Carbides Farm 2024 (Railjack, Locations & Missions): Warframe

Along with the Rising Tide update, Carbides were added as a resource and are required for crafting a Railjack and later repairing its armaments.

This resource is mainly obtainable from the Shipyard Tilesets found on some planets, mainly being abundant on Ceres by killing Eximus enemies.

Carbides are an important resource for Railjacks, being required for many types of weaponry that you will be using to fight your enemies.

Warframe Carbides“Resilient components used to reinforce the plated sheets of metal strapped to Grineer ships”

How To Get Carbides?

Carbides can be obtained by farming in the Shipyard Tilesets, which mainly pit you against Grineer enemies but there are Dark Sectors available too.

This resource is known to have a good chance to drop once an Eximus enemy has been killed, making it necessary to stay longer in missions.

Eximus units will often spawn in higher level missions and start to appear once you have been in a mission for at least 60 seconds.

Where To Farm Carbides?

Since Carbides are known to drop in Grineer Shipyard Tilesets, you will need to farm them in missions on Ceres or Sedna by killing Eximus units.

Additionally, you can farm Carbides along with Cubic Diodes in locations where their Infested Ship Tilesets are on Eris, Europa, and Neptune.

However, targeting Carbides alone is best done on the Grineer Shipyard Tileset as this can avoid drops being shared with Cubic Diodes if you don’t need them.

The following are the missions with Grineer Shipyard Tilesets:



Enemy Level


DefenseCeres12 – 17

12 – 14


InterceptionCeres12 – 17

12 – 14


Mobile DefenseCeres13 – 15

13 – 15


AssassinationCeres14 – 16

14 – 16


SabotageCeres14 – 16
SeimeniDefense (Dark Sector)Ceres

15 – 25


HijackCeres15 – 17

30 – 40


HijackSedna34 – 38

40 – 40

Best Carbides Farm Locations

1) Seimeni (Ceres)


One of the best places to farm Carbides is on Seimeni as this mission has you fighting off Infested enemies that you can clear out in seconds.

Eximus enemies should begin to spawn during the second rotation of the mission and will become more present as you stay longer.

Since the map is smaller than most maps, you can easily get around to kill enemies or make use of Warframes that have abilities to clear them out.

2) Zabala (Eris)

Zabala is a Dark Sector mission that can be found on Eris, which provides you with a 30% increase in Resource Drop Chance.

This mission is not only for farming Carbides though, you can also get Cubic Diodes as the Eximus units will drop one of the two resources.

For players who need both of these resources, staying in Zabala is a good way to get the and you have the option to stay as long as you want.

3) Marid (Sedna)

Since Marid is a Hijack mission where high level enemies will spawn, you are bound to encounter multiple Eximus units along the way.

By playing through the mission and fighting your way through enemies, you will be able to collect a decent number of Carbides.

This of course requires that you complete the mission or else you won’t be able to keep the Carbides that you have collected.

4) Berehynia (Sedna)

Berehynia is an Interception mission that can guarantee a lot of enemy spawns and since enemies on Sedna usually have a higher level, more Eximus units may be encountered.

Playing solo is found if you jump from one enemy tower to the other, which often lures enemies based on what you capture first.

This is a good way for you to control the flow of enemies as you clear them out, allowing you to capture all towers and complete the mission with little effort.

Railjack Carbide FarmingRailjack Carbides farming

Carbides can be farmed in Railjack missions if you are going up against the Grineer but some think this is only in the Earth Proxima.

After further testing on Saturn and other locations, we can confirm that if you defeat Grineer enemies in a Railjack mission you will be able to get Carbides.

Railjack missions appear to be the best way to get Carbides as you can collect a bunch of this resource while flying around and taking out enemy ships.


Before being able to build your own Railjack, you will need to collect Carbides the old-fashioned way unless someone pulls you into their mission.

Once your Railjack is up and running, you can easily collect more Carbides in Railjack missions since you will need even more for better armaments.

Keep in mind that as long as you are fighting the Grineer in a Railjack mission, you will be able to farm Carbides.

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