Do It For Digby (Part 3) Side Quest in BL3

Borderlands 3 Do It For Digby (Part 3) Mission

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: The Handsome Jackpot
  • Location: The Spendopticon – Vice District
  • Level: 50

You have helped Digby by getting him out of the fog and reclaiming his beloved saxophone and this time he wants to record some fine music with you.

Your task is to accompany Digby and help him set up to record music while also keeping him safe at the same time.

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Mission Walkthrough

After talking with Digby, follow him as he leads you to where the two of you will be recording the music that he will be playing.

Digby will stop to warm up and begin playing his saxophone which you will need to wait for but don’t worry it won’t take long.

You and Digby will arrive at Foxxxi’s Cabaret where there will be bandits lurking around the area which you will need to clear out.

Digby will wait by the side and ask you to clear out the riffraff so that he can play his music uninterrupted.

After clearing the enemies in the area, follow Digby to the nearby stage where the recording will commence.

Digby will tell you to turn on the recording device so that his music will be recorded once he starts playing, so head over and turn it on.

As Digby begins to play his music, someone named Steel Dragon of Eternal Pain will begin to speak through speakers and play his own music.

It will be up to you to get rid of the loud metal music that is interrupting Digby’s performance and you will need to head over to the speakers that are marked by waypoints and destroy them.

Enemies will begin to storm the stage and you will need to protect Digby as he continues to play his music.

After defending Digby, Steel Dragon of Eternal Pain will appear and you will need to kill him in order for Digby to finish his music.

Once you have killed Steel Dragon of Eternal Pain, head back to Digby and he will ask you to playback the recorded music which he will love.

Do It For Digby (Part 3) Mission Rewards

After successfully finishing the Do It For Digby (Part 3) mission, you will be rewarded with 69,360 cash and the “Digby’s Smooth Tube” epic assault rifle.


  • You will be facing humanoid enemies during the mission so bringing incendiary weapons can deal a lot of damage as well as corrosive for those who have armor.
  • The location is very close and is more of a defensive mission as you will just need to defend Digby while he is recording.
  • Steel Dragon of Eternal Pain has both health and armor which can be dealt with easily using corrosive for the armor and incendiary for his health.
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