Warframe Vasca Kavat 2023 Guide

Warframe Vasca Kavat

The Vasca Kavat is a type of Kavat that can be bred within the orbiter via the incubator which requires imprints from Kavats that have been infected with the Vasca virus.

The Vasca Kavat appears to have a more vampiric theme about it and is known for its ability o steal life from enemies as well as revive their master when needed.

How To Get A Vasca Kavat?


You will first need to head to the Plains Of Eidolon at night time and search for some wild Vasca Kavats that will be roaming around.

Be sure to bring a Kavat that you can get an imprint from as you will need to create imprints when they are infected with the Vasca Virus.


You will need the Vasca Kavat to attack your Kavat in order to get it infected with the Vasca Virus that will later be used when making the imprint of your infected Kavat.

Once your Kavat is infect after getting attacked, it will have a red glow which means it is infected and you are then to head back to your orbiter.


Create an imprint from the Kavat that has been infected with the Vasca Virus which will also cure the Kavat from the virus after the imprint is complete.


Do the process of getting your Kavat infected with the Vasca Virus and creating and imprint twice as breeding with only one imprint gives a 50% chance that the incubator will give you a Vasca Kavat.


The imprints will appear differently and will now be usable when you attempt to breed a Kavat which will cause the result of breeding with the imprints to create a Vasca Kavat.


Activate your incubator and select “Kavat Breeding” in order to begin breeding your new Kavat and use the imprints that you have created which hold the Kavat Virus.


The incubation process of the VascaKavat will take 24 hours but can be rushed by using 15 platinum.


After the incubation process is complete, you will now have your newly bred VascaKavat that you can now mature and later on bring with you during missions.

Special Mods and Abilities


The Vasca Kavat has 2 special abilities which it can use once the specific mods are equipped in its slots in the upgrade section.



With this mod equipped, the Vasca Kavat’s owner is downed, it will attempt to revive them by sacrificing a percentage of their health.

The Vasca Kavat may revive its owner several times is one mission, making the ability great for solo play or hard missions.

Draining Bite


This mod gives its bite more damage and causes it to have a percentage of life steal when the attack is done.

When using the bite attack, the Kavat will regenerate a certain percentage of the damage dealt to restore its own life.



Vasca Kavats are known to roam around the GaraToht Lake and keen seen usually on the upper right side of the position of the lake at night in the Plains of Eidolon.

Vasca Kavat Related Items


There are other Vasca Kavat related items which can be purchased from Master Teasonai as offerings in Cetus on earth.

Vasca Curative


The Vasca Curative is used to remove the Vasca Virus from any Kavats within the area where the curative is used.

Vasca Kavat Echo-Lure


The Vasca Kavat Echo-Lure is used for attracting Vasca Kavats, mainly for conservation and later on with tranquilizing them after they are found.

Vasca Kavat Pheromone Oota


The Vasca Kavat Pheromone Oota is used before using an echo-lure which will increase the chance for a rare subspecies of the Vasca Kavat to appear when hunting for it.



The Vasca Kavat is great for both solo missions as well as squad-based missions as it is capable of helping its owner out in different ways.

Aside from being a good combat pet, it can keep its health sustained with its life steal bite attacks which it may use multiple times.

With its ability to resurrect its owner, it can be a good way to revive you during a solo mission or save your allies the time of needing to revive you in squad missions.

The Vasca Kavat is definitely a great Kavat for those who want a more Vampiric type of companion and is quite as deadly as its looks make it appear to be.