Cubic Diodes Farm 2024 (Railjack, Locations & Missions): Warframe

Cubic Diodes is one of the resources that was introduced when the Empyrean update came to Warframe, which had players farming it in bulk.

This resource is essential for building your Railjack, which eventually allows you to access Railjack missions later when it is operational.

Although Cubic Diodes are first farmed in small amounts, you can later get a lot of this resource once your Railjack is ready.

Warframe Cubic Diodes“Vital components used in the creation of Corpus photon-networks.”

How To Get Cubic Diodes?

Cubic Diodes are obtained by defeating Eximus units that spawn on Corpus Ice Planet Tilesets, which are mainly controlled by the Corpus faction.

Farming this resource in your earlier stages yields small amounts when killing enemies in regular missions but you can later farm a lot more with a Railjack.

Railjack missions that have Corpus enemies will also yield Cubic Diodes when you destroy enemy ships, kill Corpus Eximus units, and loot drops in space.

Where To Farm Cubic Diodes?

Cubic Diodes are known to drop on the Corpus Ice Planet Tilesets, which include several missions that can be found on Europa.

In addition to the missions on Europa, you can also do a few missions that can be found on Mars, Neptune, and even Eris.

Once you have a Railjack, you can do different Railjack missions where you will be going up against Corpus enemies as they will often drop Cubic Diodes.

The following are the Corpus Ice Planet Tileset missions:



Enemy Level


MoraxMobile DefenseEuropa















LarzacDefense (Dark Sector)Europa



Excavation (Dark Sector)Europa23-33
Icefield of RiddahDefenseEuropa


Mines of Karishh






Best Cubic Diodes Farm Locations

1) Larzac (Europa)


Larzac is a good starting mission for players who want to get Cubic Diodes since it is a Dark Sector defense mission that offers a 25% increase in Resource Drop Chance.

Enemies won’t start with Eximus units though as you will need to wait for the second rotation, which often has them spawn on the 7th wave of the mission.

This may take a bit longer for you to start getting Cubic Diodes but the longer you stay in the mission, the more you will eventually get during and after the second rotation.

2) Nereid (Neptune)

If you are on the lookout to get Cubic Diodes quickly, Nereid can be a good choice for you since the level of the enemies in the mission is moderately high.

This makes it easy to find Eximus units as they will spawn if you trigger an alarm, which should give you enough time to complete the objectives.

Once Eximus units spawn after the alarm is triggered, you can take the opportunity to kill them to get Cubic Diodes.

3) Cholistan (Europa)

While endless Excavation missions may not be everyone’s favorite, you can get a good amount of Cubic Diodes in Cholistan.

After progressing with more Excavators, the difficulty of the mission increases and this will lead to Eximus units spawning.

You can continue to drop Excavators to farm Cryotic as well as take out any Eximus units that come your way to get Cubic Diodes.

4) Zabala (Survival)

This Dark Sector survival mission boasts a 30% increased Resource Drop Chance, which provides you with more drops than other missions.

One thing about Zabala is that it has Infested enemies that may turn out to be Eximus units and upon death, they will drop Cubic Diodes as well as Carbides.

This makes Zabala a good place to go to if you need both resources since they go hand in hand when it comes to building a Railjack and repairing its armaments.

Railjack Cubic Diodes FarmingRailjack Cubic Diodes farm

Since you can get a greater amount of Cubic Diodes from Railjack missions, heading to the different locations in your Railjack is one of the best ways to get the resource.

Many believe that Venus is the best location with Railjack missions for Cubic Diodes but there is more out there as long as you fight the Corpus.

As long as you are in a Railjack mission that pits you against Corpus units, you are bound to get a ton of Cubic Diodes sooner or later.


Creating a Railjack will require Cubic Diodes and other resources, which makes it a good idea to head to Zabala instead of farming the resources in different places.

While Cubic Diodes may seem to be a bit scarce and only available as a mission gets more difficult, farming this resource becomes easier when your Railjack is built.

It is best to farm Cubic Diodes in Railjack missions since these will give you insane amounts as long as you are fighting Corpus enemies.

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