Warframe Daily Tribute Rewards List

Daily Tribute (also referred to as Daily Rewards or Login Rewards) is a system that grants players a reward for logging in once a day.

These rewards vary from the days that have been accumulated and can result in a wide variety of rewards that can be obtained by the players.

Rewards are random but are somewhat affected by the Mastery Rank of the player, adding a 5% increased chance to get rarer reward for every Mastery Rank.

The Daily Tribute resets every midnight (12:00 AM) in UTC time.

All Platforms

Below is the list of possible daily rewards via the Daily Tribute system:

  • Affinity Booster
  • Credit Booster
  • Credits
  • Cryotic
  • Detonite Ampule
  • Endo
  • Fieldron Sample
  • Forma Blueprint
  • Gallium
  • Morphics
  • Mutagen Mass
  • Mutagen Sample
  • Neural Sensor
  • Neurodes
  • Orokin Cell
  • Oxium
  • Random Warframe Blueprint
  • Random Weapon Blueprint
  • Relic Pack
  • Resource Booster
  • Resource Drop Chance Booster
  • Syndicate Medallions
  • Tellurium

Exclusive For PC

  • 20% Platinum Discount Coupon
  • 30% Platinum Discount Coupon
  • 40% Platinum Discount Coupon
  • 50% Platinum Discount Coupon
  • 60% Platinum Discount Coupon
  • 70% Platinum Discount Coupon
  • 75% Platinum Discount Coupon

Exclusive For Console

  • 25% Market Discount† (Console)
  • 50% Market Discount† (Console)
  • 75% Market Discount† (Console)


As the days build up, more choices become available, granting Milestone Rewards to be available which players may choose from which will repeat on the next cycle of days.

Daily Tribute Sundial Weapons

Starting from day 100 and continuing every 200 days, players may choose from the following weapons as a daily reward.

  • Sigma &Ocantis
  • Zenistar
  • Azima
  • Zenith

Daily Tribute Resources and Sigils

Choices to pick resources and sigils occurs on the 50th day and continuously on after every 100 days form then.

Daily Tribute Primed Mods

On the 200th day, a Primed Mod becomes available as a reward which will repeat on the 400th, 600th and 900th day.

Prime mods that are available as rewards:

  • Primed Fury
  • Primed Vigor
  • Primed Shred
  • Primed Sure Footed

Lodestar Syandana

The Lodestar Syandana is rewarded on day 800.

Lodestar Armor

The Lodestar Armor is rewarded on day 1000.

Evergreen Rewards

On The 1050th and every 50th day afterwards, players may choose from the Evergreen Rewards which consist of three different pools which are A, B and C.

The Evergreen Reward Pools rotate every 50days, guaranteeing the chance to get from each of them per 50th day.

The following are the Evergreen Rewards:

Evergreen Rewards Pool A

  • Exilus Cache – 3 Exilus Adaptors
  • Forma Cache – 3 Forma
  • Armory Cache – 4 Weapon Slots

Evergreen Choices B

  • Endo Cache – 30,000 Endo
  • Kuva Cache – 50,000 Kuva
  • 7-day Boosters – Affinity, Credits, Resource or Resource Drop Chance Booster

Evergreen Rewards Pool C

  • 3x Melee Riven
  • 3x Secondary Riven
  • 3x Rifle Riven