Warframe Orowyrm Boss (Fight, Summon & Rewards)

The Summon Orowyrm boss fight is an objective that you get later after you have completed all of the stages in either The Duviri Experience or The Lone Story.

These are modes in The Duviri Paradox that players can play to explore and obtain rewards in Duviri while fighting challenging enemies.

Fighting the Orowyrm is done in multiple phases, which end with you releasing it from the grasp of Dominus Thrax.

How To Defeat Orowyrm?

The first thing you will need to do is complete all the stages in either mode or after the last one, the Summon Orowyrm objective will be next.

You will need to meet up with Teshin’s Pet, who has brought you Teshin’s Orvius as this is needed to combat the Orowyrm.

After grabbing the Orvius, it is time for you to track down the Orowyrm and this can be done by flying up into the air and looking around for it.

Once you find the Orowyrm, you will need to chase after it but this needs to be done carefully as you will need to avoid projectiles.

The projectiles fired by the Orowyrm will knock you off of your Kaithe but you can hit them with the Orvius or dash through them.

Dashing through them will not affect you but if you hit it with the Orvius, a buff will appear that allows you to fly faster for a short amount of time if you pass through it.

Once you have caught up to the Orowyrm, you will need to aim at one of the Pathos Valves (round parts on its body) and throw the Orvius to attach to it.

The round part will be glowing if you are aiming at it and are at the right range, which means you can successfully attach to it.

Once you have attacked the Orowyrm, you will need to time things right as the goal is to head to the front of the Orowyrm.

This can be done by jumping, which will suspend you in the air and once this happens, you will need to aim for another Pathos Valve.

You will need to be careful as the Orowyrm can send a charge down its body, which will knock you off of it, but this can be avoided by jumping off and reattaching.

Reaching the front of the Orowyrm will allow you to perform a Transference, which gives you control of the creature.

After taking control of the Orowyrm, you will need to use it to destroy the two Wyrm Tethers that are marked by waypoints.

Once these have been destroyed, a portal to Thrax’s domain will be marked by a waypoint and you will need to go through it.

This will take you to the last phase where you need to fight the Orowyrm and will later be able to free it from Dominus Thrax’s control.

There will be three health bars that need to be depleted once you are fighting the Orowyrm and each one can be done similarly.

At first, the Orowyrm will be slow and move around while attacking you and you will need to shoot the glowing red rings around its body. (There will always be 3 of them)

Once the first health bar is gone, Dax enemies will appear, and you will need to clear all of them before you can shoot more rings to remove its second health bar.

After the second health bar is depleted, the Orowyrm will summon Wyrmlings that you need to clear out before being able to destroy more rings.

Completely depleting all the Orowyrm’s health will knock it out, ending with a scene where you free it and it flies away peacefully.

Orowyrm Archgun

During the fight, the game will notice if you take too long or are having a hard time defeating the Orowyrm, which prompts a message from Teshin.

Teshin will inform you that the Tenno have sent help and this will be in the form of an Archgun, which is the Imperator.

You can use this to easily destroy the rings on the Orowyrm as well as defeat the enemies that come to attack you, making the fight easy.

Summon Orowyrm Rewards

Defeating an Orowyrm and freeing it will reward you with Pathos Clamp, Intrinsics, and a Decree that you can claim after opening the chest.

Pathos Clamp gained will be 10 on regular modes while it will be 15 when you defeat the Orowyrm when in Steel Path.

Orowyrm Lore

Orowyrms (also known as Void Wyrm or Space Serpent by players) are large mechanical Orokin creatures that existed previously in Duviri, which have been taken over by Dominus Thrax’s courtiers.

These mechanical creatures are seen seldom and make appearances during certain parts of the game and are only encountered in Duviri.

It is believed that they existed long before the citizens of Duviri as their saliva is what left Aggristone Formations all over the landscape.

These are usually seen being accompanied by Wyrmlings that protect the Orowyrm or help it when it attacks its prey.


Orowyrms are large and powerful but that doesn’t mean that the Drifter is incapable of outsmarting or even defeating them.

While these creatures appear to be violent and deadly, this is just when they are controlled by the courtiers until the Drifter releases them.

Defeating Orowyrms is currently the only way to get Pathos Clamp in the game and they are encountered best in The Lone Story but can also be done in The Duviri Experience.

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