How To Get Shrill Voca & It’s Uses in Warframe

The introduction of Albrecht Entrati’s Laboratories in the Whispers in the Walls update brought some new resources into the game, including one called Shrill Voca.

Being one of the known Voidtongue cries that had been trapped in a special type of stone, these are used to unveil secrets of the Murmur.

You may collect this resource to later use when it comes to increasing your Cavia Rank as well as crafting one of the new weapons introduced along with the update.

Shrill Voca Item in Warframe

Where To Get Shrill Voca?

Shrill Voca can be obtained by exploring the Albrecht Entrati’s Tilesets which can be found on Deimos, which can be found in multiple missions on this moon.

The following are missions on Deimos that have the laboratory tileset:

  • Effervo (Assasination)
  • Munio (Mirror Defense)
  • Cambire (Alchemy)
  • Persto (Survival)
  • Nex (Exterminate)

How To Get Shrill Voca?Doing Survival Mission to get Shrill Voca

1) Collecting in Missions

Exploring Albrecht’s Laboratories missions will allow you to find Shrill Voca (and other variants) as they can be found in random locations.

You can find these quickly if you have mods equipped that reveal the locations of loot to easily check each of the areas out. (A faint hum can be heard when they are nearby)

2) Rewards from Bounties

Bounties provided by Fibonacci may include Shrill Voca in their drop list and this can be guaranteed if you check the bounty before accepting it. (Tier 1 and 2)

3) Purchase Voca From Loid

Loid will often have Shrill Voca that can be purchased (refreshes every 8 hours) that you can purchase for resources that you have obtained from the laboratory missions.

Shrill Voca Uses

Shrill Voca is one of the resources needed to craft Ekhein, a melee weapon that can gain a buff that allows you to deal more damage and attack faster after a heavy attack.

You will also need Shrill Voca to increase your Cavia Rank to the following ranks:

  • Cavia Rank 1 (Assistant) – Requires 3 Shrill Voca
  • Cavia Rank 2 (Researcher) – Requires 5 Shrill Voca
  • Cavia Rank 3 (Colleague) – Requires 8 Shrill Voca


Bringing a Warframe that is equipped with loot detection mods (Sentinels and Companions as well) is a great way to see the loot on your map which may include Shrill Voca.

Another way of searching for Shrill Voca and other special items would be to use the Orokin Eye (Parallax Ship Air Support) Ship Ability to locate items within a 150m radius.

A total of 26 Shrill Voca is all you will need to unlock most if not all of the new additions to the game that requires the resource.

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