Cryotic Farming 2023 Guide


“Usually found in extreme sub-zero environments, Cryotic instantly freezes anything it contacts”


An element of seemingly endless freezing capabilities this precious resource should be handled with care.


Cryotic is used for a lot of crafting and some Warframe parts need quite a big amount of it.

This resource is different from other resources and doesn’t drop from enemies, rather it is extracted through excavation missions.

Where to farm Cryotic? 

Excavation Missions


Cryotic can be acquired from any excavation missions and will be rewarded based on how many excavators finish their mining process.

Aside from rotation rewards, there is not much of a difference where you do excavation missions aside from the enemies and the planet you are on.

How to farm Cryotic?


When the mission starts, you need to head towards an excavation spot to call down the excavator.

Once the excavator is called down, its excavation process begins and enemies will head towards it to attack.

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Protecting the Excavator


You must make sure the excavator survives during its excavation process or else you will not get the full amount of Cryotic.

If an excavator is destroyed it gives only an amount equal to the percentage that it was finished.



Excavators will eventually run out of power and will stop the mining process.

It is up to you or your squad to collect power cells that have been dropped by enemies by picking them up.

Once you obtain a power cell you must bring it to the extractor to increase its power so it may finish the mining.

Successful Excavation


Once the excavator has finally finished collecting Cryotic, the amount that hit collects is given to you as a resource.

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After the first excavator has finished you will be allowed to extract from the mission or continue to the next excavation site.

Best place to farm Cryotic

Choosing where to farm Cryotic is merely up to you and depending what your also after aside from Cryotic.


There are different excavation missions and most of the planets have them.

It depends on you where you want to farm as you can always get Cryotic no matter which excavation mission you choose.

Deciding the location based on the resources on the planet may be wise to get that resource while farming Cryotic.



For those that just want Cryotic, Earth is a good place as you can stay for a while and the enemies are very weak.

You and your team will be able to stay for a lot of rotations (1 excavator = 1 rotation)



Those seeking to farm more than just Cryotic usually go to Hieracon for relics and other resources.

The enemies here are a bit strong and grow deadlier as the mission progresses.


Cryotic is used for a lot of blueprints and there may come a time when you need a lot.

Doing a few excavation missions every now and then will help you to obtain not only Cryotic but different rewards and resources as well depending on which mission and planet you are on.

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