Neural Sensors Farm 2024 (Best Locations & Missions): Warframe

Neural Sensors are one of the rare resources that you can obtain in Warframe, which is widely used for crafting numerous Warframe components as well as some weapons.

While these are highly required later when you plan on crafting certain equipment, these are not always as abundant as other resources.

Even if Neural Sensors are rare, once you figure out where to farm them, you are sure to be able to get your hands on a good amount.

NSF-1“Implanted neural-link for controlling augmentations. Grineer design”

How To Get Neural Sensors?

You can get your hands on Neural Sensors by killing enemies, looting containers opening Storage Lockers, and destroying Neural Arrays.

One of the most annoying things about Neural Sensors is that their drop rate is very low, being that they are the third resource on both Jupiter and in the Kuva Fortress.

This makes using Warframes that can squeeze resources out of enemies ideal for farming Neural Sensors no matter what mission you do.

Neural Sensors Locations

Neural Sensors drop on Jupiter and the Kuva Fortress normally but can be obtained by defeating The Raptors on Europa.

It is recommended that early-game Neural Sensors are farmed in Jupiter while players can get a good amount later in Taveuni by killing a lot of enemies.

Enemies on Jupiter are not as high as those on most planets and can be easy for those who have decent equipment on them until they can handle the Kuva Fortress.

Best Neural Sensors Farm Missions

1) Sinai (Jupiter)

An alternative to Cameria is Sinai as this defense mission is also a Dark Sector but provides you with more control over the enemies that spawn.

By fighting enemies in waves, you can get rewards for each rotation and quickly take out enemies with Warframe abilities and weapons that have an area of effect.

While there is not much to explore, the target you need to defend remains in one large room where you can easily fight off the Infested.

2) Cameria (Jupiter)


Cameria is a Dark Sector mission on Jupiter that grants a 20% increased resource drop rate and can be a good low-level Neural Sensors farming location.

Enemies may rarely drop Neural Sensors when killed, so it is wise to use farming Warframes to have a better chance of getting them.

Neural Sensors can drop from loot containers and enemies, making it wise to explore while killing before camping in a good spot.

3) Taveuni (Kuva Fortress)


Kuva Fortress may not be the easiest place to farm Neural Sensors, but the Taveuni mission does provide more than simply a few resources.

Aside from all the resources you may farm, (mainly Kuva) players can sometimes get lucky and walk away with several Neural Sensors.

Since Taveuni is not a Dark Sector mission, there will be no Resource Drop Chance Bonus, but you can always use Farming Warframes.

Crafting Neural Sensors

Neural Sensors can be crafted once you have purchased its reusable blueprint for 100 Platinum from the in-game Market.

This can be a good alternative to getting a few Neural sensors if you have enough resources to spare for crafting them.


Neural Sensors are hard for some players to come by but targeting the mentioned missions earlier provides you with a good chance to get them.

Eventually, you will need more Neural Sensors when it comes to crafting a vast amount of equipment in the game.

Keeping an eye out for the Neural Arrays is one of the best ways to get Neural Sensors since enemies rarely drop them.

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