Warframe Acrithis Location With Map

Acrithis is a roaming NPC that was introduced when The Duviri Paradox came out and is searched for either to get rewards or to complete a certain nightwave challenge.

Finding her isn’t that hard since she can either be seen in some of the towns from time to time or can be encountered at the end of The Lone Story or The Duviri Experience.

Interacting with Acrithis has become one of the Nightwave challenges that you may get to obtain Nightwave Standing.

Warframe Acrithis NPC

Acrithis Location MapAcrithis location map

Acrithis will often be found in different locations, but these will be mainly some of the towns unless you defeat the Orowyrm, which will have her appear once you exit the arena.

She can be found by looking out for her symbol as seen in the image above and can be interacted with by heading to the side of her carriage.

Some locations will require that you fly to reach her while others can easily be reached regardless of where she is, but flying is still an easy way to get to her anywhere.

Acrithis Nightwave Challenge

A Nightwave Challenge may appear in your challenges list that is called “Salutation”, which requires that you “Visit Acrithis in Duviri.”

This is completed once you find and interact with her (open her menu by talking to her) and once you exit her menu, the challenge will be complete.

This will reward those who complete it with 1,000 Nightwave Standing and is considered one of the least difficult challenges to complete.

Interacting With AcrithisInteracting With Acrithis

Interacting with Acrithis will allow you to view some of the items that she has for sale, which can be purchased with certain types of currencies.

1) Browse Wares

The different wares that Acrithis offers range from resources to Riven Mods and other useful items that you may use for your Warframe, weapons, or may add to your collection.

These are often purchased with resources that are found within Duviri.

2) Enigma Archives

The Enigma Archives are full of decorative items that originate from Duviri, which may be placed in your Orbiter or a Clan Dojo.

The Enigma Archives includes decorations that may be purchased with Enigma Gyrum.

3) Kullervo’s Archive

When Kullervo was released, the parts for the Warframe became available from this archive and you can purchase the Blueprint and Component Blueprints here.

These will cost Kullervo’s Bane, which can be obtained by speaking to The Warden at Kullervo’s Hold to fight the Warframe.


Acrithis has a lot of items to sell that were introduced when Kullervo came out and players can often return to Duviri to collect them during their free time.

Farming the currencies from Duviri is not that hard but may require that you spend a little more time in The Duviri Experience to be prepared for the challenges.

Acrithis will always appear at the end of The Duviri Experience or The Lone Story after you have defeated the Orowyrm.

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