Mutagen Sample Farm 2024 (Locations & Missions): Warframe

Known as a sample of biological life that is mostly related to the infested or other organic life forms, these resources are often collected and used for research.

Mutagen Sample is a resource found in only a couple of planets but it can often be farmed in different missions, including Dark Sectors.

Most of the weapons that can be researched consist of weaponry that may have traits taken from different types of infested enemies and these often need Mutagen Samples.

MSF-1“The samples could advance our knowledge of biological research”

How To Get Mutagen Sample?

Mutagen Samples don’t have a node or container of their own but these will drop from enemies from time to time on planets that have them listed as a resource.

Killing enemies is the best way for you to get these as they rarely drop from containers or Storage Lockers that you find.

The use of a Farming Warframe is necessary if you want to get as much as possible and having a Resource Drop Chance Booster can be a big help.

Mutagen Sample Locations

The best location to farm Mutagen Sample is on Deimos since it is the second resource on the moon’s list and the enemies are not that difficult to kill.

Deimos consists mostly of infested-based resources aside from Orokin Cells making it a suitable place if you’re farming those types of resources.

It is better to farm with a squad instead of solo since this will increase the amount of enemies that spawn, which will allow you to farm the resource faster.

Best Mutagen Sample Farming Missions

1) Terrorem (Deimos)

Terrorem is the place to be when you want to farm Mutagen Samples as the drop count is higher, especially with a Nekros, Hydroid, or Khora in your squad.

Doing a solo run with Nekros will get you a decent amount but to make the most of it you probably want to get a squad with you and maybe even a Hydroid.

The infested are not that strong in this mission, however, you should keep in mind that as you complete more rotations, their level will increase.

2) Hyf (Deimos)

Those who prefer to do a defense mission can resort to Hyf on Deimos since it is easy to defend the target due to the layout of the map.

You can control the area entirely with abilities as well as wreak havoc with your weapons as the enemies will all come into a circular area that makes them easy to kill.

Similar to Terrorem, this mission has a good chance to drop Mutagen Samples as Deimos has this resource higher in its drop list.

3) Zabala (Eris)

For those who prefer to do Dark Sectors, missions such as Zabala are good choices but something to consider is that Mutagen Samples are fourth on Eris’ resource list.

The Dark Sectors’ bonus provides you with a 30% Increased Resource Drop chance, which can be useful with other buffs such as the Smeeta Kavat’s Charm.

Aside from being able to farm Mutagen Samples, you can get other resources such as Nano Spores, Plastids, and Neurodes as these are sometimes needed together.

4) Akkad (Eris)

One of the popular defense missions that players go to farm Mutagen Sample is Akkad, which is also a Dark Sector with the same bonus as Zabala.

This allows you to kill enemies by waves, which also provides you with rewards for each rotation that you complete in the mission.

Akkad can sometimes be a bit more difficult for some players who are still progressing in the game but it becomes easier once your equipment has been modded well.


Mutagen Samples are important for research in the dojo and a huge amount is needed for some infested-type weapons such as Hema, Bubonico, Pulmonars, and more.

Most of the research requiring Mutagen Sample is biological or organic when it comes to weapons that have a seemingly close resemblance to the infested.

Aside from equipment, Mutagen Samples are required to craft another resource called Mutagen Mass, which requires 500 for each one.

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