Borderlands 3 Patch Notes Update

Borderlands 3 Patch 4 Update

Borderlands 3 has been released for months now and many of us have enjoyed the game so far regardless of times where bugs may occur, characters may be unbalanced or when it comes to wanting more from the game.

Patch 4 has been released as of November 21 2019 and we have received a lot of changes to the game which not only give us more to do but also to allow us to enjoy the game like it was meant to be enjoyed.

Maliwan Takedown (Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite)


Maliwan has been working on a secret weapon which they are being held at their Blacksite and it is up to the vault hunters to hunt it down through the facility and get rid of it before it can bring chaos to Maliwan’s enemies.

Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite offers a whole new endgame experience for those who have progressed far throughout the game already and for those that seek a challenge.

This won’t be a simple walk in the park though as the enemies are tough while some will be ones that have never been seen throughout the story and a team is definitely suggestion as solo play is almost impossible.

If you die during the mission, you will either spectate or end with defeat if the whole team is wiped out, meaning that you all need to work together and rely on each other to defeat the enemy and stay alive.

You and your team will need to fight your way through packs of enemies, making your way towards the secret weapon which is called “Wotan The Invincible” and destroy it before Maliwan can unleash it.

New Mayhem Mode Available And Mechanics (Mayhem 4)


Mayhem mode really brought out the endgame vibe for us and gave us the opportunity to get the weapons we love at level 50 along with a good chance for even better loot.

The Mayhem mode has been changed during this patch and instead of choosing between the 3 pillars that go from Mayhem 1, 2 and 3, we no have the left pillar to reduce the Mayhem level, the right pillar to increase the level and the middle to enable or disable Mayhem mode.

Previously you could only go up to level 3 in Mayhem but now we get to experience Mayhem 4 which does not only very greatly but also provides us with new legendary items as well that we can earn as a reward for taking up the challenge.

Mayhem 4 will be similar to the other modes but obviously have stronger enemies, better loot chance and more along with one modifier for both the players and the enemies.

Bank Storage Space Increased (Bank Expansion)


If you love collecting weapons that you want to save for another character or use for another build, you probably might have more items in your bank than you would have expected.

The amount of space in the bank felt really small back then but now we get to use up more space as the bank capacity has been increased to up to 300 slots, good enough for most of your favorite gear.

Purchasing SDUs will still be the main way to increase the bank slots and it will automatically be applied once you have updated, granting you more space per SDU purchased.

Boss Drop Tables (Dedicated Loot Pools For Bosses)


We have been hearing rumors that this item drops from one boss while another will drop from another boss but there were pretty much no guarantees.

Certain bosses now have their own legendary items which they will drop aside from the random items that may also be dropped along with them.

In short terms were talking about items such as their signature legendary gear which you can farm from them with a good chance to get other goodies as well.

More Vending Machines (Additional Vending Machines)


If you tried farming bosses recently, you might have noticed that after doing the process of going back to the menu and continuing the game to reset your instance, you would have no place to sell the items you picked up or no option to restock on ammo.

Vending machines have now been placed along several areas, mainly before boss fights to allow your farming to be less stressful and save you the time of having to go back to the start of the level.

The following have had a vending machine added to them:

  • Athenas
  • Atlas HQ
  • Lectra City
  • Jakobs Estate
  • Voracious Canopy
  • Tazendeer Ruins
  • The Pyre of Stars

Damage Testing Now Available (Target Dummy)


People have been asking about damage tables, damage outputs with certain weapons and certain builds and it has become a hassle to keep going back to the field and back to Sanctuary when you are perfecting your build.

Luckily, a dummy has been placed in the firing range where you can test not only your weapon damage but also your builds which allow you to make the most out of your character.

For those that have no clue where this is, head to Marcus’ shop where he sells weapons and ammo via his vending machines and proceed down where you will see a shooting range.

End Game Character Balances


Several passives were modifiers in order to allow the companions of the characters to have better endgame proficiency and to not be to underpowered.

This was done to make sure that even later on during playing in Mayhem mode, players would not feel their companions have become useless and could still make use of them with the required addition of skill of course.

Among all of the characters, Amara was left unmodified as she currently fells okay with most of the players as well as the developers until further notice.



Iron Bear’sDamage increases per level and reaches up to 150% which allows it to scale up well to be able to keep up with higher level enemies, especially during Mayhem mode.

Desperate Measures which causes Moze to have additional gun damage depending on how low her health is, now affects Iron Bear as well.

Moze deals 10% additional incendiary damage with the Experimental Munitions skill which now affects Iron Bear when learned.

Hard Point damage is increased by 5% per level with Scorching RPM’s, making Iron Bear’s weapons deal more damage.

Although Vampyr was meant for Moze’s grenades, learning this also causes Iron Bear’s area damage to heal it by 50% of the damage.

When player hit barrels as Iron Bear, the barrels are launched up into the air which seems to more of a just for fun addition.

The bubble shield from the Security Bear is no 50% or Moze’s health instead of 20%.



SNTL companion damage increases by 2% per level in order to make it more efficient in endgame parts of the game to keep up with the high level as well as modifiers.

The Cool Hand,Donnybrook, Pocket Full of Grenades, Violent Speed,Violent Violence skills can now stack two times.

Violent Momentum has been fixed to give a higher scale when Zane as higher movement speed.

Range and damage of the Best Served Cold ability now increases by 2% per level.

Bonus weapon damage from Confident Confidence has been increased from 20% to 35%

Trick Of Light elemental damage has been changed from shock to cryo damage to better work with Zane’s builds and damage has changed from 18% to 36%

The duration of Borrowed Time has been increased from 15% to 30% to make Zane’s action skills last longer.

Bonus gun damage from the Double Barrel skill that affects Zane and his Digi-Clone has been increased from 20% to 25%

With the Quick Breather skill learned, swapping places with Zane’s Digi-Clone will now restore 50% of the clone’s health.

Pocket Full Of Grenades regeneration of grenades has been balanced to 5% from 6.5% since it stacks now.

Violent Violence fire rate has decreased to 3% from 4% but now stacks twice as a kill skill.



When the Ambush Predator skill is active, a HUD icon will be visible to indicate the ability.

Increased the damage of pets to now scale 10/%5 per level which used to be 9%

Pet damage added to Grim Harvest (7% per level), The Most Dangerous Game (9% per level), Interplanetary Stalker (1% per stack, per level), Furious Attack (0.6 per stack) and The Furryous (10% per level) to boost the pets.

A damage buff will be gained when a player is revived by Lick The Wounds.

Psycho Head On A Stick pet damage has been increased from 10% to 20%

Pack Tactics damage has been increased from 5% to 7% per level.

Megavore no longer does critical hit bonuses when self-damage is received.



A lot of instances where the game would crash and the game would perform in a strange way have been fixed, especially when certain events occur within the game.

Mainly a lot of crash instances have been fixed and a issue with closing the game has been taken care of which has prevented the game from closing after exiting.

For additional information on the update and the changes in Borderlands 3 you may visit:

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