s Eye allows the Adarza Kavat to frequently grant its user and allies an extra 60% (at max rank) increased critical chance in a radius around it every 20 seconds.

The critical chance does not affect current critical chance but instead adds a flat 60% to whatever critical chance the weapon they have has making this very useful for those who have critical builds.

This also benefits users with other weapon builds as the flat amount of critical chance will ensure any weapon has a high chance to deal critical hits.

This ability occurs only when an enemy is within radius which makes it useful not having it randomly cast by the Adarza Kavat when no enemies are around.

B) Reflect


Reflect gives the Adarza Kavat the ability to prevent damage while amplifying it back to the enemy with 60% more damage (at max rank) allowing it to deal damage to enemies that are attacking.

This becomes useful when a lot of enemies are attacking as the Adarza Kavat can easily deal damage back to them.

Kavat Mods

There are many mods that companions can equip but there are mods that are only usable by Kavats as well.

These may be equipped by both the Smeeta Kavat and Adarza Kavat along with other mods available for similar companions.

You can use different mods to make the preferred Kavat build that suits your playstyle and change it at anytime you want.

Here is are the specific mods usable by both of the Kavats:



Swipe allows the Kavat to hit multiple enemies with a single attack within a 2-meter range (at max rank) making it possible for it to both damage or kill multiple enemies quickly.

This becomes useful as it allows the Kavat to help its owner dispatch enemies quickly and as it fights alongside them.

Swipe also benefits the Pounce ability making it have great synergy when the two mods are equipped.


Pounce Kavat Mod

Pounce allows the Kavat to leap at an enemy to attack them as well as cause them to be stunned for a certain amount of time.

This ability will stun an enemy for 8 seconds and deal 90% damage to them (at max rank) which can open enemies up to be killed with finishers.

Having Swipe equipped will cause this to hit multiple enemies, stunning all enemies affected as well as dealing damage and opening them up to finishers as well.

Equipping a Kavat with Pounce becomes useful for giving the Kavat a boost when attacking enemies as well as being good for crowd control as it can stun enemies.

Sense Danger

Sense Danger Kavat Mod

Sense Danger allows the Kavat to detect and alert its owner of nearby enemies, revealing their location on the mini map as well as causing them to glow or be highlighted allowing you to see them easily.

This reveals the location of enemies in a 50-meter radius for 25 seconds (at max rank) allowing you to make use of the ability to detect the location of enemies as well as where they are heading.

Using this can be useful when doing mission where you need to figure out where enemies are coming from or heading so you can plan your movement or position as well as find enemies that are unseen on your mini map.

Sharpened Claws

Sharpened Claws Kavat Mod

Sharpened Claws allows the Kavat to deal a deadly attack which deals 300% more damage and reduces armor by 120% (at max rank)

This will become useful when there are enemies that are tough to kill as the Kavat will not only attack them but they will also cause the enemy to become weaker, allowing its user to deal more damage to the target.

Territorial Aggression

Territorial Aggression Kavat Mod

Territorial Aggression allows the Kavat to mark an area as its own causing any nearby wild creatures to be pacified for 15 seconds within 40 range (at max rank) allowing the user to take advantage of the moment.

Although this might not be one of the most important mods, it can come in handy when one needs to scan or deal with wild creatures during missions.

Tek Enhance

Tek Enhance Kavat Mod

Tek Enhance increases the duration of Kavat abilities by 30% (at max rank) which comes in handy for boosting the abilities that it has.

Its set bonus allows the Kavat to mark a 3-meter area every 60 seconds which will cause enemies to take 50 damage.

This is useful as it not only has a set bonus but it also increases the duration of the Kavat’s abilities making it more proficient during missions.

Tek Assault

Tek Assault Kavat Mod

Tek Assault allows the Kavat to stay alive even after taking fatal damage, giving it a chance to recover and continue fighting instead of bleeding out.

This has a 60% chance to occur and will also cause the Kavat to become immune for 4 seconds (at max rank) allowing it and its user to take advantage of the borrowed time.

With this mod the Kavat can be more efficient and continue fighting when it could have been downed by an enemy, thus granting it more survivability.

Being a Tek mod, this also gives the set bonus and with more than one Tek mod equipped, the bonus of the set mods will increase per mod equipped.



Kavats are very handy companions during missions and each type can be recommended for different missions.

Mostly the Smeeta Kavat is favored for its multiple amounts of buffs while the Adarza is loved for its critical buff.

Both Kavats may use the basic Kavat mods while each type can only use their specified special mods which are only for them.

Due to the recent patch giving them the Fetch mod, they can now collect pickups similar to the Vacuum mod which was favored when using sentinels.

Just like sentinels, Kavats may also have specific builds and can go well with different Warframes depending on which type they are, what mods they have and the abilities they can use.

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