Control Module Farm 2024 (Best Locations & Missions): Warframe

Control Module is a type of rare resource that is used for many blueprints, especially those that seem to have a higher sense of technology amongst them.

Several kinds of equipment need Control Modules and these include Warframes, Prime Components, weapons, and more items that can be crafted.

While this resource is rare and obtained in small amounts, you can farm it in certain missions depending on the planet that they are on.

CMF-1“Autonomy processor for Robotics. A Corpus Design”

How To Get Control Module?

Control Modules are obtained by killing enemies that have a chance to drop them, which are on Europa, Neptune, and in the Void.

Destroying loot containers and opening storage is one way to get resources but finding a Robotics Lockbox and destroying it will guarantee the resource.

Killing as many enemies as you can while using Farming Warframes will give you a better chance of getting Control Modules.

Control Module Locations

There are currently 3 different planets where Control Module farming can be done, which are Europa, Neptune as well as in the Void.

Neptune is considered to be a popular planet to farm Control Modules due to it being the third resource on its list while Europa and the Void are also good choices.

While Control Modules are quite rare, they appear to drop more often than other rare resources would and are much easier to farm.

Best Missions to do to Farm Control Module

1) Ani (Void)

Ani (Void)

Ani is great for farming Control Modules as the level of the mission is not as high as the other missions in the Void and several enemies will be spawning.

This is considered by most as a better alternative to Neptune and one of the best places to farm Control Modules even if it is not a Dark Sector mission.

Farming Warframes such as Hydroid and Khora can find good spots to camp, which will allow them to lure enemies to them for continuous loot.

2) Kelashin (Neptune)

Kelashin (Neptune)

Kelashin is a Dark Sector mission on Neptune that has a 30% increased Resource Drop Chance, which is a big help in farming rare resources.

This is also a great place to roam since you can fight countless enemies as well as find Robotics Lockboxes to destroy.

There are parts of the map where the infested will spawn in large numbers which will allow you to kill several of them, giving you a greater chance to get Control Modules.

3) Teshub (Void)

Those who do not wish to stay the whole duration of an endless mission may be grabbing Control Modules to quickly craft certain equipment, which makes Teshub a good choice.

Being a capture mission, Teshub allows the player to extract once they capture the target but they can also roam around and search for Robotics Lockboxes along the way.

Once you have acquired the Control Modules you need, simply extract them from the mission as this has a good chance of providing you with a few. (Fast Warframes are advised for speedruns)


Some players will consider the best choice when farming Control Modules to be the Void but this may be debatable for those who are capable of handling Kelashin.

Enemies in Ani are much easier to kill and since they spawn at a lower level, the first few rotations can be handled without any issues.

Once you have picked out a place to farm Control Modules, it is only a matter of time before you start to get them in small amounts but Farming Warframes and speed things up.

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