Cryptographic ALU Farming 2023 Guide

Warframe Cryptographic Alu

(Cryptographic ALU ingame image)

“Excess circuitry disposed of during the Razorback manufacturing process, these components only appear in the vicinity of high level outer-orbit Corpus facilities after a Razorback Armada has been launched”.

Cryptographic ALU

A lot of equipment is left over from Corpus technology and Cryptographic ALU is no exception but it is indeed a rare find that needs to be acquired in order to craft the Razorback Cipher due to its complexity.

(Razorback Cipher shown in foundry)

The Razorback Cipher is the only item that needs Cryptographic ALU at the moment and it will most likely remain this way.

A downside to this is that the Cryptographic ALU can only be farmed during the Razorback Armada event and it only drops in small amounts.

Where to farm Cryptographic ALU?

Some may wonder how to farm Cryptographic ALU and this is slightly answered by the description claiming that they can be obtained from corpus Archwing units.

This reveals that you need to do Corpus Archwing missions which can be found in Neptune or Jupiter.

Salacia (Neptune)


(Salacia mission on Neptune)

Although it is possible to farm Cryptographic ALU from the Galilea mission on Jupiter, many prioritize going to Salacia on Neptune for efficiency.

Since Salacia is a mobile defense mission, unlimited enemies will spawn in as previous ones are destroyed, meaning that the faster you kill enemies, the more resources you get.

(Itzal Archwing farming Cryptographic ALU in Salacia on Neptune)

You can easily farm enemies in Salacia with a strong Archwing and a good set of weapons.

One of the techniques used by players is to use the Itzal Archwing due to its Cosmic Crush abilities which pulls enemies to the caster and damages them.

(Mission results after farming Cryptographic ALU in Salacia)

Completing the Salacia mission on Neptune has a chance to yield about an average of 3 – 15 Cryptographic ALU.

(Inventory showing Cryptographic ALU)

It is essential to farm up on Cryptographic ALU if you will attempt to farm the Razorback Armada mission to get the multiple rewards that can be collected only during the event.

Having a good stock in hand will be useful not only for when the event is currently active but also for when it comes back in the future.