Cryotic Farm 2024 (Locations & Missions): Warframe

Cryotic is a special type of resource that has multiple uses, which are mainly for crafting Warframes, components, weapons, and more.

This resource is different from other resources and doesn’t drop from enemies and is rather obtained by being excavated.

While Cryotic may be required in large amounts, there are certain ways for you to boost the amount that you get in Excavation missions.

CF-1“Usually found in extreme sub-zero environments, Cryotic instantly freezes anything it contacts”

How To Get Cryotic?

Cryotic is obtained by completing Excavation missions, which require that you head to dig sites to call down Excavators that collect Cryotic.

The Excavator will have a timer running that shows how much power it has left, and you will also be able to see how much it has progressed, which is shown by a percentage.

Each Excavator that is called down will need 1 minute and 40 seconds to complete but enemies will come to destroy it once it is active.

As the Excavator continues to collect Cryotic, it will lose power, and this is shown by the percentage below its health.

You will need to kill enemies who are carrying a Powercell and will need to pick the item up and bring it back to the Excavator to provide it with power.

Collecting and depositing a Powercell into an Excavator (This happens when you get close enough) will restore 20 seconds to the Excavator.

Excavators will be fully charged when you deposit 4 Powercells into them, which will be enough to complete the process.

Once an Excavator is finished, 100 Cryotic will be ready and will be extracted with you when you leave the mission.

If you are unable to complete the mission (aborting or losing all lives), you will not be able to keep the Cryotic that was extracted.

Cryotic Locations

Cryotic can only be obtained from Excavation missions, which are available on 6 of the planets, which are Earth, Venus, Mars, Europa, Neptune, and Pluto.

The following are the missions that allow you to farm Cryotic:


LocationEnemy Level

Enemy Faction




Tikal (Dark Sector)




Cholistan (Dark Sector)Europa23-33


Mines of Karish



Hieracon (Dark Sector)



Best Cryotic Farming Missions

1) Everest (Earth)

The best place to farm Cryotic is in the Everest missions as this provides you with an easy way to get the resource early in the game.

Grineer enemies in Everest have low levels, which makes it easy for you to defend multiple Excavators that you are running at the same time.

The level of your enemies will scale as you complete more excavations and this allows you to easily get 400-1000 Cryotic per run.

2) Kiliken (Venus)

This is another mission with low level enemies but instead of the Grineer, you will be going against the Corpus, which some find easier to kill.

Thanks to enemies having low levels, you can easily kill them while defending your Excavators as well as obtain Powercells from units that carry them.

Some may prefer to go with Everest though as some Grineer enemies can disable abilities, which are sometimes used to defend the Excavators.

3) Tikal (Earth)

An alternative to Everest and Kiliken is Tikal, a Dark Sector Excavation mission that pits you against Infested enemies.

Some Warframes and weapons do extremely well against the infested and most of them need to close in on you before they can attack, which you can use to your advantage.

Additionally, since this is a Dark Sector mission, you will be able to farm other resources but this does not increase the amount of Cryotic that you get.


Multiple Warframes and weapons require Cryotic as a crafting resource and one of the most popular weapons known to need a lot is Sibear.

Doing a few excavation missions now and then will help you obtain not only Cryotic but different rewards and resources for each completed Excavation.

It is best to farm Cryotic with a squad so you can handle multiple Excavators easily since you will only get the amount of the resource depending on how much progress is made.

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