Warframe Ekhein (How to Get, Crafting & Stats)

Ekhein is an ancient weapon that existed during the time of the creation of Albrecht Entrati’s laboratories and remains a powerful hammer.

This weapon mainly deals impact damage and sports a high critical chance while also having a unique trait that is triggered with its heavy attack.

Heavy attacks dealt with this hammer will boost both the damage and attack speed of its wielder for a short duration.

Ekhein (Melee Weappon) in Warframe“Wield the timeless power of this mighty hammer.”

Ekhein StatsEkhein (Melee Weappon) Stats

Ekhein can be used to continuously pulverize your enemies with different combinations, which works well when it comes to critical builds due to its high Critical Chance.

Using its heavy attack will increase your damage by 80% and attack speed by 20%, which lasts for 8 seconds. (Triggered when hitting an enemy with a heavy attack)

Ekhein Primary Attack Stats


Attack Speed

Blocking Angle


Combo Duration

Follow Through



Slam Attack


Slam Radial Damage

Slam Radius


Slide Attack


Critical Chance

Critical Multiplier


Status Chance




Ekhein Heavy Attack Stats



Slam Attack


Slam Radial Damage

Slam Radius


Wind Up


How To Get Ekhein?

Purchasing Blueprint

Ekhein blueprint

To get Ekhein, you will need to first purchase its blueprint, which can be done by going to Bird 3 in the Sanctum Anatomica.

Bird 3 sells the Ekhein Blueprint for 15,000 Cavia Standing and there are no other parts that need to be obtained, which simply requires you to collect resources to craft it. (Requires Colleague Rank)

Aside from purchasing the Ekhain Blueprint from Bird 3, you can obtain Ekhein by purchasing the weapon fully built for 165 Platinum.

You can also purchase the Sanctum Supporter pack to receive a bundle of goodies, including Ekhein already built. (Costs around $8)

Ekhein Crafting Resources

Once you have purchased the Ekhein Blueprint, you may craft it in your Orbiter by accessing the Foundry and will require the following resources:

Ekhein Heavy Insight Unique Trait

Ekhein has a Unique Trait called Heavy Insight, which provides its wielder with a buff whenever they hit an enemy with a heavy attack.

This 80% damage and a 20% attack speed for 8 seconds and will be reset whenever you perform another heavy attack. (Must hit an enemy)

Using a heavy attack will deal a lot of damage but will consume your combo stacks, however, if you use the new Mentor’s Legacy, there is a chance you can avoid the stacks from being used.

Ekhein GameplayUsing Ekhein against the enemies

Ekhein features devastating combos and sports a high critical chance, making it easy to deal critical damage to enemies that you encounter. (Deal high base damage as well)

When Heavy Insight is triggered, the weapon will glow for the duration of the buff, which is a good way to know if it is active.

It is often good to include heavy attacks during a fight to maintain the Heavy Insight buff to maximize damage and swing at your enemies faster.


For those who are wondering if Ekhein is worth it, the weapon can do a lot on its own but when it is modded and combined with other weapons, enemies are sure to get flung around.

Condition Overload is one of the mods you may want to work with and having a secondary weapon as a primer will go perfectly to deal a lot of damage.

Later on, you can choose which combos you want to have by changing the weapon’s stances, which are either Crushing Ruin or Shattering Storm.

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