Void Hole Rank, Drop Location & Farm

Warframe Void Hole

Void Hole fires out a projectile that will continuously travel forward until impacting with an enemy, surface or until manually detonated.

Upon exploding, the projectile releases a black hole which sucks in enemies and deals cold damage to them, eventually pulling and holding them into place until the black hole disperses.

The ability covers a large area and works well in pulling enemies in for you to fire at or use other abilities on.

Enemies that stay too close to the black hole emitted by the ability will eventually be pulled into one small spot, allowing a single shot of an Ordnance kill destroy all of them.

Damage per second is applied to enemies that are within the radius of the ability and will continuously take damage per second until the ability is over or if they have been able to move away from the affected area.

Void Hole Rank Stats


Unranked12345 (Grid)6 (Grid)

7 (Grid)

Damage Per Second






Void Hole Drop Location


Void Hole is a rare drop and can eventually be obtained after defeating enemies in missions within the Veil Proxima.

Elite Exo Flak and Exo Outriders will spawn in the Veil Proxmia, limiting your options to farm only in the missions within it.

Void Hole can be dropped by the following enemies:

  • Elite Exo Flak (Rare)
  • Exo Outrider (Rare)

Void Hole Farming


A good way to farm Void Hole is to do missions that do not have special objectives such as Gian Point which can be completed within 15 – 20 minutes.

If you have a squad with you, Gian Point will be easy to grind but it is also possible to do other missions if you have a team to help you finish the special objectives quickly.


  • Shooting the projectile and exploding it when up close to enemies can help you position a better black hole to suck them into.
  • Using Void Hole and luring enemies to it is very effective and can be done to stack enemies up to later on finish with another ability, an Ordnance or turrets.
  • Enemies will be slowed while they are within the black hole and will be easy to hit aside from being pulled in after staying too long.
  • More than one Void Hole can be cast which can be used to completely cover multiple areas.