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Limbo Warframe

Limbo is the master of the rift, capable of bending it to his will by banishing enemies to hold them or to deal with them undisturbed, capable of expanding his control towards several enemies and bending the rift to his will when he chooses.

He is a great crowd control Warframe, capable of causing enemies to be rendered useless and protect large areas by disabling enemy movement or knocking them out of control.

How to Get Limbo?



The main blueprint for Limbo may be purchased from the market on your orbiter for 35,000 credits.


Limbo’s parts are rewarded to you while doing “The Limbo Theorem” quest which is open once you finish the Europa Junction that can be found on Jupiter. To know about the location of Limbo blueprints in “The Limbo Theorem” quest read this.

In the event that you lost the other parts, you may purchase them from Cephalon Simaris.

Limbo can also be purchased for 200 platinum in the market to get him already built.

Limbo Prime


Limbo Prime is the prime variant of Limbo which sports a higher amount of armor, energy and shields.

Relics that contain Limbo Prime:

  • Blueprint: Meso T3, Neo M2, Meso Z1
  • Neuroptics: Lith L1, Axi L2
  • Chassis: Axi L5, Neo L1, Axi L3
  • Systems: Meso N7, Neo A2, Neo C1, Lith B3, Lith B6

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(Limbo’s Abilities)

Limbo has the ability to banish enemies to the other plane, freeze enemies caught in the rift, overload enemies with rift energy and even tear open his own rift plane for him to manipulate.

His passive ability allows him to instantly switch to the rift plane which makes him untouchable by enemies and even undetectable by lasers, unaffected by any restriction regarding the duration.

Limbo can slide to either enter or exit the rift plane and will leave behind a portal which his allies can use to enter the rift plane as well when he enters the rift plane.

Moving to the rift plane allows Limbo to damage any enemies that have also been banished to the rift plane freely without other enemies being able to attack him.

1) Banish


Limbo forces an enemy into the rift plane where it cannot be damage nor deal damage to those who are not in the plane.

This is useful for setting enemies aside for later while you deal with groups or another enemy.

Limbo can use this to send an enemy into the rift plane so he can kill that enemy while being untouched by those who are not in the same rift.


(Limbo using Banish on an enemy)

Limbo first banishes an enemy which deals damage and knocks them back, staggering them for a quick few seconds.


(Limbo hitting but not damaging enemy in other plane)

The enemy will not be able to damage those who are in the opposite plane and this rule also applies to Limbo.


(Limbo inside the rift plane attacking the enemy)

Limbo may deal with enemies that are in the rift plane by simply moving to the plane by dashing and the portal left behind will also allow his allies to follow.


Augment Mod: Rift Haven causes allies that have been banished to gain 25% of their health restored

2) Stasis


Limbo causes any enemies that are rift-bound or in the other rift to be held in stasis, being unable to move completely.

This is useful for disabling enemies that Limbo has used his banished skill on or enemies that are caught within Limbo’s Cataclysm ability.

Enemies will not be able to move but may be damaged by Limbo and his allies making this one of the best ways to disable enemies.

This also causes enemy projectiles to stop when fired and only continued to their current trajectory when the ability ends.


(Enemies caught in Cataclysm affected by Stasis)

3) Rift Surge


Surges enemies with rift energy which causes a radial banish to occur at their current location, affecting nearby enemies with banish and knocking them down.

Enemies that are caught inside the rift plane may be targeted by this ability and once killed, they will pass this to enemies that are outside of the rift.

This is useful for spread the effects of banish to enemies that are further away or outside of Cataclysm allow them to be affected by abilities such as Stasis and for Limbo to target if he goes into the rift plane.


(Limbo casting Rift Surge)

Enemies will remain affected by Rift Surge for a period of time when the ability is cast given plenty of time for the radial banish to be triggered when an enemy exits the rift plane or if Limbo forces them out by deactivating Cataclysm.


(Enemies affected by Rift Surge’s radial banish)

Several enemies may be knocked down when Rift Surge’s radial banish occurs as they exit the rift plane.


Augment Mod: Rift Torrent gives Limbo 30% extra damage for each enemy that is affected by Rift Surge while inside the rift

4) Cataclysm


Limbo tears open an area creating a rift plane which he can manipulate with his abilities such as Stasis and Rift Surge.

Enemies in outside of the ability will be unable to interact with those inside and must enter to do so.

This is great along with Limbo’s other abilities to cause several kinds of crowd control to his enemies.

Stasis will cause all the enemies within the affected area to be unable to move as well as those who attempt to enter it.

Rift Surge may be cast on enemies inside the affected area and triggered by ending the ability.


(Limbo casting Cataclysm)

Initially casting Cataclysm will send everyone inside to the rift plane as well as damage enemies within the affected area.


(Enemies in Cataclysm affected by Stasis)

Limbo may manipulate the enemies within the Cataclysm by simply casting either his Stasis ability to freeze their movement or Rift Surge to prepare to trigger multiple instances of a radial banish.


Augment Mod: Cataclysmic Continuum causes the duration of Cataclysm to increase for each enemy that is killed

Suggested Builds

Farming Bruiser Build


The Balanced Build gives Limbo a good amount of health and shields for extra survivability while increasing his ability duration and range.

This gives Limbo a better chance at surviving longer battles and encounters against stronger enemies.

With Natural Talent and Speed drift he will be able to quickly cast his abilities allowing fast crowd control to be done.

This build aims to keep Limbo alive longer as well as have a balanced increase in both the duration and range of his abilities.


(Limbo using his abilities on enemies while capturing a target)

Duration Build


This build aims more to prolong the effects of Limbo’s abilities so that they can affect enemies longer and give Limbo and his team more time to take advantage of such affects.

The duration of his abilities will be greatly increased giving him a lot of time to manipulate abilities such as Cataclysm using his Rift Surge or Stasis abilities.

This ensures that enemies can be disabled for a longer period of time which can pretty much pause them repeatedly, allowing the team to do as they please for almost what seems to be infinite durations.


(Limbo holding enemies back with his Cataclysm and Stasis abilities)

Range Build


This build is meant to allow Limbo to use his crowd controlling abilities to affect a very large area, mainly Cataclysm.

Limbo will be able to cover an extremely large area with Cataclysm so that he can later on manipulate it with Stasis as well as cast Rift Surge on enemies to force the effects on those outside of the rift plane.

This can allow Limbo to guard a very large area with ease by simply using Cataclysm and Stasis, allowing Limbo to wander off and handle any other things that he needs to do.


(Large area covered by Cataclysm and enemies affected far at the back)



Limbo is a master of crowd control and can aid his team greatly by making enemies in an area vulnerable to kill but preventing their allies from helping them.

He is a great choice by many for spy missions as he can simply run through lasers and traps without a worry since he is undetected while in the rift plane.

Not only can Limbo enter the rift plane at will but he can also allow his allies to do the same by using Banish or opening up a portal by simply dashing.

Cataclysm is an ability well known to completely stop enemies from moving and adjusting the size to fit whatever objective you are currently working on will give you absolute control over pretty much the whole mission.

Limbo’s ability to send enemies to the rift plane to either deal with them separately or to set them aside become very useful in different situations and his ability to manipulate huge areas can make missions extremely easy for everyone.

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