Kuva Farming 2023 Guide


“A mysterious red fluid coveted by Grineer Queens”



Eventually after you complete a lot of quests you will come across the quest titled “The War Within”

This quest will furthermore send you through the amazing story that Warframe has and lets you furthermore unlock the true potential of your Operator.

Once you go through with your quest, you have unlocked the ability to obtain Kuva and can now acquire it in different ways.

This guide will jump start and help you to catch up to learn how to farm Kuva and where you can farm Kuva as well as explain the different ways do so.

What need do we have of Kuva?


Kuva may be used for crafting some of the equipment that you may want to use such as the Zarr, Twin Rogga, Kesheg, Orvius and Tatsu. These weapons require a certain amount of Kuva.

There are also a few Warframes that need Kuva to craft such as Octavia, Nidus, Harrow and Garuda.

It is possible that in the future there will be more items that need Kuva and having a good stock of it or knowledge on how to obtain Kuva will benefit you greatly.

Main use for Kuva


The main purpose of Kuva based on players, is to cycle stats on Rivens.

Rivens are powerful mods that can only be used for a certain weapon but they have multiple stats.

To cycle stats on Rivens, you must have Kuva and the more you cycle and keep rolling the stats of the Riven, the more Kuva it will cost you.

Many players would need to farm thousands of Kuva just to cycle the right stats for a Riven as the stats are random and you will need a lot of luck and Kuva to get the right stats for your Weapon.

Where to farm Kuva?


Most of the new players who are new to Kuva and all its uses wonder where to get Kuva and what is an efficient way to get Kuva.

For starters it depends on how much effort you are willing to put in to get Kuva and figuring out which of the methods that are available will help you decide on the best way to get Kuva.

Basically Kuva can be farmed wherever the Kuva Fortress is because the planets near it will have the missions changed into Kuva Siphon and Kuva Flood missions.

Kuva Missions


Once you check planets near the Kuva Fortress, you will see some with Kuva symbols which means they are missions that can reward you with Kuva.

More than one planet will have missions with Kuva. So, be sure to check all the planets the Kuva Fortress is near.

The Kuva Fortress is mobile and will move around, changing which planets will have missions that will give Kuva.

1) Kuva Siphon (Mission)


Kuva Siphon is a modified mission, using the original map it will have enemies that are farming Kuva that you will eventually run into and stop.

Enemies will be around level 25 to 35 and will try to stop you as well as the normal ones from the mission.

 This kind of mission is a quick and easy way to get Kuva of a decent amount of around 700.


Completing a Kuva Siphon should reward you with around 600 to 700 Kuva.

The above image shows double the amount due to a resource booster.

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2) Kuva Flood (Mission)


Kuva Flood missions are similar to Kuva Siphons, however the enemy’s levels are 80 to 100.

Instead of the normal amount of Kuva, on Kuva Flood missions you get double the amount.


A successful Kuva Flood will reward you double the amount that you can get from a Kuva Siphon resulting in around 1200 to 1400 Kuva.

The Kuva rewarded in the screenshot above is doubled due to a resource booster.

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How to do Kuva Missions?


Kuva Siphons and Kuva Floods are pretty much the same aside from the reward and the level of enemies.

You start out by beginning the mission and later on running into the Kuva Siphon.

The Kuva Siphon is invulnerable and will be guarded by enemies that will repeatedly spawn in and attempt to kill you while the Kuva Siphon is still there.

How to destroy Kuva Siphon?


When you attempt to destroy Kuva Siphons, you have to follow a quick sequence which results in you using your operator.

This sequence takes a bit of time but doesn’t require that much work to do and all you need is to be able to use your operator and if you have finished “The War Within” you should have an idea how it works.

Once a Kuva Siphon raises its braids (its tube resembling arms) you need to follow in the direction it is facing and prepare your operator.

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Damaging The Braids


The braids will be pulling in a misty red and black cloud that you must intercept with your operator.

To intercept this, you must use either your void dash or your void blast ability and hit the mist.

Once successful, the mist disappears and the braid explodes, leaving the rest remaining and this process is to be repeated until all the braids are destroyed.

Taveuni (Mission)


Taveuni is a Kuva Fortress survival mission that allows players to farm Kuva similar to how excavators work.

The mission begins as a normal survival mission where you start out as you normally would but later on you can modify the life support capsules into Kuva Harvesters.

This is one of the most efficient places to go when one prefers to go Kuva farming.

We suggest this as for as several people consider it is the best place to farm Kuva efficiently.


Taveuni will have high level forces going against you and they will increase in level the longer you stay.

It is best to be prepared and go with a squad to help each other out mostly with a good combination of different Warframes.


When a Life Support Capsule is sent to you in the mission, an Eximus enemy will spawn and when you kill this enemy they will drop a Kuva Catalyst.

Only one Kuva Catalyst may be held at a time and will force you to hold your secondary weapon (you can still use melee).

Take note that when holding a Kuva Catalyst if you try to switch to your main weapon you will drop the Catalyst.


Once you bring the Kuva Catalyst to the Life Support Capsule, it will transform into a Kuva Harvester which can be damaged by enemies and will require protection from you and/or your squad.

This gameplay is similar to excavation missions in a way as a timer will start to countdown and, if the Harvester survives for the duration then you get Kuva.

Each time a Harvester counts down successfully you will receive 200 Kuva.


Farming Kuva can get you an average of 400 to 1600 Kuva in around 5 minutes.

The above image is affected by either resource booster or Kavat.

Suggested Warframes


We can always use whatever Warframe we choose as there really is no “Best Warframe” but we need to keep in mind that there are situational ones. A team that is able to defend and support each other is a team that comes out victorious.

1) Defense


You need at least one defensive Warframes when doing Taveuni, if you wish to stay for a long time as the enemies will tend to go after the Kuva Harvesters.

Defensive Warframes can be those with abilities to shield or prevent damage done to you, your allies and your objective.

A good choice for defense would be Warframes like Limbo, Frost, and Gara.

2) Buffers


Buffers are a big help when it comes to long missions and teamwork.

Keeping the team in good shape and giving them a little extra prowess is great for teams that wish to be victorious.

A good choice for buffers would be Warframes like Rhino, Chroma and Valkyr.

3) AOE Ability Damage Dealers


It is good to have Warframes that deal high damage in order to clear out a lot of enemies. So, that you can not only get loot but keep the Harvester safe.

AOE ADDs can benefit the team greatly by taking care of most of the enemies giving you and your squad space.

A great choice for AOE ADDS would be Warframes like Saryn, Octavia and Equinox.

4) Nekros


Nekros is a very valuable addition on survival missions as well as other farming missions and is a must have when farming Kuva.

With his Desecrate ability not only will he force dead enemies to drop loot, but also they will have a chance to drop life support which will make your team last longer.




Resource boosters will double the amount of Kuva you gain and can benefit you greatly when farming Kuva.

This booster is stackable with the other boosters or buffs.

Smeeta Kavat


The Smeeta Kavat can give players a buff at certain times that grants the 2x resource collection which will also result in double the Kuva if the buff is active when the Kuva is received.

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This stacks with resource boosters and will furthermore increase the amount you get.


There are other ways to obtain Kuva but acquiring and farming are two different things.

You want to maximize your Kuva gain to get as much Kuva as you need within a little amount of time.

By following this guide, you are guaranteed to have a large amount of Kuva in no time and keeping a good supply of Kuva for later on is worth it.

For a more detailed guide on how to farm resources, click here to see the different ways to farm as well as a guide on what can be used to farm efficiently.

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