Tether Rank, Drop Location & Farm

Warframe Tether

Tether fires out a field which travels a distance going forward, dragging any enemies along with it until it stops.

Enemies that the Tether comes in contact with will be held in place until the ability ends or until they are destroyed.

After an certain amount of time, the field will explode, dealing damage to enemies within a radius around its location.


While the ability has a moderate range about it (until maxed out) and a moderate range, the number of enemies that can be affected works well with several playstyles.

With the low cost in Flux Energy, Tether can be used on multiple groups of enemies if the groups are separated.

Enemies that are dragged to the position where the field will remain are most likely to be hit by the explosion that occurs when the ability ends.

Tether Rank Stats


RankUnranked12345 (Grid)6 (Grid)7 (Grid)

Enemies Tethered




Explosion Damage1000120014001600180020002500


Explosion Range



Tether Drop Location


Although Tether is a rare drop, it is possible to acquire it from all of the different Proxima’s due to the different enemies that drop it being in either the Earth, Saturn or Veil Proxima.

Cannon Batteries exist on a lot of missions which also give a chance to obtain Tether which increases the chances by at list a little.

Tether can be dropped by the following enemies:

  • Cannon Battery (Rare)
  • Elite Exo Flak (Rare)
  • Gyre Flak (Rare)
  • Kosma Taktis (Rare)

Tether Farming


Repeating any of the missions within any of the Proximas will eventually get you the Tether battle avionics but be sure to check for when enemies will drop it.

Take note that Cannon Batteries exist in several missions and destroying them will increase the chance of getting Tether.



  • You can use Tether to force enemies to crash into obstacles or latch them near obstacles to easily detonate ordnances or other abilities, guaranteeing that they will be hit by the abilities upon impact.
  • Since fighters and crew ships are deadly when fought together, you can use Tether to pull the fighters away to either deal with them or the crew ships first.
  • When dragged by Tether, enemies will be unable to engage you but you can still follow them and attack them.
  • After firing Tether¸ you can wait for the field to stop and take the advantage of killing the enemies that are being held.
  • Luring enemies by flying backwards and firing Tether can guarantee several enemies being hit and dragged into one spot.