Ferrite Farm 2024 (Locations & Missions): Warframe

Ferrite is a common resource known to be used by the Grineer but the Tenno also requires this resource for many of the equipment they need to craft.

This resource is often found in larger quantities, which makes obtaining thousands of it depending on which missions you choose to complete.

Ferrite will usually come by sooner or later when you do different missions but knowing the best locations where to farm this resource will come in handy later.

FF-1“Alloy pellets used in Grineer manufacturing”

How To Get Ferrite?

Ferrite has a chance to drop when you kill enemies in missions that can be found on certain planets or locations that have the resource in its drop list.

Searching for Ferrite Deposits and destroying them in these missions can guarantee that Ferrite will be obtained.

Locations, where Ferrite is known to drop, will also have loot containers and Storage Lockers that have a chance to provide you with the resource.

Ferrite Locations

The best place to farm Ferrite would be in the Void since these resources are the first in its resource list but the downside is that this location doesn’t have a Dark Sector.

Other locations that have Ferrite as their primary resource are Earth and Lua, but Earth doesn’t exactly provide the best missions, and Lua may be a bit difficult for newer players.

Mercury and Neptune can be considered alternatives, but Ferrite is only second on their resource list, making it drop less often.

Best Ferrite Farming Missions

1) Ani (Void)


Farming Ferrite on Ani is one of the easiest ways for you to get Ferrite as the enemies have lower levels than on some of the other missions.

Missions on the Void have a good chance of dropping Ferrite and since you can kill a lot of enemies in this survival mission, you can farm a good amount within a few rotations.

A good way to make the most of the mission would be to kill enemies as well as explore the area to destroy loot containers, open Storage Lockers and find Ferrite Deposits to smash.

2) Teshub (Void)

If you rather avoid fighting enemies on endless, you can always go for Teshub as this Exterminate mission requires that you kill a certain number of enemies before extracting.

This will allow you to roam around and find containers to destroy, including Ferrite Deposits to get the resources.

Teshub is a good way to get a decent amount of Ferrite if you don’t need to grind for a lot and can sometimes be good enough for crafting one or two items.

3) Apollodorus (Mercury)

While Mercury only has Ferrite as a secondary resource, Apollodorus is still a good alternative when it comes to farming Ferrite.

This is good for players who have just started in the game as they will be fighting enemies that are easier to kill due to their low levels.

You will still be able to find containers that can be destroyed and using a Farming Warframe when killing enemies is always a good way to increase your chances of getting Ferrite.


Ferrite is often obtained when you start making your way through the game’s story and eventually, you will be able to farm more quickly when you are stronger.

While not much Ferrite will be needed in the beginning, there will be equipment that you will want to craft later, which makes it good to have a decent stock of the resource.

Since killing enemies is one of the fastest ways to get Ferrite, it is good to do missions that have a lot of them spawn to have a chance with every kill.

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