Borderlands 3 Archimedes (Boss): Defeating, Location, Attacks, Drops, Weak Spots

Borderlands 3 Archimedes Boss

Archimedes, The Anointed is a boss that you encounter during the Going Rogue mission who appears to be the traitor who stole the vault key and help betray Clay’s crew that you face in Ambermire.

He appears as an anointed tink who is stronger than other enemies along with the addition of special abilities such as changing size and performing anointed movements.


In the Going Rogue mission, Archimedes is presumed to be dead after discovering the Rogue’s base had been attacked and an unidentifiable body appeared to be the same size that Archimedes was.

It is later found out that Archimedes was the one who went rogue and betrayed the crew, later on becoming anointed and siding with the Children of The Vault.

Fighting & Killing Archimedes


Archimedes, The Anointed will come at you with different attacks which range from firing at you with his machine gun to performing slam attacks.

When he takes a certain amount of damage, he will change in size and will also do so after moving around the area.


He can become really small, fast and hard to hit which may require more accurate shots or weapons with a good area of effect.

Regardless of his size he can still do a jump and slam attack so take caution and try to keep track of where he heads off too.


At any moment, he is capable of dashing around the area in an instant which can be followed by seeing where the trail he leaves goes off to.

Archimedes will sometimes attempt to teleport behind you to attack you with a melee combo which can be avoided by sliding away or simply moving back.


When Archimedes has taken a lot of damage, he will become very large and can unleash very powerful attacks.

The best thing to do is to aim for his head as you stay mobile but keeping a distance can be a big help to avoid projectiles from reaching you sooner.

Weak Spots


Like most humanoid enemies, Archimedes take extra damage when shot in the head which can help kill him but also may trigger him to change into another size.

In order to make the most of the damage from headshots, its better to aim at his head with weapons that don’t require several hits such as shotguns or sniper rifles.

Notable Attacks

Jumping Slam Attack


Archimedes will attempt to leap towards your direction, landing either next to you or behind you which also causes you to become airborne.

This can be avoided by moving to the direction that he leaps from to basically just swap positions, giving you a few shots off of him as you turn around.

Melee Combo


Dishing out his spinning hand and leg attacks, Archimedes will attempt to get you with a melee combo usually when you are not facing him or when he gets too close to you.

Moving away from him during this attack can easily avoid the attack and give you a large opening for dealing some damage to him.

Anointed Projectile


When he reaches around the last 2 parts of his health bar, Archimedes will grow to a very large size and begin to throw projectiles that will explode on impact, dealing high amounts of damage to you.

These can be avoided by simply staying away so you can move out of its trajectory or move to a direction than head the opposite way so he tosses the projectile where he though you were about to go.

Notable Drops


Archimedes will usually drop common to rare items and is not known to drop any specific legendary item at a higher chance.



  • You can force him to cancel whatever he is doing and change him into another size by shooting him in the head.
  • Stay away from him when he going into his larger form to avoid the dangerous projectiles from reaching you faster.
  • Bring powerful one-shot weapons such as shotguns or sniper rifles if you will be aiming for the head or rapid firing weapons such as quick semi-automatic weapons or automatic weapons if you will aim for his body.
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