Warframe Curax Dole (Locations & Drops) in The Duviri Paradox

As you are exploring Duviri, you will come across a lot of resources along the way but some of these resources can also be found in other ways.

There is a container that can be found in most areas called a Curax Dole, which appears to be used for storing resources.

While the resources within the Curax Dole are limited, you can find plenty of these to get two of the resources found in Duviri easily.

Warframe Curax Dole (The Duviri Paradox)

What is a Curax Dole?

A Curax Dole is a container that is abundant in Duviri and these can be found mostly around homes and buildings with or without citizens.

These contain resources that The Drifter may obtain once they have been destroyed, which can be done by hitting or shooting them.

Once a Curax Dole is destroyed, the items within them will drop and if The Drifter is in range, the items will be collected.

Where To Find Curax Dole?

Curax Doles can be found in numerous locations in Duviri and these are mostly where you can find raised buildings.

You can easily spot a Curax Dole because of its frequent shine and can later find them if you have reached Rank 5 in The Drifter’s Riding Intrinsics.

This will give you the ability to see resources nearby while you are riding your Kaithe, which marks resources and Curax Dole containers.

Some of the best places to find Curax Doles are in areas such as Primrose Village and Castle Town as they have a lot around them.

Curax Dole Drops

Once you destroy a Curax Dole, it will drop two resources, which are Aggristone and Saggen Pearls as these are often known to be collected by the Citizens of Duviri.

Saggen Pearls are used for warriors to sharpen their weapons while Aggristone is the leftover saliva of Orowyrms and is used as talismans.

Currently, these are the only two resources that appear to drop from Curax Doles and the amount varies with each one destroyed.


Curax Doles are abundant all over Duviri and are a good alternative to seeking out Aggristone Formations and Saggen Wells since they provide both resources.

While they do not provide a lot of resources, their abundance makes it easy to farm enough of each resource within a short amount of time.

The drops from Curax Doles, just like the other resources you can find in Duviri are affected by Resource Boosters and can double the amount obtained.

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