Control Module Farming 2023 Guide


“Autonomy processor for Robotics. A Corpus Design”

Control Module

This piece of equipment can be used for more than just Corpus technology as it is also usable by the Tenno for their equipment.

Control Module are used for many blueprints especially those that seem to have a higher sense of technology amongst them.

Used especially for Warframe systems and high technology weapons.

Where to farm Control Module? 

There are currently 3 different planets where Control Module farming can be done, which are Europa, Neptune and the Void.

Among the three locations, the Void appears to show more Control Module drop rates, regardless if it has no Dark Sector missions.

Europa and Neptune still provide a good chance when it comes to how to get Control Modules due to their high Dark Sector chances, but players tend to get more out of doing missions in the Void.

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Ani (Void)

Ani (Void)

Ani is great for farming Control Modules as the level of the mission is not as high as the other missions in the Void.

This is considered by most as the best place to farm Control Modules as well as the easiest due to the drops being from enemies as well as containers.

If you decide to camp or farm in a squad you might as well bring a Hydroid and Nekros, otherwise a roaming Nekros will do.

Control Modules in Ani appear a lot as well as in MOT, but Ani is a better choice for those who wish to kill a lot of enemies in a small amount of time, thus allowing players to farm Control Modules fast.

Kelashin (Neptune)

Kelashin (Neptune)

Kelashin is a Dark Sector mission on Neptune, having a 30% increased resource drop chance.

This is also a great place to roam since containers and storage lockers have a chance to drop Control Modules and the map is tight, making it easier to group enemies.

Killing as many enemies as you can also increase your chances of acquiring Control Modules, roaming is advised.

There are parts of the map where the infested will spawn in large numbers which will allow you to kill several of them, giving you a greater chance to get Control Modules.

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Teshub (Void)

Those who do not wish to stay the whole duration of an endless mission may be grabbing Control Modules to quickly craft something in their foundry, making Teshub a good place to rush Control Modules.

Being a capture mission, Teshub allows the player to extract once they capture the target as well as once they are done killing enemies and opening containers.

Once you have acquired the Control Modules you need, simply extract from the mission as this has a good chance of providing you with a few.

A fast Warframe is advised for Teshub to ensure you get around quickly and can make the most out of your time.

Teshub is also one of the lowest level missions available to do in the Void, making it easy to grind the mission with lesser gear.

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  • Even though the Void does not have any Dark Sector missions, the chance of Control Modules dropping during missions is still quite high.
  • Nekros and Hydroid are great for farming in Ani since there are many spots where players may camp.
  • A solo Nekros can easily farm Control Module in the Void due to the high drop chance and with the usage of his Desecrate ability.
  • Control Module is available in the market for 10 Platinum but this is considered a waste and its best to farm it instead.


The best choice when farming Control Modules is definitely at the Void but this may be debatable for those who are capable of handling Kelashin.

Enemies in Ani are much easier to kill and spawn at a lower level, which is why players prefer to go there instead of Kelashin.

Be sure not to confuse the Control Module Decoration with the Control Modules if you plan to get the decoration for your orbiter (Control Module Decoration costs 5 Platinum.)

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