Warframe Mastery Rank Guide (Increasing Points, Rank Tests & Rewards)

Mastery Rank is one of the important features that exist in Warframe as it affects your ability to progress with newer and better gear as well as obtain rewards.

The higher your Mastery Rank in Warframe, the more access you have to better equipment and the more rewards you can reap.

While Mastery Rank is something that takes time to increase, you will eventually be on your way to higher ranks once you play the game.

Warframe Mastery Rank

How To Increase Mastery Points?

Mastery Points are obtained mainly in two ways, which are to rank equipment to their highest ranks or to complete mission objectives for the first time.

Each weapon that you bring to its highest mastery rank will provide you with Mastery Points once and cannot be repeated afterward.

Upon reaching its highest rank, the equipment will be marked to let you know that you have already reached its maximum rank, labeled as “mastered” when viewing it.

Each time you complete an objective for a mission node will allow you to gain Mastery Points once and will no longer provide them afterward.

The following types of equipment will provide you with Mastery Points:

Modular weapons as well as certain companions such as MOAs, Predasites, and Vulpaphylas need to be gilded and ranked to 30 before you gain Mastery Points from them.

It is not necessary to gild a K-Drive before you can earn Mastery Points from them, as they will provide them right away.

You may also obtain Mastery Points for defeating opponents in Junctions as well as gain them by upgrading your Railjack Intrinsics.

Mastery Points will continue to accumulate even if you are ready for a Mastery Test and will carry over to the next rank.

Mastery Rank Tests

Master Rank Tests are challenges that you need to complete each time you obtain enough Mastery Points.

Once you have filled up all the Mastery Points for each rank, you will be able to take the challenge to increase your Mastery Level.

Completing the challenge will change your Mastery Rank to a higher one, which also is shown by the new Sigil that appears next to your profile.

The highest Mastery Rank that can be reached is 30, while afterward, you will continue to Legendary Ranks.

Mastery Rank Rewards

For each Mastery Rank that you reach, you will automatically unlock certain benefits that make it easier for you to obtain better rewards and gain more as you progress through the game.

Other benefits include that your equipment will have a mod capacity that is equal to Mastery Rank, which allows you to use more mods as it increases.

With each rank-up, the Maximum Syndicate Standing increases by 500, allowing you to gain more every day with a higher Mastery Rank.

The Void Traces cap is increased by 50 every time you rank up, allowing you to obtain more for you to refine Void Traces.

With a higher Mastery Rank, your daily Focus points are increased by 5,000 which allows you to obtain more every day.

As your Mastery Rank increases, you will also be able to deploy more Extractors, allowing you to obtain more resources with little effort.

Mastery Rank 0

Mastery Rank 1

  • Unlocks Maroo’s Bazaar
  • Unlocks Saya’s Vigil Quest
  • Unlocks Level 10-30 Bounties

Mastery Rank 2

  • Unlocks Trading
  • Unlocks Level 20-40 Bounties

Mastery Rank 3

  • Unlocks Faction Syndicates
  • Unlocks Level 30-50 Bounties
  • Unlocks Natah and The Second Dream Quests

Mastery Rank 4

  • Unlocks The Deadlock Protocol Quest

Mastery Rank 5

  • Unlocks Councilor Vay Hek Assassination mission (Oro, Earth)
  • Unlocks 40-60 Bounties
  • Unlocks Sands of Inaros and The War Within Quests

Mastery Rank 7

  • Unlocks The Silver Grove Quest

Mastery Rank 8

  • Unlocks Faction Syndicate Melee Weapons
  • Unlocks Relays
  • Allows Trading of Riven Mods
  • Allows purchase of Helminth Segment from Son

Mastery Rank 10

  • Unlocks the ability to automatically slot Ayatan Stars in Ayatan Sculptures
  • Unlocks the ability to purchase Mod Config/Appearance Config Slots
  • Unlocks Steel Path Bounties in Open World Missions
  • Allows you to Polarize Warframes, Archwings, and Necramehcs while retaining abilities

Mastery Rank 12

  • Unlocks Syndicate Primary Weapons

Mastery Rank 15

  • Unlocks Market, Syndicate, and Research Weapons

Mastery Rank 16

  • Unlocks final rank requirement for Riven Mods
  • Unlocks Tenet weapons

Mastery Rank 30

  • 3 Umbra Forma
  • 15 Loadout Slots
  • 30 Riven Mod Slots
  • True Master Chat Emoji
  • True Master Emote
  • True Master Sumladi
  • True Master’s Font
  • Unlocks Blessing Altar
  • Affinity, Credit, and Resource Drop Chance Booster Stacks
  • Allows you to polarize Warframes, Archwings, and Necramechs retaining all abilities while maintaining their ability ranks at 3
  • Causes polarized Warframes to bypass the Rank 30 requirement for Sorties, Elite Sanctuary Onslaught, Arbitrations, and Archon Hunts

Best Way To Increase Mastery Rank

The best way to increase your Mastery Rank is to play through the game and complete all of the nodes as you go along the way.

Once you have enough resources, you should begin crafting equipment that you can later rank up to get more Mastery Points.

Players tend to craft several Warframes, weapons, companions, and more and level them up in certain missions that allow them to rank them up quickly.

Legendary Rank

After reaching the highest Mastery Rank (30), players will still be able to continue obtaining Mastery Points, which will eventually bring them to their Legendary Ranks.

Legendary Ranks will reach up to Rank 10, which allows you to further increase the minimum mod capacity that you have.

Additionally, for each Legendary Rank that you reach, you will be rewarded with a Legendary Core, which can be used to upgrade a mod to its highest rank instantly.


Reaching higher Mastery Ranks is important in the game to make things easier as well as it is a great way to show your progress in the game.

The sooner you reach higher mastery ranks, the sooner you can use better equipment that is available to you later in the game.

Reaching higher Mastery Ranks may take time, but later it becomes more worth it as the benefits can be a big help.