Warframe: How To Get Lua Thrax Plasm

Warframe Lua Thrax Plasm

With the arrival of Lua’s Prey to Warframe, we got to see a whole bunch of new things, including a new resource known as Lua Thrax Plasm.

You may be familiar with Thrax Plasm from the Zariman but this is slightly different although having a small connection to the location.

Players who want to get some of the items from the Lua’s Prey update will want to get their hands on a good amount of Lua Thrax Plasm.

Where To Get Lua Thrax Plasm?

Upon the arrival of the Lua’s Prey update, Lua Thrax Plasm became available and is only obtainable at one location, which is Lua.

Lua gained two new missions, which were both Conjunction Survival missions known as Yuvarium (25-30) and Circulus (80-100).

Each of the missions provides you with multiple ways to obtain Lua Thrax Plasm, one easier than the other but one that is more rewarding.

How To Get Lua Thrax Plasm?

Lua Thrax Plasm is rewarded for every rotation you complete in the Conjunction Survival missions and some enemies drop it as well.

Every rotation on Yuvarium will provide you with 3 Lua Thrax Plasm, while on Circulus, you will be rewarded with 5.

Steel Path modifies Yuvarium to reward you with 5 Lua Thrax Plasm while Circulus will reward you with an increased amount of 6.

Enemies such as the Hollow Thrax Centurion, Hollow Thrax Legatus, and Lua Thrax Legatus may spawn and will drop 1 Lua Thrax Plasm when killed.

Lua Thrax Plasm Uses

If you have a good amount of Lua Thrax Plasm, you can head over to Archimedean Yonta and trade it for certain items from her.

Notable items sold by Archimedean Yonta include the following:

  • Voruna Blueprint (125)
  • Voruna Chassis Blueprint (75)
  • Voruna Neuroptics (75)
  • Voruna Systems Blueprint (75)
  • Sarofang Blueprint (100)
  • Sarofang Blade (50)
  • Sarofang Handle (50)
  • Perigale Blueprint (100)
  • Perigale Barrel (50)
  • Perigale receiver (50)
  • Perigale Stock (50)
  • Arcane Blessing (15)
  • Arcane Rise (15)
  • Primary Frostbite (15)
  • Conjunction Voltage (15)
  • Lua Circulus Scene (250)

Aside from being used in purchasing items, Lua Thrax Plasm is also a requirement for building some of the items from the Lua’s Prey update. 

Final Thoughts

Farming Lua Thrax Plasm can be a bit tedious when you are alone, but it is doable and quite easy if you have a good Warframe to use.

Almost everything from the Lua’s Prey update can be purchased with Lua Thrax Plasm but don’t forget you need to build them as well, which requires the resource too.

It is best to make sure you have all the blueprints you need for items that can be bought with the resources so that you just need to farm what’s needed for crafting afterward.

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