Warframe Pathos Clamp (How to Get & Uses)

Pathos Clamp is one of the materials that players will be after once they start delving into The Duviri Paradox as it is needed for some of the items released during the update.

Farming these may not be as easy to farm as the other materials that you can find lying around in Duviri and require a bit more effort to obtain.

Once players have gotten their hands on some Pathos Clamp, they can get their hands on new weapons or trade them off for other resources and upgrades.

Warframe Pathos Clamp

Where To Get Pathos Clamp?

Currently, you can only get Pathos Clamp from Duviri as these are obtained as a reward for completing the final objective and opening a chest.

This can be done on both The Duviri Experience as well as The Lone Story, where players can choose to have side objectives available or not.

Playing either mode in Steel Path will offer more rewards but players will have to go through a tougher challenge throughout the game.

How To Get Pathos Clamp?The Drifter fighting with an Orowyrm

The only way for you to get Pathos Clamp is to defeat an Orowyrm but this doesn’t mean you kill it as you are only setting it free from control.

This requires that you complete stages 1 to 6 and at the end of the last stage, you will need to meet up with your mutual friend (Teshin’s Pet) who has brought you the Teshin’s Orvius.

Grabbing the Orvius will allow you to start the fight where you take control of the Orowyrm, bring it back to the other domain, and free it from control.

After the whole fight, you will be able to obtain Pathos Clamp along with other rewards from a chest before being brought back.

Defeating the Orowyrm on regular modes will provide 10 Pathos Clamp while doing so in Steel Path will reward 15.

Pathos Clamp Uses

The main use for Pathos Clamp is used as a special currency for purchasing the melee weapons that were introduced with The Duviri Paradox.

The following weapons require Pathos Clamp:

Players may also trade Pathos Clamp for Rivens, which can be done by speaking to Acrithis, who can be found in Duviri or the Dormizone.

Pathos Clamp is one of the main resources needed to install an Incarnon Genesis upgrade on specific weapons, which was a feature that came out in The Duviri Paradox.


Obtaining Pathos Clamp may appear to be hard for some players who are just starting out but once they get the hang of it, the grind becomes easier.

The important thing to do when it comes to Pathos Clamp farming is to make sure you rush through the objectives as soon as possible to reach the end.

Making sure that you pick out a Warframe and weapons that can do good damage against the Orowyrm will greatly speed things up as well.

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