Cryptographic ALU Farm 2024 (Locations & Missions): Warframe

When the Razorback Armada comes to attack relays in the system, Razorback Ciphers are needed but these require Cryptographic ALU to make.

Cryptographic ALU is categorized as a special resource and farming can only be done when the Razorback Armada event is active.

This resource is known to originate from Corpus technology; players will need to hunt down enemies of this faction if they want a chance to obtain the resource.

Warframe Cryptographic Alu

How To Get Cryptographic ALU?

Cryptographic ALU becomes a droppable resource during the Razorback Armada event, which has players working together across missions towards a certain goal.

To get this resource, you will need to defeat Corpus Archwing enemies that can be found in various locations across the system.

Destroying enemies provides you with a chance to get this resource, which makes it best to do missions with several targets you can attack.

Where to Farm Cryptographic ALU?

Since Cryptographic ALU is obtained by defeating Corpus Archwing enemies, you will need to target locations where the Corpus are mainly in control.

You will then need to find the Archwing missions that allow you to encounter these enemies as they are the only targets known to drop the resource.

Below is a list of Archwing missions where you will encounter Corpus Archwing enemies:



Enemy Level







Best Cryptographic ALU Farm Missions

1) Salacia (Neptune)

Although it is possible to farm Cryptographic ALU from the Galilea mission on Jupiter, many prioritize going to Salacia on Neptune for efficiency.

Since Salacia is a mobile defense mission, you will be going against unlimited enemies while waiting for each satellite to finish.

One of the techniques used by players is to use the Itzal Archwing due to its Cosmic Crush abilities which pulls enemies to the caster and damages them.

2) Galilea (Neptune)

Galilea is one of the faster Archwing missions that you can take on to get a good amount of Cryptographic ALU with each run.

Making your way to the reactor alone will have you fighting through multiple enemies and once the reactor is destroyed you will encounter more on your way out.

It seems that a lot of enemies will spawn in this mission and some continue to spawn until you have extracted, giving you more enemies to destroy.


Completing the Salacia mission on Neptune has a chance to yield about an average of 3 – 15 Cryptographic ALU depending on how many enemies you destroy.

It is essential to farm up on Cryptographic ALU if you attempt to farm the Razorback Armada mission to get the multiple rewards that are available during the event.

Cryptographic ALU that you have farmed will remain in your inventory even after the event and may be used when it becomes active again.

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